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Vim & Vigor via Vinegar? November 2, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Sustainable Living.
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When I want a quick answer to a trivial question, there is NOTHING like the world wide web. 

With few quick flicks of my wrist on the keyboard, I type in a query and the answer magically appears from the almost infinite depths of cyber space.


When I want more in depth understanding of a subject matter of importance, such as nutrition, I visit the library to peruse the collected wisdom of doctors, lawyers, and indian chiefs.

On Saturday, I popped into the Island Library and left in short order with three enticing books on Nutrition.

I am not planning to digest these books and regurgitate them here because: (1) I don’t believe in spoon-feeding, (2) I have other topics I want to address, and (3) your health is your responsibility. 

Instead, I’ll just skim the surface to inspire anyone who is interested in better health, wellness, and nutrition to do a bit of digging for themselves:

The Top 100 Healing Foods ~ 100 Foods to Relieve Common Ailments and Enhance Health and Vitality, by Paula Bartimeus

If you suffer from ailments such as eczema, asthma, migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, or allergies; if you are plagued by stress and insomnia; if you feel depressed and tired all the time, or if you simply seek to boost your physical and mental health, nature’s wonder foods can provide the answers!

With this portable handbook, you’ll discover that bananas and turkey can help you to sleep, flax seeds will help control your blood pressure, and ginger will treat the coughing and fever of a cold or flu. Flip through the color-coded sections to find authoritative information, delicious and easy recipes, lists of nutrients, at-a-glance symbols, and tips for each of the 100 featured foods. Illustrated throughout with full color photography.

Clean Up Your Diet ~ The Pure Food Program to Cleanse, Energize, and Revitalize, by Max Tomlinson

Today’s processed foods are seriously lacking in nutritional value, and almost every week we hear about dangerous additives or carcinogenic pollutants in our meat, fish, grains, vegetables, or fruits. The results of this poor diet are increased susceptibility to illness, low energy, and premature aging.

World-renowned naturopath Max Tomlinson has the antidote. He reveals how to choose and prepare healthy natural foods, and follow a diet free from toxins. The benefits include long-term well-being and vitality as well as protection from such diseases as arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. With tasty recipes and clear, authoritative advice on detoxing, improving digestion, and combating ailments, this is a plan that will help anyone harness the power of food to attain outstanding health.

What To Eat For What Ails You ~ How to Treat Illnesses by Changing the Food and Vitamins in Your Diet, by Winnie Yu

While it seems hard to believe, most doctors, in general, do not provide their patients with a natural health program after diagnosing them with a medical condition. While most illnesses can’t necessarily be cured through diet and nutrition, often times you can help to control them, or improve your symptoms by identifying and avoiding specific foods, as well as lifestyle or environmental factors that trigger flare-ups or aggravate individual conditions.

The Encyclopedia of What to Eat for What Ails You is a comprehensive guide to health conditions ranging from everyday ailments, such as bad breath or acne, to uncommon or less known maladies like rosacea and fibromyalgia, to serious diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Each entry in The Encyclopedia of What to Eat for What Ails You offers expert medical and nutritional advice from the respected medical field in which the professional works. The book is arranged alphabetically, and provides a description of the disease, instructs readers on the foods they should eat, the foods to avoid, and also offers suggestions on helpful nutritional supplements.

Quote to Ponder:  Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates

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