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Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest March 15, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Poetry, Word Play.

Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee)
Online Submission Deadline: April 1

Winning Writers invites you to enter the 11th annual Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest.   WW will award $3,600, including a top prize of $1,500.

Submit one humor poem online.

No length limit. Both published and unpublished poems are welcome.

No fee to enter.
Final judge: Jendi Reiter.

See the complete guidelines and past winners.



1. Lisa Wields Words - March 15, 2012

Thanks for posting this. I might try.

nrhatch - March 15, 2012

Go for it, Lisa! You have nothing to lose. 😀

2. nuvofelt - March 15, 2012

What fun!

nrhatch - March 15, 2012

Have FUN with it!

3. Sandra Bell Kirchman - March 15, 2012

I might try it too. I have to decide which is funnier–A Dragon’s Belch or Counting Down to Christmas.

nrhatch - March 15, 2012

You probably stand a better chance with one that is not seasonal in nature ~ A Dragon’s Belch could be a year round fave! 😀

4. kateshrewsday - March 15, 2012

Oooh. Wonder if Dad’s seen this yet? Thank, Nancy!

nrhatch - March 15, 2012

Nothing like earning a cash prize for taking poetic license! 😀

5. Andra Watkins - March 15, 2012

I know several people who should do this one.

nrhatch - March 16, 2012

It’s a wonderful way to S~T~R~E~T~C~H our creativity. 😀

6. jannatwrites - March 16, 2012

Looks like a fun idea!

nrhatch - March 16, 2012

Playing with words . . . all the FUN without the MESS. 😉

7. Three Well Beings - March 16, 2012

I love learning about all that is out there! So many creative opportunities. My talents don’t move in this particular direction, but I know others for whom this is perfect! How fun! Debra

nrhatch - March 16, 2012

I’ve entered this contest . . . and can attest that they never shame or humiliate entrants who don’t win. 😆

So there’s lots to gain and nothing to lose. :mrgreen:

8. sweetdaysundertheoaks - March 16, 2012

Sounds like fun!

nrhatch - March 16, 2012

Time to get serious about playing with words . . . while keeping a sense of humor. 😉

9. Carl D'Agostino - March 17, 2012

would not accept my email to create a password

nrhatch - March 17, 2012

That’s odd. Maybe there’s a “back door” entrance that will help you get a key to the “front door”?

Carl D'Agostino - March 23, 2012

anyway got notice submission received

nrhatch - March 23, 2012

Excellent! Best of luck, Carl!

10. Team Oyeniyi - March 19, 2012

I had a look, just on the off-chance I’d enter one of my very few (like two) poems. They want humour, so that counts me out!

nrhatch - March 19, 2012

Humor is a handy vehicle for teaching . . . perhaps a poem about the immigration reform you desire?

One of the top three winners last year did a poem on speaking extemporaneously. No rhymes . . . just write. 😀

Team Oyeniyi - March 19, 2012

I would Nancy, but trust me, I am the world’s WORST poet! 😆

nrhatch - March 19, 2012

But that’s the beauty of this contest . . . the 3rd place “poem” wasn’t really a poem. It was a stream of consciousness about extemporaneous speaking.

11. Carl D'Agostino - March 22, 2012

I submitted. My skills so primitive. How do I know I did it right and they got it?

nrhatch - March 22, 2012

I’m not sure, Carl. It’s been two years since I submitted to the contest. Can’t remember if they sent me an acknowledgement, or not.

12. eof737 - March 23, 2012

Very generous award… 😉

nrhatch - March 23, 2012

Especially for a “no fee” contest.

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