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World’s Oldest Blog Turns 250 April 17, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Charles Darwin

The Anvil, one of my favorite blogs (when I’m in the mood for sardonic laughter, satire, and witty wit), is celebrating its 250th Anniversary (after one year on WordPress).

For 250 years, The Anvil’s hard-hitting journalism has amazed and amused its readers:

1793 – Eli Whitney invents cotton gin; next 220 years of 5th graders don’t care.

1953 – DNA discovered; Chimps embarrassed that humans are closest relative.

1967 – Roman pagans sue NASA to stop calling rocket ‘Saturn’ V; ‘It’s offensive.’

1969 – Greek pagans sue NASA to stop calling mission ‘Apollo’ 11; ‘It’s offensive.’

1974 – Norse pagans sue NASA to stop calling Mars Landers ‘Viking’ 1& 2; ‘It’s offensive.’

My sole complaint about The Anvil’s far-reaching historic coverage of inanities and oddities is that, as a heathen, I feel marginalized by The Anvil’s single-minded focus on pagans.

It’s offensive.

World’s oldest blog turns 250

NEW JERSEY – The world’s OB (original blog), The Anvil, turns 250 years old this weekend, a span of time that saw vast improvements in broadband speed as well as the death of Bub, the world’s oldest tortoise.

Regretfully, the first 249 years of Anvil archives are lost due to a combination of the British burning our offices during the War of 1812, numerous FBI subpoenas, and … Read More


When you get a chance, swing by and wish The Anvil and its Editor-in-Chief (depicted at top right) many happy returns of the day.

Try not to be offensive.

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Living Green Tip ~ Harvesting the Sun April 17, 2011

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FPL’s Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center is now up and running — and making global history in the process:

For the first time, large-scale solar generation is working in tandem with a natural gas power plant. Harnessing free fuel from the sun’s rays, this cutting-edge technology enables us to “take our foot off the gas” when the sun is shining, preventing the consumption of more than 30 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 600,000 barrels of oil over its working life.

To see how it works:  FP&L Martin County Solar Energy Center


Project Facts:

* Construction began in December 2008 and was completed 2010.

* It’s the first hybrid solar facility in the world to connect to an existing combined-cycle power plant.

* At 75 megawatts, the Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center is the largest solar thermal plant outside of California.

* Annual estimated generation will be about 155,000 megawatt-hours or enough power to serve about 11,000 homes.

* Located at FPL’s Martin Plant near Indiantown, Fla.

Go Green!

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?

Have you noticed any promising signs for the Greening of America?  Do you any plans for Earth Day?

If you want to learn about Energy Saving Tips for your home: Save Energy 

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Bottle Boat Regatta April 17, 2011

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Yesterday, we attended the Bottle Boat Regatta on the Palma Sola Causeway.

The event is wet, wild, and full of surprising twists, turns, and bottle-necks.

Teams builds boats that float on plastic bottles with paddles for propulsion.

The good-natured crowd cheers their favorite teams from the “sidelines.”

The top two teams tied . . . and donated the $500 prize to Shriner’s Hospital.

That’s the spirit!