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Jail Wall Street Crooks! April 4, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Books & Movies, Sustainable Living.

Wikipedia ~ Wall St. (in Public Domain)

Greedy bankers are running amok on Wall Street and running this country (and the global economy) into the ground.

Dishonest financiers, who took home multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses for ripping off the American people, put  politicians in office.

Politicians pay them back by granting them key political appointments ~ effectively  putting sly foxes in charge of regulating and overseeing our investments in chicken coops and hen houses.

For a sobering and disturbing look at the dishonesty and greed that led to the 2008 global recession, watch Inside Job:

From filmmaker Charles Ferguson comes this sobering, Oscar-winning documentary that presents in comprehensive yet cogent detail the pervasive and deep-rooted corruption that led to the global economic meltdown of 2008.

Through unflinching interviews with key financial insiders, politicos, journalists and academics, Ferguson paints a galling portrait of an unfettered financial system run amok ~ without accountability.

Actor Matt Damon narrates.

Watching the film amply illustrates that both parties, Republicans and Democrats, have facilitated the take-over of government by investment bankers.

To date, those responsible for the collapse of the sub-prime mortgages have not been prosecuted for fraud.  Instead, Obama put them in charge of the Federal Reserve and appointed them as his financial advisors.

While answering many questions, the film leaves unanswered one of the most pressing:

* What do we do now?

Answer:  Take back our democracy from the corporations.

 Here’s how:

(1) Call your state’s Attorney General and tell him or her to stand up to the Big Banks.

Here’s why:

The Obama administration and federal banking regulators are pushing state attorneys general to accept a settlement with the major mortgage firms that would impose no criminal penalties for breaking the law.

If we let that happen, we send the message to giant financial firms that it’s okay to rip off millions of people and make obscene amounts of money doing so. Civil penalties will simply be part of the cost doing business, the law be damned.

To find the phone number for your state’s AG office:  Make The Call!

(2) Visit The Story of Citizens United vs. FEC.


1. carldagostino - April 4, 2011

I am so incensed I rage about this. No prosecutions? It is an outrage. The have looted the pensions of millions, exported the money and get bonuses. I think they should be tried under the Patriot Act because they have committed grand theft and committed economic treason against American citizens. The have hurt this country beyond what all the terrorists could hope for.Dillon Radigan rails against them every day at 5 PM EST on MSNBC

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

I called Pam Bondi’s office today to tell her NOT to settle with the Big Banks. If you want to call her office: 850/414-3300.

It’s time for us to reclaim America and put these CROOKS behind bars.

2. 1959duke - April 4, 2011

The big banks are an interesting lot they are. They run their companies into the ground, run to the government ( taxpayers) to bail them out then give themselevs a big bonus at the end of the year. I am no fan of the big banks (to put it midly) but when do the Americans who took financial risk they knew they couldn’t handle get held accountable for thier actions also. As the saying goes” there’s even blame for everyone”.

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

Watch the Inside Job, Duke. It’s an eye opener. 😦

3. PiP - April 4, 2011

Good luck with your quest!

In the UK the politicians protect the bankers who pay themselves obscene bonuses while the working man is told to tighten their belts! Pension pots are being squeezed and they are now talking about raising retirement age, yet again!

Those responsible for the sub-prime farce need stringing up.

Good luck…I will add to twitter…and ask for retweets.

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

Thanks, PiP! The more the merrier . . . especially for mob lynchings. 😀

4. Tilly Bud - April 4, 2011

I wonder how many people will mean to act but never get around to it? It’s human nature to let it be someone else’s problem.

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

That’s why I included the “Make The Call!” link . . .

All people have to do is click on the link, get the number for their state’s AG office and CALL. We need to wrest control back before this ship sinks even further into the abyss.

5. souldipper - April 4, 2011

Nancy, good for you for taking this action. This abuse of power has long needed exposure. This nudge, nudge, wink, wink behaviour has been protected far too long. Thank goodness for better visibility. This, folks, is not acceptable. Never has been.

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

I agree. Each year, it gets worse instead of better. Time for change.

6. Rosa - April 4, 2011

Thank you for this post, Nancy! “Civil penalties will simply be part of the cost doing business, the law be damned.” I say, Crooks be damned! I’m going to watch ‘Inside Job!’

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

It’s an incredible movie.

7. SuziCate - April 4, 2011

It is an outrage. Thank you for having the courage to post what so few people want to see…they’d rather close their eyes to truth.

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

I debated whether or not to put Inside Job on my Netflix queue. I’m glad I did. I have a much clearer understanding of just how Wall Street milked the country and then requested a bailout.

Now . . . it’s time to FIGHT BACK.

8. Carol Ann Hoel - April 4, 2011

This was a very interesting presentation. I can see how this concept of a corporation being classified as an individual (been this way a long time)could have the unhealthy effect on our democracy as shown in the video. The Supreme Court never fails to amaze me. Duh! We have created monsters, and now we give them their rights as though they were people! I have passed this on to my brother. I am interested to see what he has to say. I feel that I should do something, but, honestly, I wonder if it will do any good. Blessings to you, Nancy…

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

Thanks for sharing it with your brother, Carol Ann. At times, I also wonder whether we have time to turn the situation around . . . or whether it’s already too late to put out the fires. 😦

Carol Ann Hoel - April 5, 2011

I agree. I hope it’s not too late. We are a long way into never never land to jump right out. Still. We ought to jump, I guess. I feel a little helpless. Your post shed some light. Thank you.

nrhatch - April 5, 2011

Maybe as we grow in awareness of what’s going on in DC and on Wall Street, we’ll start picturing and creating the change that we want to see.

9. oldancestor - April 4, 2011

This country is becoming a plutocracy.

I’ve been voting third party in recent elections. If enough people do that, we can get some other folks in there.

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

Same here. But big corporations put money in both the Republican and Democrat candidate’s pockets ~ allowing them to claim the airwaves before the elections. Third party candidates have a difficult time getting our attention.

10. jeanne - April 4, 2011

Count me in and on board!

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

Thanks, Jeanne. It felt good to “Make The Call!” today. I’d love to see our state’s AG put a few of the responsible parties behind bars AND order restitution.

11. adeeyoyo - April 4, 2011

What is happening to our world, Nancy? I posted the following last year. At that stage I thought maybe people would wake up, but no such luck!


nrhatch - April 5, 2011

Loved it. That pig, like many on Wall Street, is a greedy hog! 😦

12. viewfromtheside - April 4, 2011

it all begins with politicians being allowed to take ‘contributions’ from them. make every political party and politician have to declare every contribution and make NONE of them tax-deductable. a watchdog committee who track and trace them, a convistion means you may take no part in public life ever again would make them fear this.

let the voters vote on bills that mean spending tax money on private companies.
but then at this stage, the collapse of major banks may have even wider effects on the exonomy for you.

of course government bail-outs should come with a no-bonus condition for all executives for a 5 year period.

nrhatch - April 5, 2011

Great ideas, Sidey.

Let me add one more: All bonuses for the preceding 3 years before the bailout must be paid back!

Tonight, I saw that Obama is expected to raise $1 Billion dollars for his campaign ~ all from large scale contributors. How revolting.

Let’s Revolt!!!

13. Cindy - April 4, 2011

The bloody buggers, same all over the world 😦

nrhatch - April 5, 2011

It’s not just American businessmen these days, but I fear they “paved the way.”

14. eof737 - April 5, 2011

A sad tale and one that makes our blood boil. Meanwhile 14+ million people have no jobs and many others have lost homes…. Unconscionable comes to mind but even that is an insufficient description of the atrocities…. Urgh!

nrhatch - April 5, 2011

And you have to wonder WHY Obama wants state AG’s offices to look the other way . . .

Maybe he’s counting on BIG campaign contributions from the CROOKS?

15. Booksphotographsandartwork - April 6, 2011

Thanks for this important information Nancy.

nrhatch - April 6, 2011

You’re welcome. Some good news from D.C. today ~ the Senate vote to gut the Clean Air Act failed to pass. Yay!

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