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I’m Tired of Trying to Change the World July 12, 2011

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220px-EdisonDiscLabelBunkFor a concise summary on Climate Change:

It’s Climate Science, Not Rocket Science.

From my perspective, the article reflects and conveys the truth of the mess we’ve made.

That said, I am NOT going to be making any of the radical changes suggested by its author.

Why not?  A few reasons:

(1) Most things that we worry about never happen anyway.

For example, an asteroid (like the one that JUST missed us last week) might stop us in our tracks before Climate Change kills us.

3D-Cow(2) I did my part by (a) NOT having children, (b) downsizing, and (c) becoming a vegetarian.

I’ll leave it to carnivores with children, especially those living in McMansions or owning two homes, to figure out how to protect the planet for their offspring and other Greedy Meanies.

(3) I’m tired of trying to change the world.  I feel like I’ve been swimming upstream most of my life and the planet is worse off than when I started:

* Bankers are greedy liars and cheats ~ Jail Wall Street Crooks.
* Our food is tainted & abusive practices abound ~ Food, Inc. and King Corn.
* Our news is skewed ~ Good Night, Good Luck.
* Politicians cater to special interests to line their pockets & get re-elected.
* The Military-Industrial Complex is out of control ~ Why We Fight.


Of course, there are positives as well.

Our ship may be sinking but (due to Global Warming) we’re far less likely than the Titanic to run into an errant iceberg.

Quote:  We can’t change the world, but we can inspire the world to change.

No rules.  Just write!

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We Are HAPPY Because We Laugh July 12, 2011

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Tigger-Looking-At-His-TailDespite the sorrows and challenges that he and the Tibetan people have faced, the Dalai Lama generally is seen with a twinkle in his eye and a slight smile on his lips.

Seeing him smile, even in a photograph,  makes me smile ~ automatically.

The corners of my mouth curve upwards without conscious effort on my part . . . and my mood  follows suit.

Seeing someone else’s happiness, even in a photograph, elevates my happiness.

Smiling to myself for any reason, and even for no reason, has the same effect.

220px-AdvertYoungsTheHatterVictorianEraBridgeportCTDon’t believe me?
Try it for youself . . .


What happened to your mood?

Did you feel happier while wearing that smile on your face?

Not sure?  Try it again . . .


In addition to seeing the Dalai Lama’s smile, or smiling myself, other triggers which elevate my mood include: hearing children laugh at play, or watching roly-poly puppies, curious kittens, and bouncing bunnies explore the world around them.

When I hear children laughing, I laugh ~ even if I don’t know why they are laughing. Their laughter, standing alone, makes me laugh.  Often children repay the favor ~ joining in my laughter, without knowing its cause.

What’s the point?  Just this:

* Happiness is contagious, and travels at the speed of light (or sound).
* When we laugh and smile, our mood improves and daily stress fades away.
* When we laugh and smile, others are apt to follow our lead.

In short, we increase our own happiness, and the happiness of those around us, by remembering to smile and laugh as we proceed through our daily routines.

So smile!

Happiness is FREE for the asking!

Quote: We do not laugh because we are happy . . . we are happy because we laugh. ~ William James

No rules.  Just write!

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