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S~U~R~P~R~I~S~E!!! August 28, 2011

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The summer I turned 18, I worked at the Garden States Art Center, an outdoor  amphi-theater presenting rock concerts to sold out crowds.

I worked in a little “Tiki Hut” selling snacks and drinks before the show and during intermission.


On the night of my 18th birthday, I couldn’t wait to get off work.  Of legal drinking age (at last!), I wanted to C~E~L~E~B~R~A~T~E!  I had plans!

So did my supervisor.

After I shut the shutters, I cleaned up the hut, inventoried the snacks, and accounted for every last cent exchanged over the course of the evening.

Elated, I locked the door and carried the money into the main office, “Here ya go, Jim.  See you tomorrow.”

Without looking up, he mumbled, “I need you to help Lisa and Jeff clean out the freezer in Hut #5.”

“Jim, it’s my birthday.  I have plans . . . ”

“Sorry.  It’s a real mess and they need some help.”

“Jim, look, I’ll clean out ALL the freezers in ALL the huts tomorrow night . . . just let me take off now.  It’s my 18th birthday . . .”

Looking up at me over his ridiculously large eye-glass frames, he just pointed in the direction of Hut #5.

Fuming, I raced around to Hut #5, peered into the freezer, and found it spotless.  What the . . .?

“Hey, Lisa, Jeff . . . Jim sent me around to help you clean out the freezer, but it looks like you beat me to it.”

Jeff stammered a bit, until Lisa jumped in, “We cleaned it up right after the intermission rush.  It’s cool.”

Great!  I marched back into the main hut, “Jim.  The freezer is clean as a whistle!  It’s spotless.  I’ll see you tomorro . . . ”

Jim looked at me, hovering on the threshold ready to bolt, and said, “Caroline needs help balancing the money.  She’s off by over $30.  I need you to re-inventory her hut and . . . ”

I didn’t wait for him to finish.  I was pissed!  He was intentionally ruining my birthday because he was such a ginormous J~E~R~K!

“God damn it, Jim!  Get someone else to help Caroline.  I’ve got plans . . .”

“I need you to help her.  Everyone else is busy and I’m waiting for a phone call.”

“FINE!  I’ll help her.  But, first, let me just say, you are a consummate jack-ass!”

In response, he smiled at me . . . a ginormous grin on his fat face . . . as if I’d just paid him a huge compliment.  The smug S.O.B.!

Furious, especially that he seemed impervious to my fury, I stormed over to Hut #7 and found Caroline locking up.  What the . . .?

“Caroline, Jim sent me over to re-inventory your hut.  He said you were off by over $30.  Look, it’s my birthday so . . . ”

Caroline smiled a guilty smile and started walking to the office, “Sorry about that.  I am such a ditz at times.  I forgot to count the stuff in the freezer.  I started freaking out and sent Rick up to tell Jim I needed help.  Then, I had an “A-Ha” moment and got it sorted out.”

I nodded, “Gotcha!  No problem.”

As Caroline and I reached the office, I prepared to bid Jim adieu for the third time that evening.

This time, I was leaving . . . no matter what!

Birthdays only come around once a year and 18th Birthdays only once a lifetime.

No matter what he said, I was going to take off . . .


I blinked into the darkened office and saw Jim . . . holding a cake . . . with 18 candles . . . surrounded by my friends and co-workers . . . singing “Happy Birthday” . . . to me.


No wonder Jim made me stay . . . grinning at my increasing frustration!

What a jerk!  😉

No rules.  Just write!

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Photo Challenge ~ UP August 28, 2011

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Carl Jetson surveyed the area, noting the vegetation with interest.  Nothing like a change in perspective to shake things up a bit.

Sighing with satisfaction, he reached up to pull the rip cord and slow his descent, but his fingers closed around thin air.

He took one last look around . . .

What goes up . . . must come down. 

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Auditions Tonight! ~ Island Players August 28, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Green Eggs & Ham (Fair Use)

Tonight, I’m auditioning for a play at the Island Players!

I haven’t auditioned for a play since 1997 . . . when I won the lead role in a musical adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.

Yes . . . I was the Grouch!

I do not like them, Sam-I-Am!
I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!
Not in a box
Not with a fox
Not in a boat
Not with a goat

The play tonight, A Nice Family Gathering, is set in Minnesota.

If I get the part, I shall have to parrot a Minnesota accent.

That will be a fine addition to my parroting of Scottish brogue, Southern Belle, and Parisienne tippler.

Wish me luck!  But please don’t tell me to break a leg ~ at least not literally.

Quote to ponder:  Life is not a dress rehearsal.

No rules.  Just write!

How about you?  Do you look for ways to expand your world by seeking out new experiences?  What has surprised you most about your life so far?

Have you ever auditioned for a play?  Did you get the part?  Have you wanted to audition without summoning up the courage?  Spill!

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