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Think & Drink: The Naked Universe May 11, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Nature.

Because we have an entertainment budget of approximately $10 a month, we are always on the lookout for interesting and FREE things to do in the area.

Tonight . . . we’re headed to the South Florida Museum in Bradenton for the beginning of a NEW Think and Drink series.

The Naked Universe:

Our universe consists of just four basic parts:

Space, Time, Matter and Energy.

They are woven together into a tapestry that we experience almost seamlessly, so we rarely give them, individually, much thought. But if we really want to appreciate the universe in which we live, we ought to pay a little attention to the parts that make up the whole. So, we (Jeff Rodgers and some special guests) thought we’d give each of these major aspects of the universe some thought.

The Naked Universe is a four part series that will uncover Space (May), Time (June), Matter (July) and Energy (August).

Tonight’s conversation will center around Space:

It would have been nice to have been there to witness the Big Bang. The only problem is, there would have been no there. There was no Space; space itself was created in the Bang and has been expanding ever since.

What is space? Is it nothing, or is it something? If it forms the stage on which universal events play out, what does that stage look like? Is our universe one of many?

We don’t promise answers to all of these questions, but we do promise a mind-expanding conversation.

Mind-expanding, thought-provoking, and . . . FREE!

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?

Do you have favorite FREE activities that you enjoy to stretch your entertainment budget a bit further?

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1. SuziCate - May 11, 2011

Enjoy…tell us all about it!

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

Thanks, Suzi. I will . . . unless it’s over my head or beyond my ken. 😉

2. Maggie - May 11, 2011

I just look in the paper or online and see what kind of free things are happening in my community. A lot of different spring-related festivals are happening where I live, and they’re all free. My dad and I found a free concert that we’re going to. It’s a good band, so it should be nice.

I like the idea of the Naked Universe. I’d go to that if they were having something like it where I live.

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

I actually enjoy having a limited budget for entertainment, because it makes us more aware of what’s being offered. We love going to FREE festivals, arts shows, concerts, etc.

We’re intrigued by this Think and Drink series. I like the idea of exploring Space ~ Time ~ Matter ~ Energy as the building blocks of the Universe.

3. Tilly Bud - May 11, 2011

Walking the dogs every day. The Hub can’t always manage it, but when he feels up to it we drive to a nice park. We have made lots of friends and even got a free family night at the rugby from it 🙂

In the summer holidays, I buy a weekly bus ticket each for my youngest son and myself and we explore Greater Manchester, visiting museums, parks, places we haven’t been before. Great fun.

Enjoy yourself tonight.

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

Great ideas, Tilly. Just going for a walk can be quite entertaining. You never know what you might see around the very next bend.

I love the idea of a weekly bus ticket to explore the area. Sometimes the most interesting venues are right “under our nose.”

4. carldagostino - May 11, 2011

You can always come to Miami to watch cops shoot people because “the officer feared for his life” I’m am sorry for this editorial and understand possible deletion of comment. Not every thing I say is funny and this certainly is not.

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

I rarely delete comments, Carl . . . even if I am the Queen of the Castle.

We’ve had Miami on our list of places to visit, but it’s moved down in priority based on your Insider View. 😉

5. Cindy - May 11, 2011

Hope you enjoy the outing, Nancy.

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

It’s fun to drink . . . and think. 😉

6. Jackie Paulson Author - May 11, 2011

Enjoy and enjoy some more 🙂

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

Thanks, Jackie. I’m glad that our budget is limited . . . so that we scout out opportunities like this.

7. Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 11, 2011

We don’t get to do it often enough, but we will take the dusty and steep drive up Cataloochee Mountain and see the elk there that have been reintroduced to this part of Appalachia where they used to live in large numbers. Free – except for the gas, that is!

My brother John has a wonderful way of understanding the make-up of the universe – space, time, matter, and energy – he calls it all “God-Stuff.” The Universe and all that is in it – God-Stuff!

Wish I could attend that series with you. It sounds wonderful and fascinating!

Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 11, 2011

Also – is there anything to drink besides knowledge? 😀

Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 11, 2011

Oh! Are you going to blow your whole $10 budget on the beer and/or wine? 😀

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

Not likely. I might have a glass of wine since it’s for a “good cause” . . . but I’ll charge it to my Liquor Budget. 😉

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

Ooh, elk! The only “elk” we see around here are the 2-legged variety at the Elk Lodge. They look very similar to the “moose” at the Moose Lodge.

I see the Energy in Space, Time, and Matter as the “God Stuff.” It’ll be interesting to see how FAR the discussion takes us today.

I expect that most in attendance will not be Creationists. 😀

They have a Cash Bar available so folks can drink in wine or beer with the FREE knowledge.

Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 11, 2011

I certainly hope that I haven’t led you to believe that I am a creationist (nor is my brother!) – at least in the strictest definition of the term. I believe that everything was created, but I see absolutely no way in which big bang, evolution,or any other scientific attempts at explanation are in any way mutually exclusive with a created universe!

Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 11, 2011

Oops! That should be certainly. . .

And – I am a bit off the topic with that first comment. ;-P

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

Nope. You never gave me reason to believe that you were a “creationist.”

Your comment just got me to thinking about how Creationists are opposed to kids learning about Evolution and Darwinism and . . . how they tend to steer clear of Science at all costs. 😉

They remind me of ostriches . . . afraid to hear something that might cause all their beliefs to go up in smoke.

Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 11, 2011

Clever, clever, clever – way to avoic depleting the entertainment budget, and fooling yourself into thinking you are doing a good turn! Wonder if the IRS will see it that way? ;-D

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

Oh, that would be funny! Deducting liquor consumption as a charitable contribution. 😉

8. Greg Camp - May 11, 2011

Fayetteville, AR has excellent bike trails and a lovely lake and wooded park for walking, and the general region has many others. Of course, my favorite entertainment is a bit pricey–ammunition costs still being high–but I’ve been told that rolling my own is a cheap way to go.

nrhatch - May 11, 2011

It’s wonderful when we entertain ourselves by walking and biking in the great outdoors. Good for us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’ve never been to a shooting range but I might like to do so. Growing up, we had a bow and arrow and “bulls eye” to use the backyard (and a bb gun). Lots of FUN to see whether our aim was on target.

9. eof737 - May 12, 2011

Sounds like inexpensive yet highly entertaining stuff… Go and enjoy and bring some goodies back. 😉

nrhatch - May 12, 2011

Intriguing stuff . . . this ever expanding Universe in which we live.

So vast, it’s difficult to grasp.

10. souldipper - May 12, 2011

When I was still married, my husband and I had an apartment in Vancouver. We loved going to different lectures at the University on weekends. As a Big Sister in Ontario, it was a good challenge to think of things to do with a Little Sister that did not cost money. We were never bored! (She taught me how to roller skate.) And now, I volunteer at the Theater and I receive free tickets to shows of my choice.

I agree – it’s great fun figuring out how to entertain ourselves for free. It’s usually a very healthy activity – in one way or another.

nrhatch - May 12, 2011

Love how you summed that up ~ the FREE activities we find tend to be healthy for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Last night’s lecture probably raised more questions that it answered, but that made it all the more stimulating.

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