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The Just ONE Thing Challenge April 14, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Humor, Life Balance.
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Well, I’m making progress with my Just One Thing challenge, but . . . One Thing often turns into Another Thing.

By way of example, I updated my antiquated list of account passwords.  Rather than just re-writing the list, which would have taken less than an hour, I tested each account for access and updated my profile on each site.   

Tedious is an understatement.

After updating the list of passwords, I realized that we should store a copy  “off site” in a secure location “just in case.” 

Before running the list over to our safe deposit box, I decided to make copies of the front and back of credit cards and driver’s licenses to put in the box for safe keeping.

That made me realize that I need to update our Family Record which lists  accounts, credit cards, insurance, doctors, etc.

That made me realize . . .

Well, you get the point.   Crossing one item off my “To Do” list resulted in six more to do’s on the list.

At this rate, instead of completing the list by the end of April, I should complete my list by the end of May . . .  


2016 . . . if the trade winds are favorable. 

No rules.  Just write!

What say you?  Do you find it frustrating when one thing leads to another?  

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