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10 Favorite Songs September 6, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Happiness, Music & Dance.
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A recent WP Prompt suggested writing A Top Ten List of Favorite Songs.  Here are 10 Favorites that I’ve enjoyed over the years:

1.  SmoothRob Thomas and Santana share the Smooth flowing beat of a song that’s definitely good enough.

2.  Say Hey (I Love You) ~ Awesome song (shades of Santana and Marley) designed to get everyone in hearing range rockin in the dance hall movin’ wit you.

3.  I know what I know ~ I know what I know ~ I sing what I said ~ We come and we go ~ That’s the thing that I keep in the back of my head ~ Who am I to blow against the wind?

4. Dancing in the Moonlight ~ Pick a night with a full moon, grab a friend, some liberal libations, and head outside to do a bit of Dancing in the Moonlight with King Harvest:

5.  If You Want to Sing Out ~ If you want to sing out, sing out. If you want to be free, be free. There’s a million ways to be . . . you know that there are. ~ Cat Stevens:

6.  Dream On ~ Dream until your dreams come true.   Aerosmith

7.  Summer Breeze ~ Whether your summer is just on the horizon (for those living below the equator) or nearing a close (for those above), here’s a bit of Summer Breeze to keep you going:

8.  We May Never Pass This Way Again ~ We May Never Pass This Way Again celebrates our one way ticket through life, reminding us that, although the future’s obscured from view, we must let go of our fear and keep sailing forward:

9.  Anywhere Is ~ As Enya flows seamlessly from stanza to stanza in Anywhere Is, the lyrical stream draws listeners into the moment by moment unfolding of life and all its mysteries ~ secrets unrevealed by night sky, ocean tides, or  shell’s echo.

10.  King Kong Tonight~ Cindy Taylor introduced me to Rhoderic Land and his marvelous song, King King Tonight.  Not only did it make me smile, I heard it dancing in my head all day:

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