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A Hidden Blessing October 22, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Humor, Poetry, Word Play.
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This morning, I got up, and swiftly started thinking
A habit I eschew, especially when drinking
Not the getting up part (which starts the daily grind)
But the thinking thoughts part (which muddles up my mind)

Fickle thoughts weaving to and fro from bane to blessing
Circulated and percolated as I commenced dressing
‘Til I reached that bit of cloth we should cherish and adore
A blessing we take for granted and, oft times, ignore

Except when it is AWOL or stealthily creeping
Into nether regions to set up errant housekeeping

This humble item underlays modern civilization
A stalwart ally to protect our base of operation


Brian-Oh-NoA barrier between our bums and trousers of itchy wool
As well as pantyhose which tends to snag, twist, tug and pull

So, tomorrow, when you awake and commence your dressing
Please give thanks for underpants ~ a hidden little blessing
Keeping tender privates safe from hungry, toothy zippers
Which are wont to pull out hairs (ouch!) without the use of clippers

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Modern Conveniences October 22, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Home & Garden, Less IS More, Nature.
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We have moved many times during the past 30 years ~ we’ve lived in South Carolina ( 2 places), North Carolina (2 places), New Jersey (3 places), Virginia ( 1 place), Maryland (1 place) and Florida (2 places).

Each move required packing up tons of stuff to move it from Hither to Yon. 

Moving vans are a wonderful modern convenience for transporting stuff from Point A to Point B . . . much easier than using a buckboard or balancing items on horseback while fording streams.

Our last move, to a furnished villa near Anna Maria Island, required us to take  inventory since we inherited beds, dressers, tables, chairs, sofas, love seats, TVs, linens, DVD players, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, cutlery, knives, crockpot, toaster, blenders, and other modern conveniences ~ water heater, stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator/freezer.

Buying a furnished villa worked for us since we’d left most of our furniture in situ when we moved to Florida.  The couple who bought our home in Maryland inherited our computer desk,  garden tools, sofas, dining room furniture, beds, dressers, recliners, and lawn implements.  The owner of this villa reciprocated:

* He left us a computer desk . . . we needed a computer desk.
* He left us his bike . . . we needed a bike.
* He left us his garden tools . . . we needed garden tools.

Buying a place filled with new-to-us furnishings and modern conveniences without having to shop until we dropped or drooped was a major convenience!

Even better than the modern conveniences are the views. 


The villa is located on a small lagoon populated by pelicans, great blue herons, ibis and spoonbills.  One day, while still debating the purchase, we spied baby otters chittering and playing on the far side of the lagoon . . . sliding down the banks into the water, and then racing back up the hill to do it all over again.  

The baby otters (and the birds) sealed the deal. 

A Moving Moral:  Modern conveniences are grand . . . but nature nurtures.

Enjoy whatever the universe tosses your way because when one door closes, another opens . . . sometimes into a room with a view furnished just for you.

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An Opportunity to Pause & Reflect October 22, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Art & Photography, Nature, Poetry.
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All life is obscured
by what we think of the past
Just let it all go

Nature is perfect
Each petal, leaf, and flower
reflecting the whole

To be the best we
already are . . . is all we
can ask of ourselves

Dangers of the deep
appear without warning when
we lose our focus

A garden of dark
thoughts needs constant care ~ we have
better things to do

Awaited answers
appeared, then drifted away
Upon reflection

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