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39 Tips For Living A BETTER Life February 27, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Health & Wellness, Mindfulness.

I want to share two posts with you this morning that contain a total of 39 Tips for Living a BETTER Life . . . starting NOW!

The first, written by Courtney Carver, a woman surviving and thriving after being diagnosed with MS in 2006, outlines 10 areas to focus on when seeking to improve your health and happiness ~ Diet, Health Care, Water, Colors not Calories, Assess Stress, Debt, Do Good Work, Simplify, Exercise, and Live:

Permission to be Healthy ~ 10 Steps to a Healthier (and Happier) Life 

The second article, written by Cat Li Stevenson, contains 29 tips for making the most of life . . . as and where you are:  29 Life Lessons in 29 Years 

A few favorites from Cat’s article which tie in to recent posts here on SLTW:

8. No matter what we achieve – whatever our measuring stick of success may be – until our minds and hearts are at peace, there will always be the next chase. To expand on this thought: our understanding of ‘security’ can be less safe than it appears. It is valuable to question and examine our definition of safe.

9. Breathe. Practicing sitting comfortably in silence. A sanctuary awaits us in being able to be still, contemplate and reflect. We discover the most about ourselves when we dissolve our inner barriers, quiet the mind, and hear our inner voice.

18. There is no one-way to live. There is no box, no one-way to happiness, no how-to manual for your unique being. We shouldn’t be influenced by movies, stories, and fantasy. We don’t have to conform to societal ideals, norms, or our portrayal of ‘perfect’. Find your truth, your path, your heart and follow it.

22. Saying no is an important skill. It is one that allows us to protect our most precious resource: our time and energy. In my 20s, there was a period of time where I adopted a mantra of “Yes!”—yes to social gatherings, yes to busyness, yes to happy hours, yes to commitments that didn’t serve me. By saying no, I was able to gain back pieces of my day and my energy.

Breathe. Relax. Repeat.

Aah . . . that’s better!