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Gain Without Pain February 24, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

220px-Alice_par_John_Tenniel_27Pain is intended to be a temporary signal to get us to slow down, sleep, eat, cry, or shift positions.

Once it’s gotten our attention, its purpose is served.

At that point, it is in our best interest to let it recede so we can move forward and embrace THIS moment.

It’s counter-productive to chase after pain and retrieve it due to guilt, fear, or a desire for martyrdom.

You are NOT Joan of Arc.

Most of us allow physical pain to Exit Stage Left without objection . . . we seldom request an encore performance.

So why do we insist on hanging onto emotional pain?

Why do we keep calling it back to Center Stage for encore after encore after encore?  Does loyalty to lost loved ones require us to flagellate ourselves for eternity?

How does that serve them?
How does that serve us?

Emotional pain is a heavy burden to bear . . . carting it around for the rest of our life is like toting around a wheelbarrow full of rocks.

As each new pain arises, we add more weight to the wheelbarrow.

The pain accumulates until our wheelbarrow of sorrow is overflowing and we are stumbling along behind it in a state of emotional exhaustion.

At times, we are so overloaded by the stale weight that we can barely move.

We’re far too exhausted to embrace the gift of today.

We consider letting it all go, but that makes us feel uneasy.   We’ve heard that “pain makes us stronger.”  So we continue sludging along . . . carrying our pain like a badge of honor.

Even if pushing all that pain around is making us stronger . . . so what?  The muscles we’re building are not needed for anything other than pushing around our wheelbarrow of woe.

So . . . LET’S DUMP IT.

The pain we’ve accumulated over a lifetime has served its purpose.

Mickey-SurferLet’s toss the pain and leave the wheelbarrow at the side of the road.

We can carry the lessons and memories with us . . . without weighing ourself down with all that unnecessary baggage.

We travel best when we travel light . . . all else is illusion. 

Aah . . . that’s better!

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