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At Times, I Am A Turtle January 8, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Health & Wellness, Humor, Life Balance.

At times, I am a turtle . . . withdrawing into my protective shell, unwilling to stick my neck out. 

Skittish, I dive below the surface of the sea, unseen.

I float on currents, without charting a course. 

Content to just be. 
To dwell. 
To dream.

Sunlight enters the watery womb, gentle rays urging me to emerge and breathe.

Sense of humor, restored.

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. ~ Victor Hugo

For more cartoons by John Bell . . . The Bell Curve Cartoons.

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1. Andra Watkins - January 8, 2012

Perfect. I am going to link to this today for the treasure trove of happy thoughts for Coop.

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Aah . . . synchronicity!
While you were writing that . . . I linked us up. 😉

2. Booksphotographsandartwork - January 8, 2012

I see you have been driving in my neck of the woods lately! Nice poem.

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Thanks, Linda. Elizabeth has a great Carlin quote on her post today:

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” George Carlin

3. Patricia - January 8, 2012

I suppose we are all like your turtle at times. A sense of humor is essential to sanity.

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

A sense of humor is essential . . . never leave home without it! 😉

4. Bridgesburning Chris King - January 8, 2012

Yup I can identify with turtle days. Thanks for saying it so well!

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Thanks, Chris. Having a “shell” gives us a place of refuge when the waves become too turbulent.

Aah . . . that’s better!

5. Piglet in Portugal - January 8, 2012

You had me worried there!

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

S~U~R~P~R~I~S~E! 😀

6. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - January 8, 2012

I love that cartoon.

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

His Bell Curve Cartoons are STELLAR!

7. viviankirkfield - January 8, 2012

Yes. Yes. Yes.
Love what you say and how you say it.
And the cartoon ain’t bad either. 🙂
My husband and I have been married over 44 years…and yes, he does have a great sense of humor! (And yes, I do laugh at all of his jokes!)

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Laughter each day . . . keeps “the blues” away! 😆

8. Team Oyeniyi - January 8, 2012

Love it! 😆 Brought a smile to my face.

I’m feeling a little turtle-ish today, to be honest. I need a longer weekend!

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Glad you enjoyed, Robyn. Mothers with young children who work outside the home definitely need more time than provided in the average weekend to “catch up” and keep up.

9. Amberr Meadows - January 8, 2012

Loved this.

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Thanks, Amberr! I see you swung by from Vivian’s. Enjoy the day!

10. bluebee - January 8, 2012

haha – thanks for a laugh to start the workday week 😀

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

You’re welcome, bluebee! Glad you enjoyed. Hope your week gets off to a grand start.

11. souldipper - January 8, 2012

I find, Nancy, there’s no better laugh than being able to laugh at myself. Especially when I learn that whatever I’ve been fretting about was just my perception!

Accept all our good vibes, Nancy…you are such a giver that it’s your turn!

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Thanks, Amy. I’m good. I was watching the turtles in the lagoon and they reminded me of me on my “off days.”

Today, my inner light is burning bright. 😀

12. jeanne - January 8, 2012

Glad to know your inner light is on highbeams today!

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Nothing like being filled to the rim with a sense of well-being. 😀

13. Paula Tohline Calhoun - January 8, 2012

Yes, I like it. . .but somehow seeing you as a turtle hiding in its shell just doesn’t gibe with my picture of you. Perhaps I will have to do some photoshopping! 😆

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

When the world is “too much” . . . I retreat into my retreat.

Aah . . . that’s better! (Just enough).

14. ElizOF - January 8, 2012

That last cartoon was hysterical… I hear you. I’d like to withdraw for a while too. 🙂

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Glad you enjoyed the punchline. Recharging our batteries to keep our sense of humor intact pays HUGE dividends. 😆

15. M - January 8, 2012

The poem is so cute and lovely and the cartoon is the best you have on your blog.

nrhatch - January 9, 2012

Thanks, M! Enjoy your week.

16. jannatwrites - January 9, 2012

I had trouble picturing you as a ‘turtle’ type…but the cartoon is so ‘you’! It made me laugh, and I needed it tonight 🙂

nrhatch - January 9, 2012

Glad you got a laugh when you needed it.

I am a “courageous introvert” . . . I rarely “cower in the corner” at social gatherings but, when the party’s over, I recharge alone. Too much social activity at once, causes me to retreat for days. 😀

17. adeeyoyo - January 9, 2012

Aaah, I love that…

nrhatch - January 9, 2012

Thanks, Denise.

18. sufilight - January 9, 2012

Haha, I was caught my surprise at the end when the temperamental turtle screams “maniac”. LOL.

nrhatch - January 9, 2012

It seemed the perfect pairing for the prose . . . when our sense of humor is fully recharged, we are ready to face the world. 😀

19. sweetdaysundertheoaks - January 9, 2012

Gotta have funny in my life! I do have turtle tendencies 🙂

nrhatch - January 9, 2012

I hear ya, Pix! After joining in fanfare, festivities, revelry, and/or general hoopla, I go within.

Humor restored, I’m ready to mingle with the “maniacs” once more. 😛

20. spilledinkguy - January 9, 2012

Oh no!
A hit and crawl!

nrhatch - January 9, 2012

I love it . . . a hit and crawl. 😀

21. Ruth - January 9, 2012

Love it – great cartoon, made me laugh at how seriously we take every little thing… And the Hugo quote:

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.

{must remember!}


nrhatch - January 9, 2012

Glad you enjoyed, Ruth (a/k/a Turtle Memoirs). 😀

22. sarsm - January 10, 2012


nrhatch - January 10, 2012

Thanks, Sarsm! It’s nice to withdraw for a while . . . and then happily re-emerge.

23. pix & kardz - January 10, 2012

Love the Victor Hugo quote! thanks for sharing.

nrhatch - January 10, 2012

Smiles are a universal gesture of friendliness ~ Hugo’s quote is spot on!

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