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Sungevity’s Zero $’s Down Solar Lease! May 5, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Sustainable Living.

This offer (a partnership between Green America and Sungevity)  is NOT available everywhere . . . yet.   It is available in:

New Jersey
New York

Here’s how it works:

Sungevity, an award-winning home-solar installer and member of our Green Business Network™, puts up solar panels FOR FREE when homeowners sign up to lease them.

The homeowner pays Sungevity on a monthly basis for the home solar lease, usually the same or less than what the pre-solar electric bill used to be.

Sungevity sends each lessee a $500 cash gift card once the new solar system is installed and inspected, and donates $500 to Green America for the referral.

Sounds pretty good, right?  

Prospective solar clients just need to click Sungevity.org/green-america to request a free solar iQuote.

Within 24 hours, Sungevity’s remote solar designers will e-mail details about potential solar savings, and what the solar home lease would look like.

If you’re bummed you do NOT live in one of those 8 states, move! 

Just kidding . . . 

Sungevity is expanding, and [may soon be able] to offer solar leasing in your state.  In the meantime, it’s a win-win-win for anybody you know who can take advantage of this offer.

They get solar energy, a lower electric bill, and $500, plus it’s a win for the environment and a win for Green America.

If you know anyone (or know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone) who lives in one of these 8 states . . .


The sooner this idea catches on the better . . . for us and the planet!


1. oldancestor - May 5, 2011

As an apartment dweller, I have no choice about my power source, bit I’m glad to note that one of the Johnson and Johnson buildings up the road recently installed about 4 acres of ground-based solar panels in the field out front.

nrhatch - May 5, 2011

Whenever anyone says they have “no choice” about something/anything . . . my ears perk up.

A few ideas:

* What if you asked your LL to install solar panels on the roof for the entire building?

* Or asked for permission to install solar panels for your apartment? That’s what No Impact Man did to power his laptop.

* Or got everyone in the building to sign a petition requesting solar panels on the roof?

Or . . . you get the idea. 😉

Rosa - May 5, 2011

Those are wonderful ideas!!! And I’m going to tell my peeps in AZ about this! Thanks for sharing another great post!

nrhatch - May 5, 2011

Thanks, Rosa.

Anyone not located near Sungevity could suggest that other solar panel installers start a similar lease program.

One reason that we are so SLOW about transitioning is because of the “start up costs.” Spreading them over time . . . and getting paid to do so . . . definitely a step in the right direction.

Go Solar!

2. Cindy - May 5, 2011

No Joburg on the list 😦

nrhatch - May 5, 2011

Maybe you should send the link to a solar panel distributor near you and suggest that they adopt a similar program . . . 😎

It’s a win-win for everyone . . . except the gas and electric companies. And, really, who cares about them at this point? 😉

3. Greg Camp - May 5, 2011

I look forward to this program showing up in rainy Arkansas. Until then, I’ll just have to keep walking about with a light bulb in my mouth like Uncle Fester.

nrhatch - May 5, 2011

Me too!

But I look more like Cousin Itt! 💡

4. Richard W Scott - May 5, 2011

I think Solar is the way of the future, if only we can get it up and running nation-wide before we pollute the skies too much for the sun’s rays to get through.

Out on the Left Coast they advertise that you pay less than you did on the grid.

What I wonder about the lease option you talk about is this: (and it may not be a bad thing), do these panels gen more power than the houses use? If so, does the company sell the wattage back to the grid?

Don’t want to sound like a muckraker… but I always wonder about deals that sound really good.

nrhatch - May 5, 2011

It probably depends upon how much sun you get where you live. Sungevity may address that on its site, or in the Solar iQuotes provided to potential clients.

I expect that it’s not designed to generate more power than you already use. In the iQuote process, I saw a question that asks for current KwH usage, roof slant, etc.

Nothing to be lost by looking into it a bit further. 😎

5. Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 5, 2011

Wish it was available in NC now – hopefully soon, though! Our location would be perfect! We have considered geothermal installation in addition to solar. The geothermal we will do if and when we move closer to town. We’re looking.

nrhatch - May 5, 2011

I went to the website to request an iQuote . . . just to let them know there are folks in Florida interested in the program.

But it wouldn’t let me submit because I wasn’t on the map. I might try again later ~ going through the back door instead of the front.

Geo-thermal has always intrigued me . . . not enough to live in a cave, however. 😀

6. eof737 - May 6, 2011

Neat idea…definitely a growing field. Although I must admit that my in-laws were probably one of the first in the solar business; way back in the day! 🙂

nrhatch - May 6, 2011

That’s awesome, Eliz.

The up front cost of installation has stopped many people from switching to solar . . . this is an option for them to make the switch NOW and pay for it over time.

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