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Get Real . . . Be Here Now September 18, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness, People.
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There is a power behind our thoughts.  Our attitude, rather than our aptitude, often determines our altitude.

Whether we think we can, or we think we can’t, we’re probably right.

When one door closes, a window of opportunity opens . . . (but sometimes our dreams are shattered in the process).

Sometimes it’s NOT all good . . .

In Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Socrates teaches Dan to view life with alert curiosity, rather than allowing his thoughts, emotions, and past experiences to dictate his re-actions to new events.  As Dan lets go of automatic responses,  he uncovers the joy and happiness that await us in the here and now.

So, what should we do when things are not as we want them to be?

Be Here Now.

* Accept the “what is” (for now) ~  it is what it is.  Battling windmills outside our control is exhausting and unproductive. 

* Be mindful of thoughts as they arise.  Choose  which thoughts to focus on and which to let drift away.

* Wash off yesterday’s “junk” and set down that  wheelbarrow of woe overflowing with sour feelings and stale emotions.

* Be aware of the infinite possibilities inherent in this moment ~ embrace the gift of the present.

* Life is stirred with a slow spoon.  Allow the path to unfold . . . one step at a time.

* Breathe. 

* Relax. 

* Repeat.

Where are we? . . . HERE
What time is it? . . . NOW

Aah . . . that’s better.