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Great Nutrition Starts On Your Plate June 14, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Sustainable Living.

Want to feel better, look better, and be healthier?

Start by tossing out the out-dated and confusing Food Pyramid.

Then, fill 75% of your plate  with fresh Fruits, vibrant Veggies, and gorgeous Grains.

To learn more, visit Agrigirl’s Blog and read Tammy’s post:

Tumbling the Pyramid.

Want a few more resources?

Choose My Plate ~ USDA site offers  information on healthy foods to place on your plate, plus help in planning nutritious and delicious menus.

* Eat Well Guide ~ a free online directory of over 12,000 farms, grocery stores, and restaurants that offer local, fresh, and sustainable food in the U.S. and Canada.

* SlowFood USA ~ a national non-profit that believes everyone has the right to good, clean, and fair food.  With over 225 chapters nationwide, Slow Food USA advocates for food and farming policy that is good for the public, good for farmers and workers, and good for the planet.  It seeks to transform our food and farming system through the power of everyday people.

* Food Routes ~ a national non-profit dedicated to reintroducing Americans to their food . . . the seeds it grows from, the farmers who produce it, and the routes that carry it from the fields to our tables.

* Local Harvest ~ a free nationwide directory of small farms, farmers’ markets and other local food sources in the US.

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1. Maggie - June 14, 2011

I like the new MyPlate. It’s a lot more “user-friendly” than that old pyramid.

nrhatch - June 14, 2011

We’ve been eating this way for years. Almost all our meals focus on fruits, veggies, and grains . . . with a bit of protein from nuts, seeds, beans, and cheese tossed into the hopper.

For example, we’ll have a slice of pizza and fill the rest of our plate with salad, fruits, and veggies. Or we’ll have a plate with potaotes and 2-3 veggies with fruit for dessert.

Glad that the pyramid has been overthrown! It’s about time.

2. SuziCate - June 14, 2011

I think you would have liked what I made for dinner tonight. It was a black bean recipe (with tomatoes, yellow peppers, and onions) served over brown rice. Very healthy and delicious! And colorful!

nrhatch - June 14, 2011

That sounds AWESOME! Beans, veggies, and tomatoes over nutty brown rice . . . yummy!

We had whole wheat pasta with broccoli, olive oil, garlic and red pepper. Sometimes I add cannellini beans for extra protein and fiber.

And to boost my vegetable intake for the day, I had a Bloody Mary . . . 😉

3. Cindy - June 14, 2011

Yay for slow food!

nrhatch - June 14, 2011

And fine wine! 😀

4. Tammy - June 14, 2011

Thanks for the shout out Nancy! Much appreciated.

nrhatch - June 14, 2011

I’m delighted that you “beat me to the punch” with your post. It’s exciting that people are starting to jettison bad eating habits in favor of more sustainable choices . . . for them and for the planet.

Here’s to 5-9 fruits and veggies a day!

5. adeeyoyo - June 15, 2011

I never thought I would miss cooking, planning and preparing my meals, but I can’t wait to be back on my feet again…! 😉

nrhatch - June 15, 2011

We love eating at home . . . 95% of the time. It’s homey, healthy, comforting, relaxing and we can have our meals just the way we want them.

Hope the next few weeks fly swiftly past for you, Denise. There’s no place like home.

6. Tilly Bud - June 15, 2011

Good advice here. I love vegetables.

nrhatch - June 15, 2011

Me too! Most meals, I’d rather have a plate filled with veggies and grain than just about anything.

But I do enjoy a bit of chocolate. 😀

7. eof737 - June 15, 2011

Those tomatoes look scrumptious! … I’m all for good foods; especially this season. 🙂

nrhatch - June 15, 2011

Those tomatoes are STALKING me!

When I turned off my computer last night ~ my desktop photo of palm trees on the beach had vanished, replaced by those tomatoes. Spooky. 😀

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