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An Opportunity to Pause & Reflect October 22, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Art & Photography, Nature, Poetry.

All life is obscured
by what we think of the past
Just let it all go

Nature is perfect
Each petal, leaf, and flower
reflecting the whole

To be the best we
already are . . . is all we
can ask of ourselves

Dangers of the deep
appear without warning when
we lose our focus

A garden of dark
thoughts needs constant care ~ we have
better things to do

Awaited answers
appeared, then drifted away
Upon reflection

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1. Ruth - October 22, 2011

gorgeous photo, nice reflections

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Thanks, Ruth! The birds we have here are always a delight to catch mid-flight.

2. granny1947 - October 22, 2011

Thank you NR….I just read this out to Wendy….she said it could have been directed at her.

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Oh, how wonderful. I’m so glad. The more positive she stays, the better off she’ll be. 🙂

3. souldipper - October 22, 2011

Pausing and reflecting in candlelight, Ms. Nancy? Have a good night.

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

BINGO! I stayed up way too late last night . . . succumbing to the temptation of doing “just one more thing.” 🙄

We watched a Foodie Movie first ~ The Trip. All through northern England . . . stopping at inns for bed and board.

4. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - October 22, 2011

Great photo indeed!

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Thanks, Greg.

I chose this photo for the theme because I happened to be in the right place at the right time . . . and able to take advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself. 🙂

5. thirdhandart - October 22, 2011

Beautiful photo and poem!

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Thanks. I felt quite fortunate to catch this white egret mid-flight and mid-reflection.

6. sufilight - October 22, 2011

Beautiful reflections that resonates with me. The photo is a visual treat.

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Thanks, Marie. Glad you enjoyed.

I almost discarded the photo challenge since “possibility” (last week) and “opportunity” (this week) seemed so closely aligned.

7. ElizOF - October 22, 2011

Great example and what a beautiful bird… 😉

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Isn’t it? We are so fortunate with all the lovely birds around us on the Gulf Coast.

The island we live on is a bird sanctuary, in large part.

8. Tilly Bud - October 22, 2011

You always give great advice 🙂

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Thanks, Tilly! 😀

I find that “good advice” appears when we remain poised to receive. When we LISTEN anything in life can be our guide.

9. Nandini - October 22, 2011

Beautiful poem, love your shot. 🙂

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Thanks. A chance opportunity, for sure.

10. Nandini - October 22, 2011

Esp., this line – “To be the best we
already are . . . is all we
can ask of ourselves” 🙂

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

Instead of comparing ourselves with others (which may cause us to become vain or bitter), we need only unearth the best within.

Nandini - October 22, 2011

So true. Choose to be good. That’s our true quality. 🙂

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

I agree! We are hard wired to empathize with others due to our mirror neurons. 😀

11. sweetdaysundertheoaks - October 22, 2011

Nancy, Stunning photo of the white egret, soft reflection… Looks like the egret is dancing on it.

“All life is obscured
by what we think of the past
Just let it all go”
Yes, just let all go. I am grateful for this poem this morning.

I am learning about pingbacks and trackbacks. I just want to thank you for the link back to my post!

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

You’re welcome! So glad you saved that Jewel of a Hummingbird. They are so cunningly sweet. 😀

12. bluebee - October 22, 2011

In the noise of life we do need to remind ourselves every day

nrhatch - October 22, 2011

I agree. The busier and noisier our life . . . the more we benefit from a few minutes of quiet reflection. Aah . . . that’s better!

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