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Life Hand You Lemons? Write About It! October 13, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor, Mindfulness, People.

Blogging is therapy.

FREE therapy. 

It trains us to focus on THIS moment, recording each  excruciating detail with clarity . . . so we can share it with others in future blog posts.

We learn to transform life’s less than stellar moments into laughter! 

Now, when life hands us lemons, we don’t “Ferget About It!” . . . we write about it.  Instead of collapsing under the weight of the world:

* We meet someone Perfectly Awful & Awfully Perfect  and pay attention to each glorious idiosyncrasy. 

* We observe a poker-face buffoon behaving badly and meet his bluff and bluster ~ Step Away From The Cheese.

* We transform a funereal comedy show into belated laughter ~ I Don’t Like to Speak Ill of the Dead.

Blogging allows us take sour moments (that make us pucker up at their acidity) and lighten them up with laughter.

Always look on the bright side of life . . . you might get a great post out of it!

Aah . . . that’s better!

How about you?  Have you ever turned a sour note into an amusing tale to share with friends and family?


1. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - October 13, 2011

Step away from the cheese? What fun is that!

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

I know, right? We want to make badly behaved people step away from the cheese . . . to keep more for US! 😉

2. LittleMissVix - October 13, 2011

I agree, blogging is therapy. Yay for blogging!

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

When we learn to transform “negative energy” into “positive energy” . . . we ALL benefit.

Life improves with laughter! So do blog posts. 😆

3. Sunshine - October 13, 2011

I find some of my best therapy sessions not only in writing but reading all the variety of blog posts available…..and for a free vacation, photo blogs works real well on a tight budget! 🙂 Thanks for the session!

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Excellent point, Sunshine! Visiting photo blogs is an fun and economical way to “see the world” beyond our windows. 😀

4. 2e0mca - October 13, 2011

Writing about the trials and tribulations of being a Wingate & Finchley supporter is very therapeutic at the moment – Achieving relief from stress through analysis 😉

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Knowing that you are going to be writing about the on field trials helps you to focus on the nuances of the game, I expect. And by stepping into the role of “detached observer” to record the action, play by play, you give your left brain a break while the right races down the field using its mirror neurons. 😀

I’ve never been much of a “sports nut” ~ except in college when I always supported “the team.” I like watching sports to see what human beings are capable of doing (swimming, diving, biking, golfing, basketball, gymnastics) but I rarely choose “sides” in competitive sports.

Instead, I enjoy the action, cheer for the physical prowess and endurance exhibited, and allow the chips (and score) to fall where they may. 😀

2e0mca - October 13, 2011

I wish Ola would use his Left Brain while he’s running down the field – missed an excellent passing opportunity that would have put Ahmet through on goal 😉

I’m not. in truth, a sports nut. Transport and its place in our society was more my field of interest until recently. Then…Fatherhood happened and son wanted to go to football. I’m just glad we found a place we can call home at Wingate & Finchley 🙂

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

It’s awesome that you get to spend time out of doors with your son sharing a common interest . . . when no one gets hurt but consenting adults who are “paid to play.” 😉

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

BTW: I did not mean to imply that YOU were a sports nut.

I put “sports nut” in quotes as a shorthand for people who have a good week when “their team” wins and have a lousy week if they lose.

You seem FAR MORE EVEN KEELED than that. 😀

5. Maggie - October 13, 2011

And that is why I write. Great post!

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

I write for many reasons . . . but sharing what I’ve learned about laughing and living more mindfully and consciously top the list.

Write on!

6. 2e0mca - October 13, 2011

Thanks Nancy 🙂 I get much more heated about AEC v Leyland or English Electric v Brush than I do about footie… 😉

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

I loved the AEC photos on this link:

Smart looking vehicles, indeed.

2e0mca - October 13, 2011

Yes – The Transport of my youth! You clearly understand 🙂

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

By George, I think I’ve got it! 😉

7. sufilight - October 13, 2011

Nancy, read your blog about the annoying woman and had a good morning chuckle. When sis had a boutique in NY she used to have an older customer make up stories of younger men that were infatuated with her and chasing her all over the place. 🙂 What was annoying after a while, is they were repeated and very detailed, so the stories/fantasies were time consuming to listen to. LOL.

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

I find interacting with tedious, boorish people is MUCH MORE FUN when I picture what I’ll be able to say about them in “tomorrow’s post.” 😉

I step into the role of detached observer and feel less inclined to steer them into a different direction. I can accept them as they are . . . while making mental notes to share.

8. suzicate - October 13, 2011

Blogging has been the most helpful and cheapest therapy ever! It helps me see where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’d like to go. It’s made making changes where needed much easier.

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Well put, Suzi. Blogging mindfully causes us to “pause and reflect” on the lessons we’ve learned (or still need to learn).

As we write about our observations, we share, explore, dream, and discover ~ tapping into the source of all things while searching for answers to “questions that bother us so.”

Look deep, the answers lie within.

9. Booksphotographsandartwork - October 13, 2011

Well Dr. today I went to Wal-Mart and bought groceries, got a flu shot and now I am tired and need a nap. I hate having to live life in little bits here and there but oh well I guess it’s better than nothing.

nrhatch - October 16, 2011

Life is tiring at times. I’ve noticed that I have MORE energy when I focus on the positives. If I focus too closely on what is wrong with the world, it saps my strength.

10. clarbojahn - October 13, 2011

Blogging has changed me as well. The support from people who I’ve only *met* and *know* online is tremendous. I’ve loved making connections and am learning to laugh at myself.

I’ve always taken myself too seriously but I can see through your posts that it is well worth the effort to *Make lemonade*.

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Life is more fun when we don’t take ourselves (or others) too seriously. 😀

11. souldipper - October 13, 2011

Plus folks will even pray for us! Or send good energy. Or visualize us covered in light. Or send messages that are filled with w-a-y more than we would ask or imagine.

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Thanks, Amy!

And we can send ripples of positive mirth out into the Universe with our worlds. 😆

Crowing Crone Joss - October 13, 2011

and all of it blesses us, each one. yay for blogging, I say. and for the community of bloggers. an awesome bunch.

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

I’ve met some very interesting folk in the crystal clear blogosphere. 😀

12. crumbl - October 13, 2011

I definitely know some tedious and boorish individuals, some, depending on the social situation, from whom it’s extremely awkward to extricate oneself … my ex’s best friend’s husband, for example. I can look back and write about him with humour now that my ex is … well … ex.

I liked the blog about how you confronted the “mouse” and shamed him into relinquishing the cheese.

Blogging, even if frivolous, can be very therapeutic, and in retrospect, sometimes insightful. Sometimes, I find the blog takes on a life of its own and what I intended to write isn’t what ends up on paper. Good therapy indeed. Keep converting those lemons.

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Thanks, crumbl. I enjoyed telling the “big cheese” to step away from the cheese. 😉

Blogging is a creative outlet and a wonderful way to share what we’ve learned about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

13. Tilly Bud - October 14, 2011

I used to write letters of complaint; now I find making fun of annoying things much better therapy.

Thanks for the link. 🙂

nrhatch - October 14, 2011

I write letters of complaint in certain situations ~ if it’s an important issue and I feel the letter might change things for the better, I take the time to set out my concerns to our representatives in DC, to business owners, and to false advertisers.

I never write letters of complaint to people “behaving badly.” I just watch, listen, and learn from their mistakes. 😉

14. bluebee - October 15, 2011

Therapy it certainly is, Nancy – and reading about the worlds of others expands the mind

nrhatch - October 15, 2011

I agree, BB. I tend to gravitate toward blogs that put a positive spin on things . . . seeing the glass as half full (even when its almost empty).

When a blogger spends most posts recounting grievances, it gets old. I prefer to witness those with an attitude of gratitude. It inspires me to follow suit.

15. Team Oyeniyi - October 16, 2011

😆 My whole web site is about life handing me a lemon and I blogged about it AS THERAPY!

Did I turn it into an amusing tale to laugh about? Hmmmmmmm – well, no, probably not, but I do try and make the odd amusing observation these days, such as the day I had my car accident. I’m just not good at the writing humour thing! Oh, and the Vegemite experience. I think that was humorous – or the being naked and blue at 2am in the morning trying to get passports delivered and avoid a heart attack at the same time………..

nrhatch - October 16, 2011

Well, we don’t have to transform everything we experience into a joke . . . but we can train ourselves to really see what is being offered in each moment, while searching through the weeds for a bouquet of positives.

In your case, Robyn, the weeds you waded through produced something wonderful . . . you are all together.

Enjoy every moment. 😀

Team Oyeniyi - October 16, 2011

Thanks, Nancy – hopefully I have, over the life of my writing, managed to follow this advice of yours from an above comment:

“When we learn to transform “negative energy” into “positive energy” . . . we ALL benefit.”

nrhatch - October 16, 2011

I find reading your blog quite positive. And it’s exciting to see another part of the world. Write on!

16. jannatwrites - October 16, 2011

Most of what I write is looking at the humorous side of life, so, sure – bring on those lemons 🙂

Writing the blog posts helps me to step back and look at the frustrating/negative/annoying events in a different way. Laughing about it helps me move on and keeps me from getting ‘sour.’

nrhatch - October 16, 2011

Janna, you are the Queen of taking common daily frustrations and challenges and turning them into blog fodder that makes us laugh out loud.

Write on!

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