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Speaking of Chocolate . . . April 23, 2011

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There are chocolate bars . . . and then there is the Chocolate Bar!


At the Langham Hotel in Boston, from September to June, guests indulge at the Café Fleuri’s Chocolate Bar:

Spend Saturday afternoons indulging your sweeter side at The Langham, Boston’s most unique Chocolate Bar. Tempt your chocolate cravings at this weekly Chocolate wonderland.

Experience this all-you-can-enjoy buffet, which features an array of scrumptious chocolate desserts, including the legendary Langham Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Truffles, Cotton Candy, Whoopie Pies, and more.

Perfect for birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, and other special events. Or simply treat yourself to one of our artfully created confections.

Only offered on Saturdays from September through June, the Chocolate Bar is a dessert wonderland with over 85 chocolate delights created by pastry chef, Jed Hackney and his team.

Boston . . . not just for seafood lovers anymore.

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220px-1719_Tales_60A guy wandering the beach found a bottle washed up on the sand.  A genie popped out and gave him three wishes:

(1) “I want a  million dollars.”

Poof!  A million dollars.

(2) “And a Jaguar convertible.”

Poof!  A Jaguar convertible.

(3) “Last wish.  Hmm . . . I know!  Make me  irresistible to all women.”

Poof!  The genie turned him into a box of chocolates.  

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Deep Sky Observers April 23, 2011

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Tonight, we are going to Sidewalk Astronomy to observe Saturn, the ringed planet!

Sponsored by the local chapter of Deep Sky Observers, the event will allow the public to star-gaze through high-powered telescopes at the night sky:

This is a dark sky event since the Moon will not be up making it possible to see fainter targets like galaxies and nebulas.

Here’s hoping for a clear night, with no clouds to obscure our view!

For more awe-inspiring photos of celestial bodies:  Night Sky

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