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Vanished Into Cyber Space March 20, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor.

Woodstock-&-SnoopyI’ve commented on a number of WP posts this morning.  All my comments  have gone missing . . .

Vanished into cyber space?
Banished from your blogs?
Dispatched into SPAM dungeons?
Swallowed by alligators or crocodiles?

If you find them loitering about somewhere, please let me know.

Post Script:  Comments still missing on these blogs:  MaggieFlying G’maPerfecting Motherhood.   There may be others I didn’t notice drift away . . .


1. Tammy - March 20, 2012

okay, trying to reciprocate. Hope you find them.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Thanks, Tammy. There’s at least 6 that disappeared, including the one that Janna found hanging about her SPAM folder.

2. jannatwrites - March 20, 2012

I found a comment of yours in my Spam folder. I have no idea what it was doing hanging around with the likes of those messages, but if you start trying to sell me Viagra, I’ll know their bad influence got to you 😆

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Thanks for rescuing it, Janna . . . I do NOT want to be a Viagra salesman.

Another tip off that I’ve been corrupted . . . if I start “fawning” over every comma and period that graces your posts. 😀

jannatwrites - March 20, 2012

Hehehe…or if you gush over how “informative my article is” (I’m not naive enough to think anything I write is anything more than brain candy!)

It was my pleasure to rescue your comment…I have had a few innocent comments sentenced to that folder lately.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

I love reading some of the SPAM in my folder ~ gratuitous gushing about nothing. 😀

3. Carl D'Agostino - March 20, 2012

Seems lotta irregularities wp last few weeks

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

I’m wondering if the issues are related to the change in the comment box. I’ll probably have to touch base with the wizards of WP to be “un-SPAMMED.”

4. BrainRants - March 20, 2012

This happens to me infrequently. Your comments on mine from yesterday stuck, though.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Yes, yesterday WP recognized me as a “valuable contributor” to the comment threads.

This morning, it relegated me to the “no comments from the peanut gallery” section. 😀

5. Patricia - March 20, 2012

Sometimes I don’t get notified of comments and then I don’t respond. Because I have to limit my time on WP–or try to–I don’t look back at my posts to see if there are comments.

I have noticed that replies to my comments on posts of other blogs rarely show up on my notification thingie. This bothers me some because there are times when a reply to the reply would be nice and again I don’t have time to go back to old posts.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

You might check your settings, Patricia. You can ask for an e-mail every time someone comments on (or likes . . . yikes!) one of your posts.

Patricia - March 20, 2012

This reply response to my reply has not shown up in my notifications. If I got emails for comments would be it just for comments I have made–for example on your blog?. Or would I get an email every time someone posted a comment on your blog? That would be a lot of email!

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

If you ask for follow-up comments via email on someone else’s blog post . . . you get an e-mail notification for every comment on that post UNTIL you unsubscribe from the thread which is easy to do.

Dashboard -> Blogs I Follow -> Comments -> “Delete” under each comment you no longer want to follow.

On your own blog ~ you can go into settings and click “e-mail me whenever anyone posts a comment.”

6. sufilight - March 20, 2012

Nancy, I checked and there were only 3 SPAM mails offering me products. I notice that every so often mail, not from you but from other WP bloggers gets caught in my spam mail. Wonder if the spam filters picks up on the title or the like and thinks it’s spam? I notice in my Facebook fan page if someone enters only a heart icon in the comments field, the page asks me to approve the comment as it considers it spam.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

If we do a series of identifcal comments (e.g., “great post”) in quick succession, we might be isolated as SPAM . . . but every comment I tried to post this morning was different.

So, I don’t know what triggered the cyber police to arrest my comments and toss them in the SPAMMER SLAMMER. 😆

7. Crowing Crone Joss - March 20, 2012

I’m guessing they are going into people’s spam folders for some weird reason. Checked mine the other day and found a number from arignagardener whose blog I follow and who has commented on mine in the past. Gremlins are afoot methinks.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

It might have to do with the changes in the comment sign in . . . I had no problem yesterday.

I’m hoping to hear back from WP Support soon, so I can resume posting comments. In the meantime, I’m in a “Cyber Holding Pattern.” 🙄

8. suzicate - March 20, 2012

WordPress has been whacking out lately.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

I never expected to get tossed into the SPAMMER SLAMMER by the Cyber Police . . . I’m INNOCENT! 😯

9. ericjbaker - March 20, 2012

I picked up three subscribers the other day and a couple of “likes,” but my stats page said “0 views.”

The internets are weird.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

That is very ODD . . . obviously the page counter fell asleep with his/her clicker.

When they snooze . . . we lose. 😉

ericjbaker - March 20, 2012

It’s all part of my quest to be the most well-known blogger no one reads!

(Kind of like Joan Armatrading but with a laptop instead of an acoustic guitar).


nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Well . . . there ya go! I listen to Joan on the guitar and you on your laptop. Small world . . . 😉

ericjbaker - March 20, 2012

You have exclusive tastes. What can I say?

10. Alannah Murphy - March 20, 2012

I’ve heard something weird is going on with WP, something about them changing how you comment, I hope whatever it is, gets sorted soon.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

WP changed the sign in procedure for leaving comments ~ requiring either a WP or Gravatar log in.

But I was logged into WP when my comments went missing.

Alannah Murphy - March 20, 2012

oh how spooky, well, your comment about my Julian post is there so at least one found its way home 🙂

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

The problem started this morning. I guess with the war on SPAM . . . one is “guilty until proven innocent.” 😉

11. sweetdaysundertheoaks - March 20, 2012

My comments have not vanished that I have noticed but I have had trouble commenting and WordPress can’t decide if I an sweetdaysundertheoaks or Pix at Under the Oaks so my comments keep having to be moderated where I was ok before. My stats are always wonky!

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Your comments have posted on SLTW without requiring moderation . . . maybe WP knows that I know you. 😉

sweetdaysundertheoaks - March 20, 2012

Well and now that I see your reply to my comment on your blog I am happy again because my notification button was wonky and wasn’t notifying me of replies! I seriously like the notification button 🙂 It’s those small things that can make my day!

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Same here, Pix. Cyber space can be a strange place . . . but certain links add to the sense of connection and community.

12. Piglet in Portugal - March 20, 2012

Nancy this is Sooo frustrating when this happens…ever since all my comments were relegated to SPAM, I regulary check my SPAM box. It’s amazing what you discover in there!

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

How did you fix the problem, PiP? Did WP Support have to do something . . . or did you fix it by yourself?

I have an e-mail into WP Support . . . but sounds like they are swamped with issues at the moment. So if I can fix it on my own, that would be GREAT.

Piglet in Portugal - March 20, 2012

I was referred to Akismet who deal with the SPAM. They dealt with and very promptly. Would you like me to see if I still have their email address?

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Yes, please. 😀

Piglet in Portugal - March 20, 2012


I just stated my problem and my comments were going straight to SPAM and they tweaked it their end. So far so good.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Thanks, PiP!

I just sent Akismet a missive about the problem. Fingers crossed they’ll be able to wave their magic wand and fix it.

13. kateshrewsday - March 20, 2012

There are definitely gremlins in the WP machine at the mo, Nancy. I hope you find those comments soon!

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Kate, I left three comments on your post about Felix’s elephant on your bookcase ~ the original and 2 “test” comments. Please let me know if you find them in your SPAM folder.

kateshrewsday - March 20, 2012

Will just pop and check 🙂

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

I hope you find them . . . and they are to your liking. 😀

14. jelillie - March 20, 2012

That’s really wild! Hope your comments come flying back home with the proverbial olive branch in their mouths!

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

Land Ho! 😀

15. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - March 20, 2012

I got yours: You are a genius Greg! Remember that? Ha.

nrhatch - March 20, 2012

I recall using precisely those words . . . about your gardening genius. 😀

16. viviankirkfield - March 21, 2012

Hi Nancy,
I always forget to check my spam folder…usually there is nothing in it…when there is, sometimes the comments are in a different language…so hilarious! The internet can be mysterious, that’s for sure.:)

nrhatch - March 21, 2012

I check my SPAM folder on a daily basis . . . deleting real SPAM (often with a chuckle or two) and releasing friends.

17. Victoria-writes - March 22, 2012

I just found it in Spam, have approved it!

nrhatch - March 22, 2012

Thanks, Vix. That should resolve the issue on your blog . . . for now, anyway.

18. granny1947 - March 22, 2012

Hi NR…in my spam box too….and I had to approve you again????

nrhatch - March 22, 2012

That should solve the problem on your blog, Granny. Once released from cybergatory on a blog . . . I’ve been able to resume normal commenting on that blog.

19. CMSmith - March 22, 2012

So far no sign of them. Did you look under the bed?

nrhatch - March 22, 2012

No . . . the dust bunnies scared me away. 😉

20. eof737 - March 23, 2012

That sucks when it happens… 😦

nrhatch - March 23, 2012

I prefer NOT being relegated to the “no comments from the peanut gallery” section. 😆

21. Team Oyeniyi - March 24, 2012

So that makes you, Elizabeth, Pip (PigletinPortugal) and Jo (the AussieKiwi). You are a special group!

nrhatch - March 24, 2012

We ARE special! Glad to see the tail end of the problem. 😀

22. pix & kardz - March 25, 2012

thanks for this post. i have been out of town, and i have found two of your comments making themselves far too comfortable in my spam box during my absence. they are now in their rightful place, so all is well.
very odd, that. anyhow, Happy Blogging once again 🙂

nrhatch - March 25, 2012

Thanks for resurrecting them, Kris! It’s good to be out of the “penalty box.” 😉

23. Arlee Bird - July 4, 2012

I’ve been having the same problem of late. Every now and then I’ll stop at a Word Press blog to leave a comment to see if it’s accepted. A lot of the time it’s not. Thought I’d try it on this post.

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