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Patchouli November 13, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Happiness, Music & Dance.
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We spent most of Saturday afternoon on Anna Maria Island, hanging out at an outdoor art festival listening to our favorite “local” band ~ Patchouli.

The band’s members, Julie Patchouli and Bruce Hecksel, are a perfectly paired dynamic duo who share  marvelous music, sunny smiles, and lots of laughter wherever they go.


With or without a shot of espresso, Bruce’s fingers fly over the guitar frets, while Julie’s voice soars with  warmth and depth.

They are awesome!

And we’re not the only ones who think so:

Their synergy is contagious and their music is extraordinary. They are a duo with more musical talent than I’ve heard in a long time. Their original music is loved by people of all ages. You can take your 4-year-old as well as your grandmother to a concert and they’ll both love it.

They’ve been my favorite band for a long time. Not only are they one of the best bands you’ll hear, they’re super-nice people, too! You NEED to check ’em out! (By cpwf282)

Shell Island Disaster is a lively instrumental from The Summer Finding:

Julie and Bruce spend summers in Minnesota and winters in Florida.

They’ve performed in most of the 50 states.


They recently recorded a LIVE album ~ Patchouli Live at The Mabel Tainter Theater and have a fourth Terra Guitarra album scheduled to arrive shortly after the new year.

The Light Behind You includes thespirited instrumental, Patchouli:

You can find Julie and Bruce on Facebook.  And Bruce’s artwork . . . HERE.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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