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Give and Take with Senator Marco Rubio May 24, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Nature, Sustainable Living.

Here’s my 47th e-mail (give or take a few dozen) to Senator Marco Rubio ~ all sent since he took office two years ago.

The first 46 politely disagreed with his blatant disregard of this precious planet and our shared environment.

This one is a bit more contentious:

Dear Senator Rubio:

What the hell is your problem?

Why would you vote AGAINST legislation to end billions in tax breaks to Big Oil (S. 940) and FOR a bill to fast-track expansion of reckless drilling in some of America’s most fragile waters (S. 953).

Is your head up your ass?

What kind of world do you plan to leave to your kids???

There is nothing more important than creating a sustainable future for this planet.  If you don’t watch out for the world, why should anyone vote for you in the next election?

* Stop catering to lobbyists!

* Stand up to Big Oil.

* Protect sea turtles, polar bears and other wildlife.

* Stop polluting the planet and ignoring your constituents. 

We are so tired of getting the exact same canned response from your office ~ promising a more personal reply that is NEVER forthcoming.

You are the worst kind of politician imaginable.  I wouldn’t vote for you if you were running against yourself.

In response, I received the exact same canned response I’ve gotten every time:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I have received your message and I welcome the opportunity to address your concerns.

If you’ve attempted to contact my office previously and have not yet received a response, I hope you will accept my sincere apology.

As you await a response, please know that our office is working towards best serving the state of Florida.

I appreciate hearing your views, and I understand how important these issues are to you. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, and please expect my response in the near future.

If you need immediate assistance with a federal agency, please call (866) 630-7106 toll-free in Florida. You may also contact the Orlando regional office at (407) 254-2573 or the Miami regional office at (305) 418-8553.

Do not mail correspondence to the Washington DC Office as it will delay the response to your request for assistance.

What a load of condescending claptrap and pretentious bullshit!  He couldn’t decide which “sweet nothings” to toss out to concerned citizens . . . so he included them all.

Hey . . .

Marco . . . 

Rubio . . .

Please accept my sincere apology for being blunt:  

You are a consummate politician . . . and a complete and utter jackass!

P.S. I mean that most sincerely.

How ironic that his constituents are told that mailing correspondence to his D.C. office will delay response.

Why is that?

Maybe he’s too busy helping Big Oil rape the planet to pay any attention to us.

No rules.  Just write!

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1. Cindy - May 24, 2011

Go camp outside his house! That may get a reaction.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Great idea, Cin. Better still . . . I’ll show up with a backhoe and a drill and a gun. I’ll destroy the landscape and every bit of wildlife I find while singing the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies:

Then one day, he was shooting for some food
When up through the ground came a bubbling crude
Oil, that is. Black gold. Texas Tea.

Booksphotographsandartwork - May 26, 2011

I can just see you doing this. As a matter of fact I would find it great fun to join you.

nrhatch - May 26, 2011

Being destructive is not really my cup of Texas Tea . . .

My mantra: “Do what you will an’ harm none.” I just wish that our junior senator from Florida felt the same.

2. eof737 - May 24, 2011

Oh Boy Nancy! I bet they have you on a special list of people to invite to the next dinner party in an election year… lol! 🙂
That must be why NASA is reconsidering the humans-on-board space program… There must be a growing need for some of us to relocate. 😉

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

I’m expecting the invitation to arrive any day. 😉

3. SuziCate - May 24, 2011

I’d rather receive no reply than an automated response!

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Automated responses are OK.

Repeatedly promising to follow up with a more tailored response without having the actual intent to do so is nothing more than . . . politics as usual.

suzicate - May 24, 2011

But those are the only kind of automated responses I ever get!!!!

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Senator Nelson (our other FL Senator) tailored responses for each of the big issues with links to his website for more information.

They are “canned” responses . . . but they are designed to share his actual view of the world with his concerned constituents. Also . . . he votes AGAINST Big Oil Subsidies not for them. 😀

4. carldagostino - May 24, 2011

I consider my self a moderate R. Anybody like our boy Marco who is so ideologically pure and perfect to the far right has to be suspect. Doesn’t he disagree on anything? I can’t vote for anyone from this Cuban community I have witnessed their insanity for over half a century here in Miami.We all have our particular concerns but environmental issues ought to be the top priority for everyone. Most assuredly the religion of the North American Indians is more reverent and respectful of mother earth than any other.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

I want politicians who act for the good of all . . . not for personal prestige.

Rubio is in DC for self-serving reasons. He does NOT belong there.

5. oldancestor - May 24, 2011

You go, girl!

Side note: Not sure I like the italics. From what I’ve read in a few writing books, it’s been tested and proven that people are more likely to skip over italicized text.

Just my humble opinion.

oldancestor - May 24, 2011

I was talking about the comments, not the article.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

I hit something accidentally and the italics manifested. I’m trying to figure out what I did so I can undo it.

So . . . get . . . off . . . my . . . back! 😉

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Fixed it! Yay!

And thanks for speaking up, OA. I thought it looked awful, but needed to get to the pool for water aerobics. Saw your comment when I got back and smiled. 😀

oldancestor - May 24, 2011

I need some water aerobics. I’m getting flabby in my old age.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

In the winter, I prefer walking, bike riding, and other forms of exercise.

But when the weather is warm . . . I love exercising in the pool. Makes me feel like a kid again as I splash my way to fit and fabulous fitness. 😀

6. Maggie - May 24, 2011

Eh, politicians are all the same. They want money and power and they’re looking out for themselves only. It’s really sad.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

It is very different from the days of our Founding Fathers when “our representatives” put their lives on the line to forge this nation.

7. William D'Andrea - May 24, 2011

No matter what you have to say, to anyone in any political office, regardless of his or her political views, the only response that anyone will receive is a form letter.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Automated responses and form letters are fine.

Repeatedly promising to follow up with a more tailored response without having the actual intent to do so is nothing more than condescending bullshit . . . politics as usual.

Senator Nelson (our other FL Senator) tailors responses for each of the big issues with links to his website for more information.

They are form letters . . . but they are designed to share his actual view of the world with his concerned constituents.

Also . . . he votes AGAINST Big Oil Subsidies not for them. He’s not a self-serving twit like Rubio.

8. Greg Camp - May 24, 2011

You idealist! Where’d you get the idea that politicians are supposed to listen to their constituents? Oh, wait, the U.S. Constitution, among other documents. Right.

In this election to come, I plan to ask any supporter of the Republicans or the Democrats whether the candidates actually believe and practice their stated platforms. Call out the hypocrites.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Good for you, Greg!

I wish that anyone running for office had to take truth serum every morning during their campaign and continue taking it, if elected.

If politicians HAD to tell the truth, things might change in a hurry.

9. Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 24, 2011

Forever and ever, AMEN!! As has already been said, YOU GO GIRL!!! If more citizens took the time to write and actually spell out their issues instead of just signing on to form petitions, (if they even do that!), I believe we might receive better, more tailored and timely responses, but that will forever remain to be seen, because too many of us are so turned off, blasé. and/or apathetic to “bother.”

Sen. Mark Hatfield, whether one likes his politics or not, once said, “the worst thing that ever happened to American politics is the birth of the professional politician.” I could not agree more. We have far too many people in office who are there for their own careers and self-interests – to say nothing of overly influential lobbyists – that I really mourn for our future – and I don’t just mean the USA, but the entire planet!

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

I agree with Hatfield . . . on this issue at least.

Power hungry status seekers see holding public office as a way to be in the limelight for self-serving reasons. We should STOP calling it “public service” since they are NOT serving the public.

Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 24, 2011

Absolutely. When the “representative” system began, it actually meant that, and congressmen and senators were people from all walks of life who essentially “volunteered” to go to Washington to speak for the people they represented. When they no longer felt that they were true representatives of the majority view, they went back home to their former ways of life.

Instead, now we have far too many politicso who have nothing else to do, and are thus afraid to leave Washington, because they might then be jobless and also anonymous (oerish the thought!).

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Yup! They’re so used to putting PR spin on themselves and their views that they would get dizzy and drown if they had to face the truth about themselves.

10. kateshrewsday - May 24, 2011

Ah, Nancy, you should be a diplomat. That Head Up Your Ass comment was guaranteed to rein him in.
I roared….wonderful post.
(But commiserations on the response!)

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

{{Snorts and sniffs}}

I am capable of being a tad more diplomatic than this when it’s warranted. Sadly, I decided that Mr. Rubio no longer deserved the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve been remonstrating gently with him for the past 24 months and my diplomatic efforts have been brushed aside like stray lint.

Each time he responds to my concerns, he assure me that he appreciates “hearing my views” and is delighted that I took the time to “share my thoughts.”

I decided that it was time to take the diplomatic white gloves off and put on the boxing gloves.

Will it cause him to change? Of course not.
Did it make me feel better? YOU BETCHA! 😀

11. Tokeloshe - May 24, 2011

Well said!
What a beautiful video.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Thanks, Tok!

It is a beautiful video. Debra on The Blue Lotus Cafe shared it yesterday

12. souldipper - May 24, 2011

What a great video, Nancy. One of the best I’ve seen!!

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Very respectful of this wonderful planet.

13. viewfromtheside - May 24, 2011

Politicians and diapers need to be changed regularly for the same reason. Some immediately!

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Love it! Thanks, Sidey.

14. Naomi - May 25, 2011

Ah yes, beautiful video! As for your letters…OMG, “if Nancy can’t do it, no-one can!!”

nrhatch - May 25, 2011

The video is a reminder of the unity of life. Rubio and his cronies need to realize that they’re poisoning their own well.

I would not normally resort to such “colorful” language in business correspondence, but it can be an attention getting device. Much like the tantrums we threw at the tender age of two. 😀

15. jannatwrites - May 25, 2011

This is sad, but funny. Your letter is hilarious, but the state of our political system is just pathetic. What’s worse is that this guy will probably get re-elected.

I think most politicians do have their head up someone’s a$$ – it may or may not be their own 😉

nrhatch - May 25, 2011

You’re probably right. Once you get to DC the first time, it is easier to return ~ in part due to voter reliance on name recognition.

I know he won’t get my vote. 😀

16. Tilly Bud - May 25, 2011

You’d think his office would respond for the pester power alone.

I like italics 🙂

nrhatch - May 25, 2011

Maybe they will respond to this one. But I’m not holding my breath. It’s quite obvious to me that he doesn’t care much about his constituents and what they think.

He’s just giving lip-service to the idea of PUBLIC service . . . while grabbing all he can for himself in the self-serving manner of so many politicians. Ack!

I love italics for quotes . . . but the button I pressed inadvertently causing everyone’s comments to be italicized. It made my eyes rather dizzy. 😯

17. adeeyoyo - May 25, 2011

Gee whiz, and I thought we had problems, Nancy. Good for you – we need people to speak up!

nrhatch - May 25, 2011

Thanks, Adee. I want representatives who represent US . . . NOT Big Business.

What’s good for Wall Street is NOT good for Main Street. It’s time for a change.

18. carldagostino - May 27, 2011

Gov Scott cut 3 % COLA on pensions. Hey $100 a month is significant and they stopped COLA on social security too. This will have a dramatic effect on me and millions of others. But the money is there for the bailouts and megacorps who continue to steal, get away with it and are not prosecuted. What we spend in Afghanistan in a week would probably fund health care for everyone in the country for a year.

nrhatch - May 27, 2011

I agree, Carl. The politicians in this country are not acting in the best interest of the most . . . they are focused on making the rich richer.

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