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Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer December 14, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Humor.

Can you name Santa’s eight tiny reindeer?

Sure!  Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, and Happy.

NOT quite!  That’s 7 tiny men . . . not 8 tiny flying reindeer.

Oops.  You’re right.  I’ll start over . . . Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.

Excellent!  And my favorite “pinch hitter” for foggy nights when Santa’s sleigh needs a bright headlight . . . RUDOLPH, the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Then, one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say . . .
“Rudolph, with your nose so bright,
Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?”

For a “sad” tale of a “Bad Santa” (told with characteristic tongue-in-cheek cheeky humor), check out . . . Checking It Twice Thrice by Janna.

Want more holiday decorating ideas?  Swing by Suzi’s post, In Anticipation of Christmas . . . or visit the 2011 Virtual Home Tour!

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1. Carl D'Agostino - December 14, 2011

Whatta bout Moe, Larry and Curly?

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

They’ll have to wait for April Fool’s Day to headline. 😆

2. LittleMissVix - December 14, 2011

Ah Rudolph! Cute!

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

He’s a hefty ornament . . . weighing it at several pounds of SOLID pottery. 😉

3. suzicate - December 14, 2011

Adorable! I love all of your Christmas Decor. I’ve gotten rid of most of mine, too bulky. This conirms I need new tiny decor!

…Rudoph is just so cute!

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

We had boxes and boxes of decorations. First, we got rid of the BIG tree . . . because of its girth. Then, we started weeding out the rest of the collection.

Now, everything fits in one antique trunk . . . except for a 3-foot tall tree with our favorite ornaments (post coming soon) and a wreath for the front gate.

Aah . . . that’s better!

4. ceceliafutch - December 14, 2011

Enjoying your holiday posts.

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

Thanks, Cecelia. I hope your Hanukkah is full of LIGHT. And PROMISE. 😀

5. jelillie - December 14, 2011

Ummm… I think it was Donder and Blitzen…Donner was a group of people who went into the wilderness of the west and ended up eating each other. Nice post though!

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

Thanks! Shall fix. 😉

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

Actually, according to Wiki Answers, it is Donner (in the song):

Two of the reindeer names, Donner/Donder and Blitzen, are often the source of confusion, misspelling, and misinformation. The short facts are these: Donner/Donder and Blitzen were named ”Dunder” and ”Blixem” (the Dutch words for ”thunder” and ”lightning”) in the original printing of “A Visit From St. Nicholas.” In reprints of the poem, the names became ”Donder” and ”Blixen,” then ”Donder” and ”Blitzen” (the latter being German for ”lightning”).

By the time Johnny Marks wrote “Rudolph,” it was ”Donner” and ”Blitzen” (possibly because ”Donder” was musically awkward).

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_names_of_Santa's_reindeer#ixzz1gWGPAHta


6. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - December 14, 2011

You have the coolest decorations.

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

Thanks, Greg. I’m having lots of FUN sharing them.

(You have the coolest KITCHEN!). 😀

7. Andra Watkins - December 14, 2011

Love me some Rudolph, too. 🙂

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

He’s a wonderful Christmas Critter!

Last night, we watched The Grinch ~ our favorite animated Christmas special.

You’re a foul one, Mr. Grinch!
A nasty, wasty oaf.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks . . .

And I don’t have a single Grinch-y decoration. 😉

8. sufilight - December 14, 2011

I had forgetten the names of our Christmas characters. I enjoy looking at your Christmas decor, almost asked if you made the reindeer. 🙂

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

I didn’t make him, Marie. A potter in NC crafted him . . . 20 years ago. We love the way the craftsman incorporated twigs as antlers . . . with a single Christmas ornament dangling. 😀

9. adeeyoyo - December 14, 2011

I had forgotten them all. Love the song…

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

Sometimes the amount of trivia in my brain amazes me . . . song lyrics, reindeer names, and the cast of characters from TV shows and movies. 😀

10. souldipper - December 14, 2011

Hey, Ruddy…good dentistry!

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

A good set of chompers on that Christmas Critter.

11. kateshrewsday - December 14, 2011

Oooh, now I feel Christmassy! I spent a lesson today introducing my kids to the NORAD Santa tracker 😀

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

How FUN! We went to the library for a presentation of Christmas Stories written by Dylan Thomas, Truman Capote, and Grace Paley . . . and performed by the Asolo Repertory Theatre Guild Play Readers.

Then . . . wandering the stacks at the library, I perused and purchased a Thesaurus of Book Digests ~ a collection and summary of great literary works since Way Back When. 😀

12. Crowing Crone Joss - December 14, 2011

that is the most gorgeous Rudolph ever!!

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

He is, paws down, BFF’s favorite Christmas decoration. His eyes are hysterical . . . rolling towards the heavens. 🙄

13. thirdhandart - December 14, 2011

Rudolph is adorable! And, the pottery vase/pitcher containing the poinsettia is beautiful too.

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

Thanks, Theresa. During the year, that pottery vase (also at least 20 years old) holds sunshine-hued sunflowers.

I love pottery and collected it at a rapid rate when we lived in North Carolina surrounded by potters.

14. jannatwrites - December 14, 2011

Aw, such a cute Rudolph (I can see why he gets all the attention :))

Thanks for the track back to my Santa post. I don’t think he will be scarred for life, so it’s not that sad!

nrhatch - December 14, 2011

Thanks, Janna. I’m glad that your little guy bounced back so quickly . . . visiting Santa (and other Jolly Elves) can be traumatic for kids. 😉

15. Tilly Bud - December 15, 2011

I am loving this tour around your Christmas ornaments.

nrhatch - December 15, 2011

Thanks, Tilly, It’s been lots of FUN for me too. It’s like holding an Open House . . . without having to do any cooking! 😉

16. William D'Andrea - December 15, 2011

The mythical character who we call Santa Claus is based on an actual historic figure, named Saint Nicholas. That actual man was a bishop who lived in what is now the Nation of Turkey, in the 4th Century A.D. He was known for giving generous gifts to children.

This leads to the question. What is a Turkish Bishop doing at the North Pole with all those elves and reindeer? Is it possible that the actual man went on a missionary journey to the far north, where he converted a tribe of very short eskimos, who hunted the reindeer herds?

I think that’s a reasonable explanation.

Merry Christmas Nancy and everyone!

nrhatch - December 15, 2011

Thanks, William! Your explanation sounds as plausible as any I’ve heard. 😀

Hope your holidays are filled with JOY!

17. spilledinkguy - December 15, 2011

I’m so bad with names! Especially famous reindeer names.
I always want to start off with John, Paul, George and Ringo…

nrhatch - December 15, 2011

Ringo the Reindeer has a nice RING~O to it! 😀

18. cuhome - December 16, 2011

Fun information there! I enjoyed reading it!!

nrhatch - December 16, 2011

Enjoy the festivities!

19. jeanne - December 17, 2011

I have always had trouble remembeing theh 7 dwarfs..but no trouble at all with the reindeer…

nrhatch - December 17, 2011

Same here . . . I expect it’s because the song Rudolps is engraved in the grooves of our groovy brains . . . and Walt Disney didn’t bother writing a song:

Snow White dashed into the forest racing against the clock
She met Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, and Doc! 😀

20. bluebee - December 17, 2011

What a grin he has on him, haha

nrhatch - December 17, 2011

From antler to antler. 😀

21. ElizOF - December 17, 2011

I’ve read so many versions of that story, it is hard to tell which is the original… I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we are enjoying the festivities. 🙂

nrhatch - December 17, 2011


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