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Common Sense Ain’t So Common August 31, 2011

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We often hear people say, “That’s just common sense!” 

But what does that mean? 

What is “common sense”?

In my view, common sense is something that:

* most people could extrapolate for themselves . . .

* based upon what they already know about the world . . .

* without having to  directly experience it for themselves . . .

* as long as they’re in touch with reality and not lost in La La Land.

In other words, it’s not rocket science.

For example, I have NEVER run into a brick wall at 75 mph.  I have NEVER seen someone else run into a brick wall at 75 mph. 

But, based on other things I know about the world, I am confident in saying that running into a brick wall at 75 mph would hurt. 

A lot. 

That’s just common sense.

I wrote the first part of this post before perusing the definition of Common Sense in Wikipedia. 

Let’s look at it together:

Common sense, as described by Merriam-Webster, is defined as beliefs or propositions that most people consider prudent and of sound judgment, without reliance on esoteric knowledge or study or research, but based upon what they see as knowledge held by people “in common”.

Thus “common sense” (in this view) equates to the knowledge and experience which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the phrase is good sense and sound judgment in practical matters (“the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way”).  

Hmm . . . my definition is close, but probably not close enough to win a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair.

Scan of cover of Common Sense, the pamphlet. N...

Image via Wikipedia

No matter.

A few examples of common sense:  

* If we splash in puddles, we get wet.
* If we drink too much, we get drunk.
* If we eat too much, we gain weight.
* If we don’t exercise, muscles atrophy.
* If we don’t sleep enough, we’re  tired.
* If we don’t bathe, we smell bad.
* If we spend too much, we go into debt.

Are any of these statements worthy of debate, or are they just common sense?

If they are common sense, why do so many people disregard the truths they impart?

Hmm . . . maybe common sense ain’t so common.

Quotes to Ponder:

* It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll

*  It is inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for any public office. ~ Henry Louis Mencken

* Le sens commun n’est pas si commun (Common sense is not so common) ~ Voltaire

* The freethinking of one age is the common sense of the next. ~ Matthew Arnold

* Genius ain’t anything more than elegant common sense. ~ Josh Billings

* Nonsense is so good only because common sense is so limited. ~ George Santayana

* Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

* Common sense is in spite of, not the result of, education. ~ Victor Hugo

* Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. ~ Buddha

No rules.  Just write!

Why Dalmations Ride On Fire Trucks August 31, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Fire Trucks (in Public Domain)

When a grandfather driving down the road with his three granddaughters heard a siren approaching, he pulled to the curb to allow the speeding fire truck to pass.

“Look, kids, a Dalmatian! Do you know why firemen have Dalmatians riding on the truck with them?”

The oldest thought a moment, and said, “I bet they use the dog to keep crowds away from burning buildings.”

The grandfather nodded, “That’s a thoughtful answer. You might be right.”

The middle child shook her head, “No, it’s for good luck. The dog protects the firemen while they’re working.”

Again, the grandfather nodded, “I bet they feel lucky having a fine dog like that working with them.”

The youngest, not to be outdone, raised her eyebrows knowingly, and said with authority:

“You’re both wrong. Firemen use Dalmatians to find the fire hydrants!”

* * * * *

Pluto-HappyAfter everyone had a good laugh, the oldest said, “I’ve got a riddle for you:  If H20 is on the inside of a fire hydrant, what is on the outside?”

When everyone in the car gave up, she smiled and said, “K9P!”

* * * * *

On a related note: How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a barbecue?

Source:  on-line joke research (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!)



Poetry in Motion August 30, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Heaven (in Public Domain)

Artist Kseniya Simonova, using sand as her medium, illustrates the flow of time, the transient and ephemeral nature of life through its various stages ~ love, death, grief, birth, renewal, and hope.

With fluid motions, without saying a word, Kseniya takes us on an 8 minute journey filled with mesmerizing non-stop action!

Graceful and silent, she brings her audience to tears. Her flowing images illustrate the ever renewing circle of life . . .

All we are is dust in the wind.

When we enter the flow of life, our creativity knows no bounds.

No rules.  Just write!

CoWAbunger, Dudes (and Dudettes)! August 29, 2011

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I received a FAB award this morning from a FAB blogger.

And it only cost me a case of Maltesers.

A small price to pay for the first ever CoWAbunger (TM) (Anybody know how to superscript?) Trophy.

Thanks, TillyB!

That case of Maltesers is on its way.

Best part . . . no rules about what I need to do as the recipient.

Nonetheless, because good karma should always be recirculated, I am passing the CoWAbunger (a/k/a Consolation of the Week Award) on to Miss Whip Lash because she needs consoling after her techno-challenging week.

She, in turn, can keep it on her cyber mantel or pass it along to whomever she feels deserves or needs it the most.  Maltesers optional.

Aah . . . that’s better! 

Shift Happens August 29, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Merlin (in Public Domain)

Remember the t-shirt and bumper stickers proclaiming Shit Happens?

I saw one that I like better . . . Shift Happens.

The “what is” . . . IS.

How we relate to the issue IS the issue.  We do not see things as they are . . . we see things as we are.

When we relinquish the desire to control others (what they do and how  they choose to view the world), we regain our inner equilibrium.

Aah . . . that’s better!

S~U~R~P~R~I~S~E!!! August 28, 2011

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The summer I turned 18, I worked at the Garden States Art Center, an outdoor  amphi-theater presenting rock concerts to sold out crowds.

I worked in a little “Tiki Hut” selling snacks and drinks before the show and during intermission.


On the night of my 18th birthday, I couldn’t wait to get off work.  Of legal drinking age (at last!), I wanted to C~E~L~E~B~R~A~T~E!  I had plans!

So did my supervisor.

After I shut the shutters, I cleaned up the hut, inventoried the snacks, and accounted for every last cent exchanged over the course of the evening.

Elated, I locked the door and carried the money into the main office, “Here ya go, Jim.  See you tomorrow.”

Without looking up, he mumbled, “I need you to help Lisa and Jeff clean out the freezer in Hut #5.”

“Jim, it’s my birthday.  I have plans . . . ”

“Sorry.  It’s a real mess and they need some help.”

“Jim, look, I’ll clean out ALL the freezers in ALL the huts tomorrow night . . . just let me take off now.  It’s my 18th birthday . . .”

Looking up at me over his ridiculously large eye-glass frames, he just pointed in the direction of Hut #5.

Fuming, I raced around to Hut #5, peered into the freezer, and found it spotless.  What the . . .?

“Hey, Lisa, Jeff . . . Jim sent me around to help you clean out the freezer, but it looks like you beat me to it.”

Jeff stammered a bit, until Lisa jumped in, “We cleaned it up right after the intermission rush.  It’s cool.”

Great!  I marched back into the main hut, “Jim.  The freezer is clean as a whistle!  It’s spotless.  I’ll see you tomorro . . . ”

Jim looked at me, hovering on the threshold ready to bolt, and said, “Caroline needs help balancing the money.  She’s off by over $30.  I need you to re-inventory her hut and . . . ”

I didn’t wait for him to finish.  I was pissed!  He was intentionally ruining my birthday because he was such a ginormous J~E~R~K!

“God damn it, Jim!  Get someone else to help Caroline.  I’ve got plans . . .”

“I need you to help her.  Everyone else is busy and I’m waiting for a phone call.”

“FINE!  I’ll help her.  But, first, let me just say, you are a consummate jack-ass!”

In response, he smiled at me . . . a ginormous grin on his fat face . . . as if I’d just paid him a huge compliment.  The smug S.O.B.!

Furious, especially that he seemed impervious to my fury, I stormed over to Hut #7 and found Caroline locking up.  What the . . .?

“Caroline, Jim sent me over to re-inventory your hut.  He said you were off by over $30.  Look, it’s my birthday so . . . ”

Caroline smiled a guilty smile and started walking to the office, “Sorry about that.  I am such a ditz at times.  I forgot to count the stuff in the freezer.  I started freaking out and sent Rick up to tell Jim I needed help.  Then, I had an “A-Ha” moment and got it sorted out.”

I nodded, “Gotcha!  No problem.”

As Caroline and I reached the office, I prepared to bid Jim adieu for the third time that evening.

This time, I was leaving . . . no matter what!

Birthdays only come around once a year and 18th Birthdays only once a lifetime.

No matter what he said, I was going to take off . . .


I blinked into the darkened office and saw Jim . . . holding a cake . . . with 18 candles . . . surrounded by my friends and co-workers . . . singing “Happy Birthday” . . . to me.


No wonder Jim made me stay . . . grinning at my increasing frustration!

What a jerk!  😉

No rules.  Just write!

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Photo Challenge ~ UP August 28, 2011

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Carl Jetson surveyed the area, noting the vegetation with interest.  Nothing like a change in perspective to shake things up a bit.

Sighing with satisfaction, he reached up to pull the rip cord and slow his descent, but his fingers closed around thin air.

He took one last look around . . .

What goes up . . . must come down. 

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Auditions Tonight! ~ Island Players August 28, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Green Eggs & Ham (Fair Use)

Tonight, I’m auditioning for a play at the Island Players!

I haven’t auditioned for a play since 1997 . . . when I won the lead role in a musical adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.

Yes . . . I was the Grouch!

I do not like them, Sam-I-Am!
I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!
Not in a box
Not with a fox
Not in a boat
Not with a goat

The play tonight, A Nice Family Gathering, is set in Minnesota.

If I get the part, I shall have to parrot a Minnesota accent.

That will be a fine addition to my parroting of Scottish brogue, Southern Belle, and Parisienne tippler.

Wish me luck!  But please don’t tell me to break a leg ~ at least not literally.

Quote to ponder:  Life is not a dress rehearsal.

No rules.  Just write!

How about you?  Do you look for ways to expand your world by seeking out new experiences?  What has surprised you most about your life so far?

Have you ever auditioned for a play?  Did you get the part?  Have you wanted to audition without summoning up the courage?  Spill!

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FEMA Warning: Be Prepared August 27, 2011

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A cropped image of Hurricane Irene making land...

Image via Wikipedia

As Hurricane Irene prepares to batter the East Coast, federal disaster officials warn that Internet outages could force people to interact with other people for the first time in years.

Residents are bracing themselves for the horror of awkward silences and unwanted eye contact.

FEMA advises: “Be prepared.

Write down possible topics to talk about in advance ~ sports, movies, the weather.

Remember, a conversation is basically a series of Facebook updates strung together.”

Stay safe!

Source:  FB Status ~ Tara Eldridge Fallon

I’m Such A Scatterbrain! August 27, 2011

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RWS_Tarot_01_MagicianNot long ago, I learned something interesting about our brains ~ we do not have a single language center in the brain.

Instead, various sections of the brain work together to allow us to formulate and decipher sentences.

To read more about language and the brain: visit Uphill Writing.

The study findings on sign language reminded me that the brain handles our memories in a similar way . . . posting a bit of information here, and a bit of information there.

We seldom remember things with complete accuracy and recall because of the way our memories are stored ~ smells in one place, visuals in another, audio in a third, emotions in a fourth.

In short, we’re scatter-brained!

When we want to “remember” something, the brain runs around to a number of different “filing cabinets” to gather the necessary data.

Since it never finds all the information it needs, it makes up the rest.

We literally “make (up) our memories” on an as needed basis.

Talk about “rewriting history” . . . no wonder no two people ever remember the same event in exactly the same way.

No rules. Just write!

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