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Earth, Air, Fire, Water June 4, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Life Balance, Nature, Poetry, Word Play.



Wikipedia ~ Lightning (in Public Domain)

Plump, fragrant grapefruit
litter the ground ‘neath branches
suffering their weight

Catastrophes born
of idle worry loom large
eclipsing all else


Pelicans dive through
watercolor skies; I reach
for my glass of wine

A juggler performs
in deepening twilight, with
bombs bursting in air


New beginnings packed
in heavy boxes; tempers
flare with sheer fatigue

Tigger reminds Vet
Touch not the cat bot a glove
Feline fury flows


Housewarming challenge:
one broken water pipe, two
clogged toilets, four guests

Buddha’s serene smile
watches the waterfall flow
to the courtyard pool

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1. kateshrewsday - June 4, 2011

Fab….love that buddha, I want one and a waterfall now…wonderful thumbnail sketches, Nancy…

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

Thanks, Kate. The thumbnails are from my Haiku Diary, kept while moving from MD to FL.

That’s a Buddhabrot . . . a map resulting from a mathematical equation.

The Buddhabrot is a map related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its similarity to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, seated in a meditation pose with a forehead mark (tikka) and traditional topknot (ushnisha).

kateshrewsday - June 5, 2011

Gracious! I want one of those too!

nrhatch - June 5, 2011

Isn’t it awesome looking . . . hard to believe it resulted from 20,000 iterations of a mathematical equation. Math is cool! 😉

2. suzicate - June 4, 2011

Faboulous element haikus! Great imagery…got a chuckle out of the first water one!

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

Thanks, Suzi. Using 17 syllables to describe a moment in time is great fun. Glad you got a chuckle out of that one!

3. therealsharon - June 4, 2011

Nice haikus!:)

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

Thanks, Sharon. I lump all 17-syllable poems together under the moniker Haiku. But most are probably Senryū:


Whatever they are, they’re fun to write.

4. Tammy McLeod - June 4, 2011

Suzicate borrowed my words; wonderful elements haiku!

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

I enjoyed reading through my Haiku diary to pick a few “elemental” thumbprints.

I focused more on the “abstract” and less on the “literal” in choosing which 2 to include for each element. Quite fun.

5. gospelwriter - June 4, 2011

This is really good, and for some reason I especially liked the first haiku under Water – succinct, mere images, no elucidation needed (or provided). Well done! 🙂

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

Thanks, Ruth! Some moments require no elaboration or embellishment.

We had just moved in . . . and the landscape service severed the pipe outside causing both toilets to seize up when flushed. Ack!

6. Rosa - June 4, 2011

I love when you post your poetry!

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

Thank you, Rosa. I appreciate your support! 😀

7. Julie - June 4, 2011

Love it!

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

Thanks, Julie!

Are you ready for your Summer in Italy? You must be “too excited to sleep.” 😎

8. libraryscene - June 4, 2011

Very fine assortment of poems (haiku). I’m quite partial to your Air ones, both a delight to my senses, cheers (I raise my glass of wine, sadly to empty skies)

nrhatch - June 4, 2011

Thanks, LS! Sometimes there’s nothing like haiku to paint a quick snapshot.

9. Cindy - June 5, 2011

*heart this*

nrhatch - June 5, 2011

Thanks, Cin!

The pendulum swings
between poetic musings
and poorly phrased prose 😎

10. viewfromtheside - June 5, 2011

lovely, i have a small budda next to a pond, a waterfall may be distracting for him?

nrhatch - June 5, 2011

Thanks, Sidey. Don’t worry about Buddha. Nothing distracts him:

Buddha looks within
At his rich inner landscape
The world fades away

11. eof737 - June 5, 2011

How are you doing? I sense the winds of change around you… all is well? May the four elements shield your path and bring you joy. 🙂

nrhatch - June 5, 2011

Thanks, E! I’ve been worried about my parents’ situation, wanting to change their living arrangements for the better. I’ve met up with resistance.

The Universe has reminded me that I must be patient. 😀

12. flyinggma - June 5, 2011

Love the haiku and the first part of water. Try Thanksgiving Dinner with a clogged toilet. Excellent way to begin a meal with a houseful of guests. I can so relate to your housewarming.

nrhatch - June 5, 2011

Plumbing problems are never fun . . . especially when the house is filled with houseguests.

I stood over the clogged toilet and said, “This too shall pass.” 😉

13. oldancestor - June 6, 2011

Hauiku is tempting
I wish I could play along
But dronery calls

nrhatch - June 6, 2011

Working pays the bills
But butterflies have more fun
With less dronery

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15. Celestial Elf - March 17, 2012

Love your Haiku’s
Thought you might like the poem i wrote for my machinima film
The Juggler’s Song, Bright Blessings ~

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