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Waking Up June 17, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Poetry.

170px-alice_par_john_tenniel_30As we awaken from a slumber
That has permeated our being
We relish each moment
And allow life to unfold

At its own pace

We enter the flow
And feel at one with the world
We embrace our dreams
And use our own definition of “perfect”

Life begins to fit
Like a custom tailored suit
Instead of someone else’s castoffs

Things fall into place
Without chafing

The jigsaw puzzle takes shape

Harmony and synchronicity
Reveal the mystery

Are any pieces missing?

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?

Do you feel, at times, like your life is a jigsaw puzzle  awaiting completion?

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1. Cindy - June 17, 2011


nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Same here. Sometimes I want to see what the completed puzzle looks like . . . where’s the top of the box???

Debra - June 17, 2011

yes, where is that top? It was just here….hmmm….I guess I will just place the pieces of my life as they fit instead of worrying over where I think it should be.

Super poem. 🙂 I am going to share this …I think it will resonate with others:) Thanks Nancy _/!\_

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Thanks, Debra. Share away! 😀

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

And I agree . . . when we are content, we focus on enjoying the journey and follow where life leads, fitting in pieces one by one instead of worrying about what the completed puzzle will reveal.

Other days, we are restless and impatient and want a peek at the box!

2. Loreen Lee - June 17, 2011

Dear Time Out Box:

I used to feel that way. It took a lot of work to find, let alone put together all the pieces, and it involved going into my past. My book, Portals of Paradox, is just about this, putting together the parts in order to feel, and be ‘whole’. The longer I live, the more I am aware that what is called the Now, can only be the Eternal Now, and would thus be what is said to constitute the mystical experience. Generally, we live more empirically, within that dynamic moment which we experience as temporality, , and indeed in reality are always shuffling and putting together the pieces of the puzzle, from the future, as well as the past, in our attempt to constitute the ‘present’, as the gift it is.

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Thanks, LL. I no longer attempt to locate and fit in pieces from the past.

A flower need not know itself as a seed . . . in order to bloom today.
A butterfly leaves its cocoon and flies . . . without looking back.

The “past” brought me to where I am . . . but does not define WHO I am today in the eternal now.

3. Loreen Lee - June 17, 2011

Dear Time Out Box:
And if a lion could speak, we would not understand him. Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Loreen Lee - June 17, 2011

Dear Time Out Box:
My understanding and training in Buddhism introduced me of course to Karma, and the importance of becoming aware of past lives. Indeed it is held to be the highest of metaphysical/mystical experience to have greater and greater awareness, not only of the present but of the past, and the Buddhist make it a point to emphasize that the Buddhas are able to encompass within their awareness the consciousness of eons, past.

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Other than an occasional feeling of “deja vu” . . . I have no awareness of any previous incarnations.

I view the “puzzle” of my life as a constantly evolving and changing tapestry. I am not NOW who I once was. I need not know WHO I was in order to know WHO I am.

Loreen Lee - June 17, 2011

Dear Time Out Box:
That’s how different we are. 🙂 (Hey just learned to do that)
I view reincarnation, resurrection, as transformation, and thus concepts that can be applied within the single life span of an individual. To be aware, or awake as you say, (for me) involves an increasing consciousness of how to bring about transformation, in order to develop (for the better, may I say) as a person.

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Just as I do not need to compare myself with others in order to be the BEST ME that I can be right here and now . . . I don’t need to compare myself with my PAST SELVES.

Who I was at age 18 is no longer an issue for me. I don’t have to understand “that person” in order to understand “this person.”

As long as I know WHO I am right NOW, I know HOW to live . . . AND can see where there is still room for improvement.

Congrats on doing the smiley face! I find them FUN. 😀

4. SuziCate - June 17, 2011

Life begins to fit
Like a custom tailored suit
-wonderfully said! Lovely when all the pieces of the puzzle fit!

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Thanks, Suzi. It’s lovely when the pieces start to “click.” When we know WHO we are . . . we know HOW to live.

5. adeeyoyo - June 17, 2011

We relish each moment,
And allow life to unfold
At its own pace

This is exactly how I feel in the mornings after a really good sleep, Nancy. What a lovely description!

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Thanks, Denise. I agree.

Yesterday, I resisted the “what is” . . . and nothing went “right” ~ everything seemed like a struggle. Today, after a good night sleep, I’m back in the flow and things are “falling into place.”.

6. Paula Tohline Calhoun - June 17, 2011

There are some stray pieces out there, but I’m enjoying the search for them!

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Good for you!

I view my “jigsaw puzzle” as a changing tapestry . . . it’s always WHO I am right now, but bits and pieces of WHO I WAS are constantly being replaced by WHO I AM now.

Best of all . . . WHO I am now is WHO I want to be. 😀

7. clarbojahn - June 17, 2011

My hobby is to “awaken.” I am not real spiritual person but pursue salvation when I am in that ‘mood’. It is not fair to the Universe or to my own definition of who “God” is. I too would like a look at the top of the box thought think it may frighten us away.

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Thanks, Clar. I feel “complete” as I am right NOW. But I sometimes wonder what additional changes are in store for ME down the road ~ which pieces of the puzzle will be removed and replaced with the “new and improved” version of ME. 😉

8. Maggie - June 17, 2011

I feel that way sometimes. I feel like I’m in a thousand different pieces, but have no hope of being put together… eh, I’m working on it though. 🙂

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Maybe we are “complete” . . . but still “in progress”?

In other words, we are WHO we are right now, with all pieces present and in place. “Tomorrow,” piece number 1273 will be removed to make room for piece number 1273A. And that continual evolution continues as long as we are still here and breathing?

9. kateshrewsday - June 17, 2011

I love early morning: and I loved this. It summed it up so well.

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Thanks, Kate. Glad you enjoyed. I’m having one of those marvelous days that is flowing along “swimmingly.” Here’s hoping tomorrow also unfolds without creases. 😉

10. therealsharon - June 17, 2011

Oh yes, I have definitely felt that way on quite a few occasions! I suppose we all have at one time or the other. I love your poem! 🙂

nrhatch - June 17, 2011

Thanks, Sharon. Sometimes we are OK with the “not knowing.” Other times we are impatient to see what is coming around the bend.

After a rather “rough” day yesterday . . . today has been smooth sailing all the way. Just lovely. Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start.

therealsharon - June 18, 2011

Good to hear things got better for you, my weekend is looking good so far. Hope yours is great too!
Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers you know! 🙂

nrhatch - June 18, 2011

Thanks. It’s been wonderful.

I went swimsuit shopping this morning . . . high up there on my list of things I do NOT enjoy doing. All six suits I tried on FIT. And I liked two well enough to bring them home. And they were on “double secret super clearance.” 😎

11. walterwsmith3rd - June 18, 2011

Certainly do at times. A good remedy for me is some quiet meditation, art, or out on the bike.

nrhatch - June 18, 2011

I agree, Walter. Art, music, meditation, biking, walking, swimming . . . being mindful of the moment instead of remaining “lost in thought.”

12. eof737 - June 18, 2011

Precious… I love the purplish photo… something to wake up to for sure… TY! 🙂

nrhatch - June 18, 2011

Thanks, E. That’s a Buddhabrot . . . a map resulting from a mathematical equation:

The Buddhabrot is a map related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its similarity to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, seated in a meditation pose with a forehead mark (tikka) and traditional topknot (ushnisha).

13. Tilly Bud - June 19, 2011

Sounds great. Wish I woke up like that 🙂

nrhatch - June 19, 2011

There is nothing better than being awake and aware. 😀

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