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“I’m Not Listening, Uncle BFF” September 27, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.
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Mickey-In-HammockAfter practicing law for 13 years, I took a brief sabbatical to explore “life in the slow lane.”

Although BFF supported my decision, he often teased me about my life of leisure.

One night, our five-year-old niece Jess called.

BFF and I got on separate extensions so we could both talk to her.  As usual, the conversation proceeded with light-hearted laughter across the miles.

Since Jess had called past her normal bedtime, BFF commented on the fact that she was still awake . . . adding that he was going to bed soon because he had worked hard all day.

He started to tell Jess that, in contrast to him, Aunt Nancy sat around watching soap operas and eating bon bons day after day.

I interrupted with a laugh, “Don’t listen to him, Jess.  He’s just kidding.”

BFF continued to rant about my leisurely lifestyle . . . and how hard he worked for us . . . and how Aunt Nancy stayed home and played games all day.

Sally-BrownWhen BFF finally paused his mock tirade, Jess  interjected, with perfect timing and obvious amusement in her voice:

“Uncle BFF . . . I’m not listening to you.”

Ha Ha Ha . . . that’s better!