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Killing Time ~ Building Tunnels To Nowhere February 21, 2012

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Much of what humans do is just “busy work” . . . we’re like residents of a huge ant farm building tunnels to nowhere.

We need something to do while we’re here . . . so we pretend to ourselves that the “tunnels we’re building” are important.

Most of them aren’t.

Life’s little questions:
Are we a great cosmic joke?
God’s little ant farm?

Speaking of ant farms (or Formicariums), Wikipedia shared this little gem from popular culture:

When Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, used the trademarked phrase in one of his comic strips, he received threatening letters from Uncle Milton industries’ attorneys, demanding a retraction for the unauthorized use of the phrase “ant farm.”

Adams satirized the incident in a later comic strip: 

Dilbert asked for another word for “ant farm” . . . “a habitat for worthless and disgusting little creatures.”

Dogbert replied, “Law school.”

Source:  Wikipedia ~ Formicarium (edited for length).

As a “recovering attorney,” I find Dogbert’s response a suitable riposte.

But it’s not just lawyers building tunnels to nowhere ~ it’s all of us.  Maybe all we’re doing here is “killing time” from dawn to dusk . . . cradle to grave.

Days fly by . . . dawn turns to dusk . . . darkness descends.

What say you?

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