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Wading Into The New Year January 4, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor, People.

Many of us start the New Year resolved to take a bigger bite out of life.

We focus on new challenges, stepping out of our comfort zone, letting go of self-imposed limitations, and being the BEST we can be.

Nothing wrong with that.

There’s also nothing wrong with staying in our PJ’s all day while eating brownies for dinner . . . as long as the kids aren’t watching!

Just remember it’s a HUGE world full of infinite potential and opportunity.

Unless we are willing to race from hither to yon with heartburn, stress, and indigestion as steadfast companions, we cannot sample everything that’s offered on the buffet line of life.

At least not in one fell swoop.

Sometimes we have to let go of one thing in order to make room for another.

If we are living “full lives” there is little reason to get caught up in regret about people we didn’t meet . . . books we didn’t read . . . conversations we didn’t have . . . foods we didn’t taste . . . movies we didn’t watch . . . or places we didn’t see . . . yet.

Many of us wade into the New Year, happily splashing about . . . with or without galoshes.

Others are more retrospective, looking over their shoulders with regret at the door that’s just closed, not sure where to get started in finding new inspiration and challenges.

If you need some ideas:

* Check out the list of possibilities included in Kris’s post Open For Business.
* Consider Renee’s approach of writing an Annual Letter of Commitment.
* Let go of regret and take a breathtaking Journey Into Now (Turtle Memoirs).
* Accept Mand’s heart-warming gift of 101 Wishes for Enough.

Perhaps their collective thoughts and aspirations will fuel your passion and enthusiasm for the coming year.

I’m a firm believer that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

When the time is right, our attention is directed where it needs to be and we have all the passion and enthusiasm we need to roll up our sleeves and make OUR dreams come true.

The best teachers aren’t necessarily the wisest, smartest, or brightest  . . . but they often are the warmest.

Of course, as Trish noted, maybe that warmth is a reflection of the true extent of their wisdom ~ An Understanding Heart (Creating Reciprocity).

Come to think of it, loving warmth may be why Finns Finish First.

And, while we’re on the topic of teachers, check out If You Watch Nothing Else Today (Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror) for a powerful response about the contributions teachers make in children’s lives.

We are here to live, love, laugh, learn . . . and EAT!

If you want to maximize all that life has to offer . . .  make sure your HUMOR synapses are intact and in full upright and hilarious position.

Don’t take life too seriously.

And don’t worry too much about setting and keeping resolutions.

For most of us, resolutions are merely an effort to prove the axiom . . . It’s the THOUGHT that counts.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. suzicate - January 4, 2012

May all have the wisdom to know if (or what) changes are necessary and the strength to carry them through.
Great points in here, Nancy.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Thanks, Suzi. As you live in the gap this year . . . I expect that you’ll have a chance to embrace change on a regular and rewarding basis.


2. Cat Forsley - January 4, 2012

Good Morning ———- The Buffet of Life is open !!!!!! My God what amazing info and inspiring stuff You have here – Going to devour all the lovely bits and bites with Gratitude for all this ———-Thank You 🙂 🙂 🙂
Love and Warmth

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Thanks, Cat! I hope you enjoy the posts linked throughout this post. Blogging is such a wonderful forum for shared wisdom.

Of course, one of the keys of “working a buffet line” is to fully savor one flavor (or moment) . . . before greedily shoving the next morsel and tasty tidbit into our mouth.

Life is stirred with a slow spoon.

Cat Forsley - January 4, 2012

Thanks so much —– i am learning that especially today ——- no races – Love that —– slowing the spoon down !

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Life is much more FUN when we stop chasing the cheese around the maze.

3. Life in the Boomer Lane - January 4, 2012

Great post. And thanks for the shout out! Yes, yes, yes. The universe has a way of delivering exactly what we expect. And sometimes, that’s pepperoni pizza.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Yes! On more occasions than I can count, the Universe directed my attention to something I needed at just that moment . . . including P~I~Z~Z~A! 😉

4. Piglet in Portugal - January 4, 2012

“We are here to live, love, laugh, learn . . . and EAT!” plus drink good wine!
cheers to life and the New Year!

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

The link under “and EAT!” will shoot you rapidly through cyber space to Greg and Katharine’s delicious and delectable blog . . . Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide.

Whenever my appetite for life is flagging . . . I swing round and take a big bite of whatever tantalizes my tastebuds.


5. Jackie L. Robinson - January 4, 2012

I hear the sentiment: ‘There’s plenty of time.’ As someone who often feels excited and in a hurry to get to ‘next’ – those words are powerful.

My favorite: the jammies all day! xoxo

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Yes. Sometimes LESS is MORE.

If we are too frantic in our efforts to change, grow, dream, and explore, we are only skimming the surface ~ we are rushing from one thing to the next, the next, the next . . . without really taking the time to digest each experience or to savor the nuances.

Some days demand that we remain clad in our PJ’s! 😉

6. Jacqueline - January 4, 2012

(and thank you for linking to my site) 😉

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

You’re welcome, Jackie. Your post is full of HONEST reflection and recollection. When we remain mindful, we notice things as THEY are and become more willing to ACCEPT our “less than perfect” efforts to be all that we can be.

Our perfection lies in our imperfection ~ that’s part and parcel of being a spiritual being having a human experience.

7. Maggie - January 4, 2012

That’s true. I sometimes tend to take life too seriously and forget to enjoy myself and just BE.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

We are “socialized” to be serious or at least to refrain from being silly. What’s wrong with being silly on occasion?

When we allow ourselves to “lighten up” a bit . . . we realize that most things are NOT a matter of Life or Death. 😆

8. jannatwrites - January 4, 2012

I’m up for the living, laughing, loving and eating. Especially the laughing because that’s what makes everything else fun!

Thanks for link back to my lazy pajamas and brownies post. I have now gotten dressed and left the house (for work) for two days in a row 🙂

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

My sense of humor is my MOST valuable possession ~ I try to never leave home (or surf the web) without it. 😉

I loved your PJ post. Being a parent is a full time job . . . but sometimes (especially when the children aren’t watching) it’s nice to allow our inner child to emerge and hold sway for a day.

Aah . . . that’s better!

9. Paula Tohline Calhoun - January 4, 2012

If you can find nothing to laugh about, then laugh at yourself. Anyone that sour is really funny!

Love the post, all the pings, and of course I appreciate the link. Hope everyone takes the time to watch the video.


nrhatch - January 4, 2012

The video is a heartfelt response to a boorish question . . . well worth watching and sharing.

Sometimes we really need to give them what they are asking for . . . with both barrels. 😆

10. Andra Watkins - January 4, 2012

Thanks for the ping, Nancy! Smiles are the best ways to live life, and this post made me smile a whole bunch.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Thanks, Andra. I love how you are S~P~L~I~S~H~I~N~G and S~P~L~A~S~H~I~N~G into the new year with your pseudo porn posts!

Can’t wait to read Deep Throat today. 😳

11. Mands - January 4, 2012

Since I am still in my pajamas in the late afternoon despite a mid morning shower… and I watched a DVD movie with my daughter this afternoon, (in the daylight *Smile*) …it would seem we are still on holiday and avoiding all those New Year starts so to speak. *Grin*
I just had to take a break from my afternoon sojourn and say a BIG Thank-you for the link, 🙂 it is much appreciated and my blog is jiggling in delighted delirium at all the new visitors you and Paula have sent our way. Thank-you so much!
As one of my recent visitors commented… “Be blessed, Be good, Be great!” and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Delighted to hear that you are enjoying the day in your pj’s.

The list you and Jess put together was something, Mands! Most of us have more than ENOUGH of all that we NEED. 😀

Glad that you’re enjoying so many new visitors in the New Year.

12. granny1947 - January 4, 2012

If you want to maximize all that life has to offer . . . make sure your HUMOR synapses are intact and in full upright and hilarious position.

Now THAT I can relate to.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

No worries for you on that score, Granny.

I see evidence of HUMOR synapses working at a rapid rate in each and every one of your posts.

Let’s Laugh On!

13. LittleMissVix - January 4, 2012

Brillant Nancy, very inspiring! And thanks for the link 🙂

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Thanks, Vix. If Attitude + Aptitude = Altitude . . . you’re going to S~O~A~R!

14. shannon sullivan - January 4, 2012


nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Loved your Buddha in the Twilight, all covered with snow. Great WINTER pix.

15. Julie - January 4, 2012

I am trying to be very forgiving and realistic as I “begin” this year. I am also resolved to take 5 minute meditation breaks here and there throughout the day, since trying to find a 20-40 minute slot never seems to work.

In other words, balance output with input. Stay present with myself so that whatever I am doing, can be done with awareness.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Great plan, Julie. Taking mindful meditation breaks throughout the day is a terrific way to embrace the NOW, relax, de-stress, and just BE!

Walking meditations are another possibility. Just leave the left analytical brain behind and go out to see, smell, touch, and taste the world outside our doors.

16. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - January 4, 2012

Oh goody, I can resolve to keep eating. Thanks for the shout out. I love your attitude.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Thanks, Greg. Eating, and breathing, are two integral parts of my BEing. 😀

17. sufilight - January 4, 2012

Good suggestions, Nancy! Thank goodness I don’t have to resolve to have humor, as I love to laugh over the silliest things; here at home we have a collection of froggie knick knacks and have fun with them; it lightens things up in our household. 🙂

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Frogs are FUN. They are silly, and playful, and have such delightful expressions.

Ribbit! 😉

18. ceceliafutch - January 4, 2012

Reading your post brought back a memory from years ago that I had forgotten. I was newly divorced after 25 years of marriage, in a lot of pain and simply lost. I began doing a lot of “no-no’s” that I had never allowed myself to do before, the biggest being eating potato chips, oreos, and other crumbly fatty goodies in bed with my pj’s on all while watching mindless tv shows. I never ever in a million years would allow my kids to do anything remotely close to that! But the kids were grown and out on their own, the ex was gone, and it was just me free to be me! 😀 One of the most freeing things I ever did (although I didn’t really keep it up . . . sleeping in crumb-filled sheets is no fun.) That one event was the first step toward truly freeing myself to try different things, discard the “judge” that lived within, expand my horizons and live with vigor and be ok with “being” some of the time rather than “doing” all of the time. 🙂 It’s a great life!

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Turning off or tuning out the “inner critic” is a valuable practice for all of us ~ we don’t need to be perfect . . . to be perfectly HUMAN.

Sometimes it’s OK to nurture our inner child by curling up in bed, or on the sofa, to watch mindless TV and nibble on our favorite foods. Eventually, we our desires shift . . . so we shake off the crumb-filled sheets and move on with our lives with renewed purpose and vigor.

FREER than before.

19. kateshrewsday - January 4, 2012

Nancy, a fabulously exuberant sprint to meet life today: thanks for that link, and for giving us all a sense of balance as we scramble to do things the right way this year….and that sense of humour. So essential, you are so right.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Blog posts at this time of the year overflow and crackle with energy and enthusiasm. If we “harness it now,” we can tap into it for the next 12 months . . . whenever we need a boost, shove, or push to get us over the next hurdle. 😀

20. creatingreciprocity - January 4, 2012

I loved every word of that post, Nancy – thanks.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

Thanks, Trish! Your posts served as “instigators” because they got me thinking about teachers and students and how we are often both simultaneously. 😀

21. pix & kardz - January 4, 2012

some good insights – when the students is ready, the teacher appears. lots of wisdom in that one mouthful.
and i am stoked you included my blog! thanks much!
happy wading 😀

nrhatch - January 4, 2012

I loved your thoughts, Kris. A very uplifting post, filled with things to sample in the coming year(s). 😀

22. thirdhandart - January 4, 2012

So many good thoughts expressed and great blogs to visit.
Well, I’m off to sample some of the delectable blogs offered on the buffet line of life. Thank you.

nrhatch - January 4, 2012


23. souldipper - January 5, 2012

That’s a Wead, not a Wade, Wabbit! 😀

nrhatch - January 5, 2012

Silly rabbit . . . trix are for kidz!

24. Perfecting Motherhood - January 5, 2012

It’s funny how so many of us start the new year with fresh ideas and resolutions. What happens that makes us lose that steam just a few months into our challenge? I’m glad to be part of the 101 in 1001 challenge because it’s not tied to a particular year and I have time to get things done. Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves and get disappointed when we fail.

nrhatch - January 5, 2012

As Robbie Burns duly noted . . . “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.”

Best to dwell right here and now instead of gettng ahead of ourselves.

25. Team Oyeniyi - January 5, 2012

Only two resolutions for us: finish our book for me and get a job for John. Other than that – go with the flow is our motto for this year! Even if that includes a few days in my PJs with the kids watching!!

nrhatch - January 5, 2012

Sounds like so good goals to pursue, Robyn. Maybe the family as a whole will have a Pajama Party . . . while eating brownies! 😉

26. bluebee - January 5, 2012

Not wading but jumping (or perhaps it’s “not waving but drowning” :-)) A lovely post to start the new year, Nancy, with links to so many interesting takes on life. Thanks for the linky. Cheers to you 😀

nrhatch - January 5, 2012

Energy and enthusiasm are well and good . . . as long as we don’t drown ourselves in the process of splashing around. 😉

Loved your poem, Meld ~ living HERE . . . while dipping toes in different cultures.

27. spilledinkguy - January 5, 2012

Wonderfully said, Nancy!
The way I typically splash around I could sure use a pair of water-wings!

nrhatch - January 5, 2012

Thanks, Bob! Here’s to splashing through puddles . . . and spilling ink!

28. jeanne - January 5, 2012

In 2011 I did all I could do…no regrets. In 2012…I will face each day with joy in my heart at look for inspiration around every corner and eat brownies in my pj’s from time to time.

nrhatch - January 5, 2012

What a great way to end one year . . . and begin the next! Enjoy those brownies. 😀

29. sweetdaysundertheoaks - January 6, 2012

Turning off our inner critic! Yes to that. And Good Morning Nancy!

nrhatch - January 6, 2012

Hi Pixie! Good morning to you! Our inner editor (the still silent voice) can be relied upon to point us in the right direction when we are “in the moment.”

In contrast, our inner critic (the fragile and self absorbed EGO) is full of deceptive techniques and practices designed to pull us out of the NOW into past regret or idle fears. Best to ignore it.

30. eof737 - January 8, 2012

I left the galoshes indoors and I’m enjoying touching the earth with my bare feet… More to be learned that way. TY! 🙂

nrhatch - January 8, 2012

Enjoy splashing around, E!

31. CMSmith - January 10, 2012

I kind of believe in a corollary of “we get the teachers when we need them.” I believe we get the support, encouragement, and direction when we need it, too. I’ve had some strange things happen that way. A kind word from an unexpected person who says exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. That always makes me pause and wonder.

nrhatch - January 10, 2012

I love those “synchronistic” moments . . . when we get what we need exactly when we need it! 😀

32. Jill Weatherholt - February 16, 2018

“Don’t take life too seriously.” Amen!

nrhatch - February 17, 2018

Thanks for a fun post today, Jill.

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