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Being of “Two Minds” October 11, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

Attaining balance between our right and left brains enables us to experience life more fully and joyously.

When we learn to utilize both spheres, we are more creative . . . and we can share our creations with others.

We wake in the morning to a new day every day because we watch and observe and sense with our right brain.

We see things anew.

When something interesting captures our attention, we can use our left brain to learn and grow.

If we exist only in the left hemisphere of the brain, we are so busy labeling the experiences we encounter that we miss out on much of what life has to offer.

Instead of tasting our food, and appreciating its color and texture, we just eat it and cross that meal off our “To Do” list.

Instead of seeing the vibrancy of nature, we sleepwalk through life ~ listening to the chatterbox in our head while missing the splash of waves on our toes and the texture of sand beneath our feet.

We start to have a “been there, done that” mentality about days. We lose our curiosity about what’s coming around the next bend.

Life should be more than a series of stressful moments strung together ad infinitum.  Life should be a joyous journey of adventure and discovery.

To strengthen our right brain and add color to life, we must move through our days more mindfully ~ watching this moment using all our senses to hear, see, taste, touch, and feel what’s being offered.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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Artwork by Marlane Wurzbach ~ available at Marlane Wurzbach.com.



1. Richard W Scott - October 11, 2011

Bringing right and left brain together has recently found a new champion. It is a simple exercise called “Super Brain Yoga”. It sounds silly, and the exercise looks ridiculous, but the practice is being touted by doctors and teachers, claiming that brain activity increases tremendously after a fairly short time practicing it. Check the Youtube video and then do a Google search for what the experts are saying about it:

I’m blown away how simple this is (for increasing intelligence, awareness and memory).

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

I heard about Super Brain Yoga from Joanne a few months back and meant to share it in a post.

It slipped my mind. 😉

I’m going to add the link now. Thanks, Rik!

2. suzicate - October 11, 2011

This wonderful balance creates a beautiful world in the here and now. Thanks, Nancy.

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

The more that I ponder the insights that Jill shares in her book, the more the pieces start to come together.

Meditation is not about relegating the left analytical brain to a shelf for eternity . . . it’s about forming a more equal partnership between the two hemispheres in order to improve our daily lives.

Once we learn to choose which side of the brain to access more fully at a given moment . . . we have that many more tools at our disposal. When we master our thoughts, we master our life.

3. jelillie - October 11, 2011

So true Nancy. God has been speaking to me lately about being slow, constant and intentional! Thanks

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

Awesome. When we are patient, and allow the path to unfold before us, we make fewer wrong turns.

Enjoy the journey! Every step of the way. 😀

4. misswhiplash - October 11, 2011

good on ya Nancy

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

Well, hello! I guess that your computer must be behaving a bit better since you are able to go visiting again. Yay!

5. kateshrewsday - October 11, 2011

I work with my kids at school using left brain, right brain tone ups each day…must do more myself. Thanks for this- a timely reminder of the importance of using our whole brain!

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

That is so cool. I don’t remember being asked to use my right brain much in school . . . they didn’t encourage me to think “outside the box.” 😉

6. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) - October 11, 2011

My brain hurts right now. Maybe I need to try using NO Brain. 😉

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

Don’t wait . . . create!

Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) - October 11, 2011

Hey, are you stealing my tag line? 😉

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

Nope . . . just countering your “NO Brain” comment. 😉

7. Crowing Crone Joss - October 11, 2011

it’s an amazing journey we are on, isn’t it?

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

It is, indeed. When I start feeling a “sameness” to life . . . I know it’s time for a change.

I love looking backwards to see how far I’ve come . . . without having any notion of how far I have left to travel before reaching journey’s end.

8. clarbojahn - October 11, 2011

What a great link. What a great discussion. I sent the video off to my sons, sisters and friends who might be interested.
Thanks, Nancy!

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

Thanks, Clar. Given your nursing background, I expect that you would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jill Taylor’s book. 😀

Clar - October 11, 2011

A friend of mine was going to lend it to me but has forgotten. While I thought she was going to lend it to me I saw it at the Smithsonian gift shop and didn’t pick it up because she was going to lend it to me. Now I’m sorry I didn’t pick up my own copy.
Amazon here i come.

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

It’s right up your alley. A very straight-forward look at what goes on inside the brain after a stroke.

clarbojahn - October 13, 2011

Yes, as you remember, I was so taken with your other post about her that I posted about her myself. I used your amazon review and spoke about what it meant to me as a nurse and also as a student of the Course of Miracles.

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Hope you enjoy the book. I expect you will. 🙂

9. hugmamma - October 11, 2011

will check out the link…always good advice here… 🙂

nrhatch - October 11, 2011

Thanks, hugmamma. Hope you enjoy.

10. jannatwrites - October 11, 2011

It is so easy to get caught up in the have-to-do’s of daily life. Thanks for the reminder to stop and take in our world.

nrhatch - October 12, 2011

We must remind ourselves that our To Be list is at least as important as our To Do list. 😀

11. Booksphotographsandartwork - October 12, 2011

I just used all of my senses. I went to World Market!!! I love that place. I wander around like a googly eyed idiot. It’s way too much fun. The food, the candy, the tea, the old fashioned toys and all the home goods!

Thanks for the reminder about Brain Yoga. I need to do a lot of that. I could swear that you have posted about it before.

nrhatch - October 12, 2011

We did talk about it in the comment thread to Scatterbrained. But I forgot to do the post back then. 😉

Glad you had a sensory experience at the World Market. Sounds grand.

12. Naomi Estment - October 13, 2011

Beautifully said, Nancy. Thanks for the reminder & inspiration. You’re a treat!

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Thanks, Naomi. There are so many ways to strengthen our connection to life. As ‘Tasha would sing:

Feel the rain on your face
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in

Today is where you book begins
The rest is still unwritten

13. Team Oyeniyi - October 13, 2011

Very true. We forget to “live in the moment” and “smell the roses”. I have to say my daily walks in the park give a new zest to the rest of the day. Watching the plants come alive as summer approaches is wonderful!

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Walking outside . . . IF we remember to leave the stream of mental chatter behind . . . gives us a chance to really see, hear, taste, and touch the world.

It’s very healing and liberating. And it helps dissipate stress.

14. Debra - October 13, 2011

Yes, lovely…open up to all of us…and yes, stop the mental chatter. Less egos more creative flow!

I am a work in progress…yay! Yet perfect as I am…annother Yay!

hugs Nancy:)

nrhatch - October 13, 2011

Here’s to minimizing the stressful moments strung together ad infinitum while enhancing our joyous journey of adventure and discovery.

Have a great day, Debra. _/!\_

15. Librarylady - May 26, 2018

Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the reminder!

nrhatch - May 26, 2018

Here’s to remembering to Be Here Now!

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