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Photo Challenge ~ One April 22, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Nature.

Sometimes we are “at one” with the world . . .

Other times, it feels like we are one against the world.

The challenges we face are not always susceptible to ready resolution.

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?  Do you more often feel “at one” with the world, or alone against it?

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1. Debra - April 22, 2011

I love these birds. 🙂 Thank you Nancy for this wonderful photo:)

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Thanks, Debra. We have some amazing visitors on our deck ~ herons, egrets, and the occasional hawk.

2. Stacey - April 22, 2011

Great pic!

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

I took this just before he caught his lunch. 😀

3. faeriemagic - April 22, 2011

Bet he had a yummy lunch too 😉

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Frog’s legs . . . 😛

4. suzicate - April 22, 2011

This is fabulous!

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Thanks, Suzi. He’s a handsome lad (or a bonnie lassie).

5. viewfromtheside - April 22, 2011

very beautiful visitor you have, makes one feel at one with the environment

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

I agree. I feel most “at one” and “at peace” with the world when I’m out and about with nature.

6. grandawn - April 22, 2011

Awesome photograph!

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Majestic subject matter . . . mediocre photographer. 😀

oldancestor - April 22, 2011

well, you managed to rise to the occasion in this instance.

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Cooperation is key ~ he stayed cool, calm, and collected while I snapped a few shots and crossed my fingers. 😎

7. Loreen Lee - April 22, 2011

Dear Time Out Box:
Just in case nobody answers your question, I think the idea is to be at one with the world, i.e. inner peace, even if, in reality, and truly, the whole world is against you, or as you say: at those (quote)Other times, it feels like we are one against the world. You have to walk the talk, I believe is the aborginal saying. I don’t mind you being against me, I’m quite enjoying the Time Out Box. (Just testing whether you publish this, and having fun!)

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Duly noted.

Loreen Lee - April 22, 2011

Dear Time Out Box -Another quote from passion maps:
“Those who wish to sing can always find a song.”
– Swedish proverb

nrhatch - April 22, 2011


Loreen Lee - April 23, 2011

Dear Time Out Box:
What about you? Do you more often feel “at one” with the world, or alone against it?
In reply to this, because I didn’t express it well in my first response, is that the essential thing is to be ‘at one with yourself’. (To be in the world but not of it) is the way I remember it being put. Solitude,even in company: not ‘aloneness’, and without the need to project any disparate parts of the self upon the world.

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

I most often feel “at one” with the world ~ I tend to accept the “what is.”

No matter how much we shake our fist at the sky, we won’t stop the rain from falling. Instead, we must learn to dance (and sing) in the rain. 😀

Loreen Lee - April 23, 2011

Dear Time Out Box:
Don’t expect you to post these, but I’m wondering if you understood my last submission. It was not about being ‘at one’ with the world, but being ‘at one’ with ‘oneself’. Perhaps you don’t credit there being a difference. But I think the quest not to have a ‘divided conscience’, or ‘disparate parts to the self’ is a primary preparation for the inevitable encounters with ‘adversity’ within the world.

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

I see unity consciousness as one and the same. When I am “at one” with the world, I am at peace with everything in it . . . including myself.

8. klassikurvz - April 22, 2011

I love his contemplative posture.

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Meditative majesty. 😀

9. frizztext - April 22, 2011
nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Nice shot.

10. oldancestor - April 22, 2011

I don’t feel at one with the world, just a small part of it.

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Some days, all feels right with the world . . . other days, not so much. 😉

11. hugmamma - April 22, 2011

wow! that’s an amazing photo. great inspiration for a short story. 🙂

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

If you write a short story from it, be sure and let me know.

12. Piglet in Portugal - April 22, 2011

Looks like its taking a moment to reflect :)Great interpretation of “one”

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Thanks, PiP! I agree ~ a moment to pause and reflect. Maybe while saying Grace:

For this bounty, which I’m about to receive . . . 😉

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14. Tilly Bud - April 22, 2011

Excuse my ignorance (born & bred town dweller): what bird is it?

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

It’s a hawk. Perhaps a juvenile red-tailed hawk:


Tilly Bud - April 22, 2011

Wow, what a fabulous pic.


nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Gorgeous bird who visited every day for about a week ~ landing right outside my office window. 😀

15. Tilly Bud - April 22, 2011

You are so lucky!

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

I’m hoping the birds and otters still visit after the Australian Pines are cut down.

16. gospelwriter - April 22, 2011

Awesome! I came across one not long ago in a front yard I was passing – it had a bird in its claws. When I came closer it got nervous, firmed its hold and rose up in the air. The captive renewed its struggle (actually, I had been sure it was dead) and fell to the ground, flying and hopping over to the safety of a nearby parked car. I have to say, I had mixed feelings about the outcome… could feel for both.

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

I know just what you mean, Ruth. It’s easier for me to watch hawks and osprey catching frogs, mice, and fish. I don’t like to see them catching birds or bunnies.

17. souldipper - April 22, 2011

Good shot of a regal little fella, Nancy! I’m with you – it’s hard to accept all that nature puts under my nose. Including from a little black puss cat.

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

I understand and accept the workings of the food chain . . . but I prefer not to watch.

I could never be a nature photographer or videographer capturing a killer whale catching a baby seal ~ I would have to intervene. 😉

18. Tony McGurk - April 22, 2011

I love birds of prey, they are just so majestic looking. Beautiful photo

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Thanks, Tony. They are wonderful to watch ~ both in the air, and in quiet repose.

19. barb19 - April 22, 2011

Watching nature makes me feel “at one” with the world. Great shot Nancy!

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

I feel the same, Barb. Nothing makes me feel more connected to everything than being witness to the wonder of nature.

20. Penny - April 22, 2011

I like sometimes we feel as though we are all “One” in the world-and other times we feel like we are all “One”against the world. But, the beauty of nature-brings us all into tune for our thoughts of being “One” for those moments of serenity and beauty.

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Thanks, Penny. I agree. Nature reminds us to Be Here Now . . . where peace and happiness reside.

21. Carol Ann Hoel - April 22, 2011

I like the photo. I sometimes feel opposition, but rarely from people. I don’t feel alone. I am content with this season of my life. I love to listen to the mockingbirds that sing in the morning. Blessings to you, Nancy…

nrhatch - April 22, 2011

Thanks, Carol Ann. Me too . . . I am content, most of the time.

Today, I felt a bit disconnected. Too many “balls in the air” at once, I expect.

22. kateshrewsday - April 23, 2011

BEAUTIFUL, Nancy! I love the picture and the sentiment. My mojo’s gone walkabout and somehow your post today has been unutterably comforting.

Thanks 🙂

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

Yes! That’s it! “My mojo’s gone walkabout.”

Lately, I’ve been a dumping ground for other people’s problems. Seems that each time I re-ignite my flame, it’s smothered again. 😦

Here’s to getting our mojo back!

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24. eof737 - April 23, 2011

Great shot there… and the bird posed well too. 🙂

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

Yes, I thought it was rather nice of him to sit still in such a lovely posture while I fumbled about.

25. Cindy - April 23, 2011

Very nice photo, Nancy.

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

Thanks, Cin. I wonder what a more sophisticated photographer could do here ~ with such glorious subjects.

26. Booksphotographsandartwork - April 23, 2011

oooooooooo that is wonderful. how magestic!

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

I delighted to make his acquaintance. 😀

27. flyinggma - April 23, 2011

Love the photo, he or she is a grand bird! Thanks for sharing. I love the quote about singing 🙂 and will always remember you breaking into song on the island.

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

Thanks, Jeanne! Singing, like laughing, is good for what ails us. 😀

28. Tammy McLeod - April 23, 2011

Beautiful photo. Is that a hawk or a falcon or something else? I have a falcon that visits my office window and I just love him. As far as being One, when I’m in meditation or doing tai chi, clearly one.

nrhatch - April 23, 2011

From the photos I checked, a hawk, possibly a red-tailed hawk, or a red-shouldered hawk.

Meditation ties me back in to the source too. Ommm . . .

29. Connie T - April 24, 2011

You captured his well. Nice One photo..

nrhatch - April 24, 2011

Thanks, Connie. Loved the challenge this week ~ One represents the Unity of all.

30. Tokeloshe - April 27, 2011

Taking a photo like that makes me feel at one with the world.

nrhatch - April 27, 2011

I agree! Thanks, Tok.

31. Zura - April 28, 2011

I often feel I am at one with the world, as I am the part of itself… Even though it’s a very very tiny part… 🙂

Nice bird… 😉

nrhatch - April 28, 2011

One drop in the ocean . . . is still part of the sea.

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