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Security Incident (via WordPress.com) April 13, 2011

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Just wanted to make sure all of you who blog on WordPress saw this . . .

Tough note to communicate today: Automattic had a low-level (root) break-in to several of our servers, and potentially anything on those servers could have been revealed.

We have been diligently reviewing logs and records about the break-in to determine the extent of the information exposed, and re-securing avenues used to gain access. We presume our source code was exposed and copied. While much of our code is Open Source, there are sensitive bi … Read More

via WordPress.com News

Matt’s advice from the article:

Based on what we’ve found, we don’t have any specific suggestions for our users beyond reiterating these security fundamentals:

Use a strong password, meaning something random with numbers and punctuation.

Use different passwords for different sites.

If you have used the same password on different sites, switch it to something more secure.

(Tools like 1Password, LastPass, and KeePass make it easy to keep track of different unique logins.)

I did change my WP password and also changed similar passwords used on other sites.  You might want to do the same.

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But they’re guests in our home . . . April 13, 2011

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When we entertain guests, BFF wants me to be on my best behavior . . . no matter what, admonishing me to bite my tongue and avoid biting remarks by saying: 

But they’re guests in our home!

When we visit others, BFF wants me to be on my best behavior . . . no matter what, admonishing me to bite my tongue and avoid biting remarks by saying: 

But we’re guests in their home!

When we are out and about, BFF wants me to be on my best behavior . . . no matter what, admonishing me to stop dancing in the supermarket aisles  whilst singing show tunes, by saying: 

But we’re in public!

While I agree that some degree of decorum makes sense in ALL our interactions with others, I don’t agree that I need to be the one who bites my tongue while allowing others free rein to express their opinions, no matter how ignorant those opinions may be. 

This issue arises most often when Guest A or Host B says something with which I strongly disagree:

Women belong in the bedroom, not the boardroom. 

BFF (being non-confrontational) would prefer that I say nothing in response to such an idiotic statement.  I have found, through trial and error, that Guest A or Host B will take silence as acquiescence and keep marching down the road with great vigor:

* Men are masters of their domain and all decisions should be left in their capable hands.

* Women have insufficient logic and intellect to make life decisions for themselves.

* Men should never have to do “women’s work.” 

* If a wife is sick, she should arrange in advance for someone to take over her housekeeping responsibilities. 

* Women should speak only when spoken to, and should always defer their needs for the good of their mate. 

* A wife’s obligation includes having sex wherever and whenever her husband (i.e., lord and master) requests.  

* If a woman doesn’t consent and submit willingly, her husband should be permitted to force her to comply with his sexual demands.

Since I don’t want conversations to get to the point that Guest A or Host B is trying to persuade me that a husband should be able to rape his wife with impunity, I try to nip such inane arguments in the bud. 

That makes BFF uncomfortable.

Not because he agrees with sexist statements like this.  He doesn’t.  But he feels that I should bite my tongue because they are guests in our home, or because we are guests in theirs.

I disagree. 

People are entitled to their opinions, no matter how ignorant, but I do NOT have to suffer their ignorance in silence just because they’re in our home . . . or we’re in theirs.   

If I have to curb my enthusiasm in their home . . . they should curb their enthusiasm in mine.   And vice versa.  

At least, that’s my view.

No rules.  Just write!

What say you?  

When someone makes a racist or sexist or abusive remark, denigrating an entire class or race of people, do you feel that good manners require you to keep your disagreement to yourself?  Or would you counter the statement with a more “enlightened” view of the world?

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