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Saved From The Nick Of Time April 7, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness, Poetry.

I’ve been thinking
Wheels turning
Thoughts churning
Spiraling down

. . . Doom 
. . . . . . Gloom
. . . . . . . . . Disasters loom

Look around!


Joy and peace surround
. . . Here

Light and laughter abound
. . . . . . Now


Saved from the nick of time

Aah . . . that’s better!

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. ~ Gustave Flaubert


1. BrainRants - April 7, 2012

Don’t focus on the negative!

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Exactly! Negative thoughts eclipse reality . . . blocking all else from view.

Que Sera, Sera!

2. William D'Andrea - April 7, 2012

The thought has occured to me, that if I never saw any news reports, and all I knew about the world, was based on what was happening in my own personal life, I’d think that the world was an increasingly benevolent place. On the other hand, if I only paid attention to news reports, I’d think just the opposite; so I figure that reality must be somewhere in between.

So it might be helpful if we all tried to add a little benevolence to the part of the world that we actually occupy. Just a friendly smile or an encouraging word to somebody we meet, might be enough.

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Thanks, William.

The nightly news brings every disaster into our living rooms. If we are not mindful, we get buried in the rubble.

The antidote . . . notice the beauty in our own backyards.

3. sweetdaysundertheoaks - April 7, 2012

Aah! That IS better! You and BFF enjoy your weekend Nancy! We are planning on it.

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Aargh, matey! We’re heading to the Island for a Privateers event with pirates! 😀

sweetdaysundertheoaks - April 7, 2012

Smiling here, laughing too. Can see you guys! 😆

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

The pirates had a Classic Car show . . . then we had a picnic lunch overlooking AMI Sound. Gorgeous day.

Just about to head out for a bike ride.

4. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - April 7, 2012

I think Florida is almost quirky enough for you!

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Almost. 😉

5. Pocket Perspectives - April 7, 2012

One of my most useful ways to disrupt worrisome thinking is…distraction. And “pirates” should fit nicely into that category! Have fun and enjoy!

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

The pirates sell buc~an~ear corn! Corny, but true! 😉

6. cuhome - April 7, 2012

This poem takes us from doom and gloom to hope and joy. It’s our choice, as we decide where to place our awareness. Thanks for sharing this, Nancy!

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Thanks, Janet. It’s up to us to rein in our thoughts when they threaten to tumble over the edge into the abyss.

Aah . . . that’s better! 😀

7. adeeyoyo - April 7, 2012

Lovely positivity, Nancy!

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Our in-box may be over-flowing . . . but there is always something to smile about.

8. Crowing Crone Joss - April 7, 2012

yes, let’s take care, nurture, our own corner of the planet. If we each did just that, we would heal our world.

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Here’s to spreading “all good things” wherever we may roam.

9. joannereturns - April 7, 2012

Learning how to pilot our own thought life can turn us all into Captain Kangaroos ~ pun intended ~ who can bounce back to the reality(ies) we enjoy living in 😉

nrhatch - April 7, 2012


{{boing . . . boing . . . boing}}

10. nuvofelt - April 7, 2012

The benefits of a glass half full

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist ~

While you guys were arguing about the glass of water, I drank it!

The Opportunist 😀

11. kateshrewsday - April 7, 2012

Great stuff. Very CBT: we can allow our emotions to give unbalanced views of the world, and treat it as fact: but if we look dispassionately at the evidence there is so much to wonder at on this earth.

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Indeed! Taking a step back to see a bit more of life’s landscape often helps us regain lost perspective.

12. granny1947 - April 7, 2012

So well put NR….just what I needed to hear today…thank you!

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Thanks, Kathy! I’m sure that you are knee-deep in getting ready for your move.

Remember to press the “pause” button every now and then.

13. sufilight - April 7, 2012

My same attitude today! I responded to Kathy’s last comment in my blog about my hearing loss that I woke up with a new attitude and was actually singing. It feels better to see life with a different “lens”.

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

It sure does, Marie! Sometimes emotions push & pull our thoughts “south” . . . other times, our thoughts lead the way.

Glad you’re singing again. 😀

14. suzicate - April 7, 2012

this poem instantly made me think of our Virginia Beach jet crash yesterday…tragic as it seems was quite a miracle; no loss of life and very few minor injuries!

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

That crash entered my mind with “disasters loom.” Rather amazing that someone could be involved in a “plane crash” while sitting in their living room.

Very fortunate that the casualties were limited.

15. souldipper - April 7, 2012

And isn’t that truly the way to do it, Nance?! Being happy is a choice – we have to remember to chose it.

If that was you – I’m sending a big hug to someone I respect a great deal.

Well, okay…even if that wasn’t you! 🙂

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Thanks for the hug, Amy! Yesterday was a “taxing day” . . . capped off with news of the navy plane crash in VA Beach.

It doesn’t take much for our thoughts to head south if we are overtired and/or overstressed ~ but we can turn them around.

16. Patricia - April 7, 2012

Life is all about choices, isn’t it? And the choosing starts with our thoughts. We can think positive or we can think negative. The thought we choose will determine our attitude and how well we live.

At one time most my thoughts were negative–what an ugly life! These days life is beautiful–not perfect–but getting there.

As usual, thought provoking post, Nancy.

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Thank, Patricia. We can improve the quality of life by improving the quality of our thoughts ~ not perfect, but much better. 😀

17. Tammy - April 7, 2012

Who’s Nick anyway?

nrhatch - April 7, 2012

Nick at Night! 😉

18. bluebee - April 7, 2012

Flaubert knows his stuff! Happy Easter, Nancy 🙂

nrhatch - April 8, 2012

Thanks, BB! Same to you. 😀

19. Three Well Beings - April 8, 2012

So great! An antidote for tax-day blues, too? I know the spiral…and I like your rebound! Debra

nrhatch - April 8, 2012

Thanks, Debra. Yes! The antidote to negativity is finding something, anything, to smile about. Aah . . . that’s better!

20. jannatwrites - April 8, 2012

I get this way when I watch too much evening news. I may not know up-to-the-minute info on the world’s goings on, but at least I can smile 🙂 (Ignorance is bliss?)

nrhatch - April 8, 2012

Yes . . . ignorance is bliss! 😀

Before the advent of TV, what happened in Vegas (and elsewhere) really did stay in Vegas! Now, we are bombarded with news from around the world and become overwhelmed and overloaded and overstimulated.

For me . . . No News Is Good News.

21. Andra Watkins - April 8, 2012

Needed this today. Positivity rocks.

nrhatch - April 8, 2012

And it helps us “keep on rocking.”

22. eof737 - April 22, 2012

So I liked this post and didn’t comment…? This was back in early April? Hmmm It spoke to me though.

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