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Stupid Is . . . As Stupid Does June 8, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Less IS More, Travel & Leisure.

170px-alice_par_john_tenniel_30Today’s WordPress prompt asked:  What’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard this week?

Yesterday, on House Hunters International, an oncologist and his trophy wife who live in a 5,000+ square foot home on 5 acres with 500 feet of waterfront and a 50 foot long dock in Beaufort South Carolina went shopping for a vacation home in Curaçao.

They reasoned that caring for their McMansion  was so “time consuming” that they needed to “get away” so they could “re-connect” as a family.

Their plan?

“Simplify” their life . . . by buying another  house to care for and maintain.

To quote Granny, “They appear to have eaten huge bowls of stupid for breakfast.”

While looking at the available options, they kept commenting on the small living spaces, the minimalist kitchens, the micro-sized baths, and the tiny bedrooms.

Wait!  Wasn’t that the point?


Wikipedia ~ Alice in Wonderland (in Public Domain)

To get something small . . . and easy to care for?

After a few minutes, BFF and I grinned at each other (like the evil TV commentators we are) and started whining, “Ooh . . . they’re so tiny.  That’s why we’re so whiny.”

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all week . . . but it’s only Wednesday and Anthony Weiner may still be Twittering about his wiener.

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1. Maggie - June 8, 2011

A perfect example of why people never cease to fascinate me.

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Same here, Maggie.

Instead of simplifying their lives . . . they’ve added a new layer of complexity. Quel idiot!

We must always remember that 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. 😉

2. Absurdity in the Mundane - June 8, 2011

You sound just like my co-writer and I. Haha. We feed off of ridiculous people and their nonsensical antics.

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Watch out . . . if you feed off absurdity, you’re apt to end up overflowing with mirth. 😉

3. Samyak - June 8, 2011

stupendously stupid!

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Well put, Samyak!

4. granny1947 - June 8, 2011

Thanks for the mention NR….and they walk amongst us!!!

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Yup. They are “out there.” 😀

5. carldagostino - June 8, 2011

These politicos. Such flawed characters all. They have such a sense of “holier than thou” entitlement (although their perversions are the creepiest of unholy). Stupid is not that they think they are above the law but that they think they can hide this stuff. The press would not touch JFK. He’d be ground beef these days.

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Don’t let Weiner get to you . . . he’s just a dick. 😆

Rosa - June 8, 2011


Stacey - June 8, 2011


nrhatch - June 8, 2011

I take perverse pleasure when our political representatives get caught with their “pants down.”

Is that wrong? 😉

6. Rosa - June 8, 2011

Hard to imagine people having anything to whine about while they are ‘house hunting’ for a vacation home, isn’t it?!

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

The whining is so pathetic . . .

* Oh, it doesn’t have twin sinks in the master bath.
* Oh, the countertops aren’t granite.
* Oh, the appliances aren’t stainless steel.
* Oh, there’s only one walk-in closet.

If these people had to walk 10 miles a day to gather a few buckets of water . . . maybe the pity parties would cease.

7. Stacey - June 8, 2011

that’s what they are complaining about?!?! I dislike whiny rich people and can’t believe how stupid they can be. Use some of your money to buy someone who can “think” for them.

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Good point, Stacey!

I also got tired of people whining at the courthouse the other day:

* I want to go home.
* I’m bored.
* This is bogus.

I looked at them and said, “Hey, I’d rather be here than Joplin Missouri.”

That shut them up quick!

8. SuziCate - June 8, 2011

I was already laughing at you and hubby mocking those idiots and then you had to bring up the Weiner, yeah still laughing!!!!!!

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

We often “commentate” on the shows that we watch . . . especially when people are being big whiny babies.

And Weiner . . . what can I say? Even his name is amusing. I wonder whether the Universe orchestrated the “mis-tweets” to take advantage of the twit’s name. 😉

9. kateshrewsday - June 8, 2011

“They appear to have eaten huge bowls of stupid for breakfast.”
I howled.

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Yay! I had to beg/borrow/steal that line from Granny’s Tuesday post . . . it seems the best explanation for such collosal stupidity. 😉

10. Cindy - June 8, 2011

Yep, takes the stupid trophy!

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

Which pairs nicely with a trophy wife! 😉

11. Paula Tohline Calhoun - June 8, 2011

House Hunters International drives me nuts. The regular House Hunters is more bearable because they often feature real, ordinary, middle class families who have been transferred by their jobs to a new area and they need to find a house to live. I almost always pick a different one for them than they do, though! I’m always amazed, though at how many YOUNG COUPLES can afford Million + dollar homes! Where does all that money come from?

My favorite HGTV programs are Designed to Sell, and Design on a Dime – they’re my kind of shows!

It stuns me how much money so many people have who seem so willing to pour it into a vacation home. . .I mean, how often do they plan on being there, really, and they pay a couple million for some of those places! Sheesh! You are right! It’s STUPID! Why do so many people feel like more is better?

nrhatch - June 8, 2011

We watch it to see what houses in other areas of the world look like . . . but we should probably watch it with the sound off so we don’t have to listen to so many inane comments. 😀

Design on a Dime and Designed to Sell send a much better message out to the masses.

12. Tilly Bud - June 9, 2011

A brilliant example!

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

Sanity reigns! 😀

13. eof737 - June 9, 2011

A familiar song… It makes no sense but hey you didn’t think they’d give up the MacM taste for a microM? No, no, no… 🙂

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

They ended up with a “modest bungalow” and said they didn’t mind the small living spaces because they spent so much time outside playing with the kids at the beach.

Maybe they’re beginning to realize that Less is More. 😀

14. Penny - June 9, 2011

I enjoy watching House Hunters International. Its interesting and also a perfect example of why people never cease to fascinate me! But, you know it boils down to this”-its their life to live as they wish”. I never get pleasure out of poking fun at other people’s foolishness-but I have to admit the “Weiner” guy played “dumber & dumber” in this foolish moment of insanity.

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

I don’t enjoy poking fun at people for things “outside their control” ~ speech impediments, physical disabilities, true mental impairment, etc.

But when otherwise intelligent people make foolish CHOICES, I think “poking fun” at those choices is a valuable learning opportunity for us all. 😉

And, in my book, anything stupid that politicians, lawyers, and celebrities do is fair game for criticism. That’s the price of fame.

Penny - June 9, 2011

I cannot say I never poke fun at someone’s foolishness, I’m just not in tune with the media coverage of one’s follishness. One whom is a public figure with a high standard position, you would think would have more intelligence then to do these foolish acts of behavior. It is their price for fame, but it hurts a mutitude of people, especially his family. It’s really sad….. 😦

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

I rarely follow celebrity stories, but it would have been hard to miss Weiner’s misdeeds and mis-tweets this week. Public figures should remember that anything they say or do may become front page news . . . and act accordingly.

15. flyinggma - June 9, 2011

I love the Granny quote. I’m adding it to my list of favorites for sure. I love to watch House Hunters International when I have time. It’s like going on a mini-vacation for me to see what’s out there.

In my next life I think I will find time to be an architect or a carpenter. I love houses and the many unique international designs.

Still working on the downsizing. Each trip to my sons homes I take more of their stuff to them. I wll eventually have to start looking at all my stuff.

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

How exciting that you’re “unfeathering” the nest. Good luck with the de-cluttering.

The shows with really unique designs are my favorite. Sadly, the world is becoming more “generic” and the distinctions between houses here and “there” are becoming less notable. But every once in a while a unique design catches our eye.

BFF is an architectural draftsman and finish carpenter so we watch LOTS of home design and improvement shows.

16. Judson - June 9, 2011

My wife and I wold love to live on the ocean. I love to watch House Hunters International because it sometimes fascinates me what beautiful ocean-front properties go for in some of the more remote areas. However, I see myself doing the opposite of what your oncologist and wife did. I’d love to simply cash out here and buy something to move into permanently …far from the rat race. The characters on the show who are simply looking for a vacation home that costs 5 tinmes as much as my primary dwelling do not fascinate me at all!

PS: I can think of nowhere I’d rather be in the first place than on the water in Beaufort, SC.

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

Judson ~ I’m with you. One house is plenty for me. Especially if it’s WHERE I want to live. 😎

Their main house was FAR FAR FAR TOO BIG for me, but the location was gorgeous. The idea that they needed to “get away” in order to re-connect as a family seems ludicrous.

Why not just go out and enjoy the beauty in your own backyard? Have a picnic on the dock. Play games on the lawn. Pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. Etc.

17. earlybird - June 9, 2011

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Love the new breakfast cereal! 🙂

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

Yup . . . now we can all pour ourselves a big bowl of “STUPID” in the morning. 😉

18. adeeyoyo - June 9, 2011

Ir’s amazing that these people still have money – they should have lost it ages ago through such stupidity!

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

I expect he’s a fine oncologist . . . just a bit lacking in the “Common Sense” department.

19. Bunny Baxter - June 9, 2011

That’s a funny story. I wish I had that problem…I could have a field day in 5000 square feet because that is a field!

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

I agree! But I wouldn’t want a house that large . . . too much to heat, cool, and clean.

20. Booksphotographsandartwork - June 9, 2011

LOL! The last line is hysterical. House Hunters makes me crazy sometimes. I notice so many of the young people are really unbelievably picky and snotty about the houses they want. I can’t believe what they think they deserve in a house at their age.

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

I know just what you mean, Linda. It’s the “age of entitlement” and “I deserve it.” The incessant whining is so pathetic:

* Oh, it doesn’t have twin sinks in the master bath.
* Oh, the countertops aren’t granite.
* Oh, the appliances aren’t stainless steel.
* Oh, there’s only one walk-in closet.

Maybe, if they had to walk 10 miles a day to gather a few buckets of water, the pity parties would cease.

21. therealsharon - June 9, 2011

Did THEY actually clean and take care of their original house or do they have maids, butlers, gardeners, etc.?
I find it interesting how people with so much can call something “small” when there are a lot of people out there who find the same “small” living space plenty big enough!

nrhatch - June 9, 2011

Don’t know. I didn’t see any servants, but I expect that they had “assistance” . . . at least with the yard.

Americans, as a whole, are so SPOILED ~ we see things on TV and feel “entitled” to have one of our very own because “we deserve it!” And parents convey that sense of entitlement to their kids ~ giving each child his or her own bedroom, bathroom, desk, computer, etc. They don’t learn to share, make do, reuse, or recycle.

Growing up, I shared a room with my sister. It made it easier to deal with roommates later in life. 😀

22. jannatwrites - June 10, 2011

My cats are staring at me because I’m laughing out loud right now. Some of those people on House Hunters are on the ridiculous side. I wonder if they are really like that, or if they just play it up for the show.

Lost it with the Weiner remark. I think that news broke while I was on vacation (not watching the news) but I’m slowly catching up. Good thing I didn’t expect high moral standards from our politicians or I’d be very disappointed 😉

nrhatch - June 10, 2011

My favorite House Hunter International shows are ones where “real people” are looking for a primary residence due to relocation. The VHH (Vacation Home Hunters) almost always seem like dolts and dufuses to me.

And Weiner . . . what can we say about that type of behavior? I do expect more from our politicians. I am continually disappointed. 😦

23. Tokeloshe - June 10, 2011

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all week 😉

nrhatch - June 10, 2011

It’s still in the lead for me as well. Some people are just Cocoa Puffs. 😉

24. klrs09 - June 11, 2011

Oh, too funny! I tried watching an episode of that particular show and was so disgusted by the aforementioned stupidity of the people involved, I turned it off and vowed never to view it again. Loved this: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all week . . . but it’s only Wednesday

nrhatch - June 11, 2011

Thanks, klrs! Most of the time, I choose to focus on the positives, but sometimes it’s fun to shine the spotlight on less laudable decisions by our peers and brethen . . . for medicinal purposes only. 😉

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