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Currents of Satisfaction September 25, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Meditation, Mindfulness, Poetry.

Sitting by the pool
Contemplating our next steps
No easy answers

Thoughts whirl, twist, and turn
A multitude of options
In one tangled mass

Margaritas fuel
hot, intense conversations
as the Spoonbills preen

Bridge Street Willow sways
“Shift Happens: we gain strength through

Blood pressure rises
and falls, it ebbs and flows, like
the tides in the Gulf


Undulating waves,
currents of satisfaction,
wash away our cares


Swimming beneath the
current, we take a respite
from the rolling waves

Gliding through silken
waters, shallow breaths burst the
surface ~ calm returns


Aah . . . that’s better!


1. brainrants - September 25, 2011

Your posts always make me feel like I’m at the beach. Which is a good thing, by the way.

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

Excellent! We all need a calming, soothing respite from the perpetual waves of life.

Ohm . . . _/!\_

2. ceceliafutch - September 25, 2011

My first thought is to ask if another change is on the horizon. Next, I reach the meditation, view the photos again, and I feel calm. Thank you.

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

Change is always on the horizon; life is rarely stagnant.

This is a retrospective perspective which seemed a good lead in to the guided meditation.

Glad to hear that your dad is improving. 😀

ceceliafutch - September 25, 2011

Thanks. 😀

3. misswhiplash - September 25, 2011

Lovely pictures Nancy..just had a terrible moment.. I thought that I should have given you an award to because you are such a special lady but thank goodness I see that you already have it.

Thank you so much for all your help, you are a blessing, so thank you and much love

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

Glad to help, Patrecia. It’s not fun when our widgets don’t behave as they should. 😀

4. earlybird - September 25, 2011

Lovely illustrated train of thought, Nancy. Nicely calming.

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

Thanks, EB! A calm interlude often is all that’s required to allow our next step to arise slowly from the mists. 😀

5. gospelwriter - September 25, 2011

Such lovely, restful images – and words that lull chaotic thoughts into a state of serenity. Thank you.

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

Thanks, Ruth. Sometimes the briefest respite from our muddled up mixed up thoughts is all we need.

6. kateshrewsday - September 25, 2011

Beautiful, uplifting, reflective post, Nancy, thank you so much. I shall come back to read this when the children are in bed and I have time to myself. It is a rest in itself.

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

Wonderful! Seemed the right type of post for a Sunday, allowing us to recharge our batteries before the start of the “work week.”

Not that parents ever really get a “day off.” 😀

7. jeanne - September 25, 2011

What a beautiful view while contemplating possible changes…

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

We struggled with worry, fear, and doubt about moving to FL BEFORE selling our house in MD . . . but it worked out beautifully in the end.

Moving here is definitely “one of the best decisions we ever made.” 😀

8. Joanne - September 25, 2011

It’s always a nice anchor to see your posts, even when I don’t have time to reply or if I don’t have anything to say ~ As IF…!

Thanks for the visuals, Nancy…! Beautiful and relaxing ~ even when I can’t get to our West Coast beach as often as you can get to yours 😉

nrhatch - September 25, 2011

Hi Joanne! It’s lovely to have you pop in for a chat when you have the chance.

My plans to head to the beach this afternoon are looking pretty “iffy” at the moment . . . the rains came.

9. nuvofelt - September 26, 2011

Goodness! I had to read this twice. I thought you were implying that you could surf on the waves in your pool…..

Now, I know your pool is larger than ours (we don’t have one), but that would be just plain greedy.


nrhatch - September 26, 2011

There are wave pools in Florida . . . at the water parks . . . but none in our neighborhood. That would be greedy. 😀

10. ElizOF - September 26, 2011

Beautiful and each picture captured a moment and a mood… Enjoyed it all. 🙂

nrhatch - September 26, 2011

Thanks, E! I’ve been enjoying partnering up haiku and senyru with graphics. It makes me want to get out my paintbrushes.

11. Tokeloshe - September 28, 2011

A-a-a-h 😉


nrhatch - September 28, 2011

Thanks, Tok. _/!\_

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