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Thanks, Eliz! April 15, 2011

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Elizabeth, an inspired and inspiring writer, features  other bloggers on Mirth and Motivation each week.

Today’s featured blogger is . . . ME!

Reading through her overly-generous introduction made my day.

Here’s why:

* At different points in our lives, we come across people who make us sit up, listen and then applaud because they bring an incisive wit and brilliance to every conversation; and they do it without compunction. If you’ve read  Nancy’s blog, Spirit Lights The Way, you will understand what I mean.

* From the first day I connected with Nancy in the blogosphere, I knew I was connecting with a woman of great substance, an indomitable spirit, and a golden heart.

* As Nancy’s many blogging buddies would attest to, when Nancy is on your side, she’ll climb Mount Everest to support you, comment on your blog, rib you and even challenge you to push through the BS.

* If you’re a blog buddy, you are blessed; she never misses a post and she always leaves a comment . . . She’s fun and funny; that’s our Nancy.

* Freedom, in all its permutations, matters to Nancy and when she took up the personal challenge to become a freelance writer, move to Florida and live her best life, she put her heart and soul into it and it shows in her writings and her commitment to her craft.

* Nancy is a prolific published writer/blogger, has lived a rich and varied life, and, I am convinced, she rarely sleeps.   The other night, I was editing a post, it was close to 1:00am and I see a ping from Nancy’s blog and then a comment.  While this might not seem like much, just take a look at her blog buddy blogroll list, she does this regularly for us all.

The best thing about blogging is being exposed to ideas from around the world, instead of just “around the corner.” 

It’s been great meeting Eliz and following her blog.

If you’d like to be a featured blogger on Mirth and Motivation (and who wouldn’t?!), visit Eliz today, subscribe to her blog, join her weekly blog hop, and let her know that being featured would make YOUR day, as it has mine. 

Thanks, Eliz!  You rock!

No rules.  Just write! 

That Reminds Me . . . April 15, 2011

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In honor of Paula’s MILESTONE (3 score!) Birthday . . .

This is an Ode (of sorts) ~ a poet, I am not
It’s about PTC and the “gift of gab” she got
Oh, “PTC”? Hmm . . . How should I explain?
When Paula is so colorful and words so very plain

PTC’s the label applied to Paula Tohline Calhoun
If you don’t already, you’ll get to know her soon
Make a comment below on ANY topic you choose
She’ll respond via her “That Reminds Me . . . ” muse

Song lyrics, politics, HERstory, or Trivia
Her muse has commentaria on every Activia
PTC’s muse rivals the Library of Congress stacks
And stands ever ready to share a “few fast facts”

Hmm . . . does that mesh with the gift of gab she got?
Fascinating facts? Yes. Fast and few? Probably not
But don’t take my word for it . . . that would be naive
The proof is in the pudding ~ you must taste it to believe

Post a comment or anecdote in the handy box below
Paula’s “That Reminds Me . . . ” muse will hunt high and low
For “just the thing” to share through the gift of gab she got
Wise?  Yes.  Amusing?  Of course.  Circumscribed?  . . . Probably not.

Happy Birthday, Paula!!!

Have a memory making, birthday caking, age faking and picture taking kind of day filled with . . .


Ooh . . . one more thing.

After wishing PTC a Happy Birthday, swing by Mirth and Motivation and check out today’s featured blogger . . . ME!

First published:  Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror (12/11/10)