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Swimming Beneath The Current June 22, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Meditation, Mindfulness.

Starfish-in-the-waterImagine the whole of your life as an ocean or sea.  On the surface, problems arise and toss us around like waves at the beach.  Sometimes we have barely caught our breath, when the next wave crashes over our head, knocking us under, causing us to scrape our knees on the sharp, broken shells underfoot.

If we try to resist the furious pounding power of those waves by wrestling with them, we become exhausted and eventually drown.

Instead of fighting the waves in a futile attempt to stop their relentless march toward the shore, we can learn to peacefully coexist with the waves in our lives.

Turtle-UnderwaterLife, like the sea, is more than the turmoil on the surface; it is the body of water beneath.

Each drop of water in the sea is one small aspect of our being.

Below the surface are all the things for which we can be truly grateful.

If we stay on the surface, our perspective is limited to those relentless crashing waves, the seemingly enormous problems in our lives.

If we dive below the turbulence, we are embraced by vast reserves of inner peace and serenity.

When we are feeling overwhelmed by wave after wave crashing down on our heads, we can dive deep, go within, take a breather by returning to the still, silent core of our being.

Chinaman-fishingInstead of being thrown around by the currents at the surface, we can glide through the gems of life hidden below  and breathe:

* We gently maneuver around the shipwrecks of the past, nothing more than ghostly spectres now.

* The brilliant colors of the coral attract our view, as we watch a vast array of fish floating by.

* Secure in the present moment, we breathe, relax, and repeat.

* With each exhale, we watch air bubbles returning to the surface, and listen to the sound of the air rushing in and out of our lungs.

* We focus on each of our senses, making this moment fully our own by seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, hearing, and sensing all that life has to offer.

Be Here Now.

Donald-DirectorAfter taking a breather, we safely surface with our calm, peaceful center restored.

The waves are still there, but they seem less like tidal waves and more like ripples.

We have put them into perspective.

Now that they are a manageable size, we easily glide up and over each one, relaxing into the current of our lives, rather than wrestling to the point of exhaustion.

Peace is yours for the asking.

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?  Have you ever used Creative Visualization to access the bottomless well of peace within?  With good results?


1. Carl D'Agostino - June 22, 2011

If there is an under tow go to the zoo that day.

Cindy - June 22, 2011


nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Too many bars. 😉

2. suzicate - June 22, 2011

Ahhhhh, “now” really is a wonderful place to be! Just reading this has centered me this morning.

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Peace of the silent sea to you, Suzi. We are more than the superficial problems we see. We are deep and calm and peaceful beings.

3. granny1947 - June 22, 2011

Delightful post.
I have tremendous respect for the sea.
Maybe I must start respecting my body.
Stop filling it with cheap croissants!

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Glad you enjoyed, Granny.

When we get in touch with our peaceful center, some of the habits we’ve used as “coping mechanisms” start to fall by the wayside. Instead of eating to combat our frustration, we use mindful awareness to keep stress at a manageable level without “self-medicating” with food.

That said, . . . I still enjoy CHOCOLATE! 😉

4. Debra - June 22, 2011

yes resting on the surface..no need to resist . it is all good.:) wonderful words to day Nancy thank you:)

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Thanks, Debra. Dive deep . . . peace is ours for the asking. 😀

5. vixter2010 - June 22, 2011

Great post! It’s so easy to let ourselves be overwhelmed by those waves but we need to breathe, stay calm and find that peace. Good advice!

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Thanks, Vixter! When I’m feeling like a Pushmi Pullyu . . . reminding myself to breathe makes all the difference.

6. adeeyoyo - June 22, 2011

I believe that our mind is much more powerful than we think. Vizualisation plays a huge part in our lives, viz. we believe we CAN DO something, then we find that we can. This relates to sport, work, in fact most things. We must learn to control and prevent doubt from creeping in. Thank you, Nancy, for this post.

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

I agree, Denise. Our minds can do much more than think.

Creative Visualization is a powerful tool to have in our belt ~ the Miracle Man used it to learn how to breathe . . . without a diaphragm . . . and to learn how to walk . . . when ALL the doctors agreed he would NEVER walk again.. If you’re interested:


I explained the concept to someone with shoulder pain who “needed an operation.” I encouraged her to envision tiny Pac Men repairing her arm. Her arm is getting better and stronger every day . . . and she no longer believes that she’ll need surgery!

adeeyoyo - June 22, 2011

Brilliant, Nancy! Thanks for the link. 😀

7. Tilly Bud - June 22, 2011

I think it’s more difficult than you suggest. But worth a try.

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Like anything, it gets easier with practice. These days, all I need to do is smile . . . just a little . . . and inner peace and happiness surface.

8. Maggie - June 22, 2011

I like this analogy. There is so much truth beneath the surface. But on a more literal note, going to the beach might help me relax somewhat.

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

If you can’t get to the beach, try bringing the beach to you. One of my favorite meditation CD’s is just crashing waves and gulls. I close my eyes and imagine sitting on a beach. The mind plays along since it cannot differentiate between what is “real” and what is “imagined.”

Even without the CD, I always “go to the beach” when sitting in the dentist’s chair. His light is the sun beating down on me. His drill is the crashing surf. 😀

9. Rosa - June 22, 2011

Love this one, Nancy! I could certainly use a deep dive to renew myself right about now! I think I’ve got some water up my nose from all these waves!

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Sometimes the waves really knock us for a loop ~ water up the nose and sand in the bathing suit! Sounds like it’s time for a breather.

Aah . . .

10. souldipper - June 22, 2011

I like your analogy a lot, Nancy. Inner, inside, within! 🙂

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Glad you enjoyed, Amy. Life is definitely a balancing act ~ if we live only on the surface, we start to “fray” at the edges. Taking a respite now and then allows us to live life without getting swallowed up by it.

11. jannatwrites - June 22, 2011

What a relaxing post! If I had a CD playing with sounds of waves crashing on rocks, I could probably be lulled to sleep right about now 🙂

Sometimes I do get caught up in the struggle with life, so it’s a good reminder to take a ‘breather’ and find peace.

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

Glad you found it relaxing, Janna. When we are calm, we are more effective at dealing with the “ripples” in our lives. Peace!

12. oldancestor - June 22, 2011

You’re so close to becoming a taoist I can feel it!

nrhatch - June 22, 2011

The way teaches us the way.
Just start . . . and the way appears. 😉

13. eof737 - June 23, 2011

Great advice… swimming below the current, taking time out to reflect, all help with gaining perspective on difficult situations. 🙂

nrhatch - August 4, 2011

Peace! Aah . . . that’s better.

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