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What Color Is Your Aura? February 6, 2012

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Wikipedia ~ Color Wheel (in Public Domain)

We emit electro-magnetic energy and heat.

Some of that energy is emitted as ultra-violet rays, in all colors of the rainbow.

Auras are the visual result of the energy vibrations within and around material objects.

According to auric theory, energy emitted as ultra-violet light relates to our consciousness, emotions, intentions, and spirituality.

Reading people’s auras may give us insights into their mental, emotional, and spiritual state.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Meditation  (p.86-87) includes the following guidelines for interpreting  the colors of people’s auras:

Yellow ~ Joyful, playful, blissful
Orange ~ Creative, inspiring, compassionate, powerful
Red ~ Passionate, easily excited, materialistic
Purple/Violet ~ Spiritual, intuitive, psychic abilities
Blue ~ Calm, relaxed, tranquil, attentive, caring
Turquoise ~ Energetic, a natural leader, organized
Green ~ Intelligent, straightforward, a natural healer, close to nature
Pink ~ Protected by pure and radiant love
White ~ Innocence, purity, spirituality
Gray ~ Depressed, pessimistic, negative, repressed anger
Brown ~ Unsettled, anxious, nervous, distracted
Sulfur-colored ~ Discomfort, pain, irritation, festering anger

What color is your aura?

If auras reveal a person’s inner nature, mood, and intention, learning to see and interpret those auras would be a valuable skill:

* Instead of selecting the shortest check-out queue at the store, and possibly ending up with Grumpy Gus, we could choose the cashier with the most joyful  aura . . . unless, of course, we’ve had our fill of Pollyannas for the day.

* In restaurants and bars, we could choose to sit at a table surrounded with  people exuding positive energy and enthusiasm . . . or select a seat based on the waiter’s inspiring aura.

* When someone cuts us off in traffic (or berates us for no good reason), we could glance at the “cloud” hanging over his/her head (gray, brown, or sulfur colored, no doubt) and send healing rays their way.

Wouldn’t that be great?

We could engage positively with people and watch their auras “lighten up” as the result of our kindness and compassion.  What a rush!

GymnasticsAnd, best of all, if we saw our aura each time we looked at mirror, we’d remember to “take out the trash.”  When we forget to dump yesterday’s junk, our inner light fades.

If we remember to let go of stale hurts and grievances, our inner light shines forth in full measure . . . returning our aural complexion to a “rosy glow.”

Aah . . . that’s better! 

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