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Tropical Tones & Hues April 3, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Nature, Poetry.


Colors swirl and mix
in tropical tones and hues
near the turquoise gulf


“Banana Patch” and “Moonlight” by Rita Van Gorder ~ Purchase Information

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1. Cindy - April 3, 2011

Pretty words, what vibrant paintings!

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

Rita paints on silk . . . with the most vibrant colors under the rainbow. We met her at an Art Show on the Island about 2 weeks ago.

“She comes out of the sun in a silk dress, running like a watercolor in the rain . . .”

2. souldipper - April 3, 2011

Great to see an artist who has the courage to really use color. On silk, no less! Double delicious!

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

Her originals on silk take our breath away.

After wandering through the entire art show, I asked BFF “if you could have one painting for FREE, which would it be?”

He thought a moment before selecting this artist, Rita Van Gorder, the same artist I would have chosen that day. 😀

3. Piglet in Portugal - April 3, 2011

The artist is very talented; the colours are stunning! It’s raining here today I think I am going to dig out my paints!!


nrhatch - April 3, 2011

That sounds like a grand idea. I have not painted enough lately. Maybe I need a better balance between writing and other creative endeavors.

4. eof737 - April 3, 2011

Beautiful Nancy. I love those bright and upbeat tropical colors. How delightful. I take it these are for sale right? Lovely… 🙂

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

Yes, click on the link below the 2nd painting and you’ll be taken to her website. Her work is so delicious and cheerful.

5. Tilly Bud - April 3, 2011

What a cheerful post for a dull Sunday morning! Thanks 🙂

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

You’re welcome! I love paintings with deep rich bright hues that give you friendly W~I~N~K!

6. viewfromtheside - April 3, 2011

how beautiful, silk takes the most stunning colours

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

I love EVERY painting on her site. 😀

7. Tammy McLeod - April 3, 2011

Those are just beautiful. You should se how this post looks on my new iPad – the interface is fabulous and the colors amazing! And, it’s National Poetry Month so thank you.

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

Rita does beautiful work ~ seeing her original artwork from a foot away . . . WOW!

National Poetry Month, eh? Maybe I’ll have to do a few more poems this month.

Thanks, Tammy

8. Baxter Bunny - April 3, 2011

very nice art work. I love the rich colors especially after this long winter in Brooklyn. I need more vibrant colors on my walls at home.

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

I love artwork that “pops” out from white or ivory walls.

9. Tokeloshe - April 3, 2011

Love it!

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

I thought you might, Toke!

10. flyinggma - April 3, 2011

The silk paintings are absolutely beautiful and your words as well. Thanks for sharing both.
Blessings, Jeanne

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

Thanks, Jeanne! I expected with your eye for design and color that these might appeal to your inner artist.

11. libraryscene - April 3, 2011

bravo, brilliant haiku in both word and colour! I discovered a children’s book today at work that has same type of illustrations, simply beautiful!

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

Thanks, LS!

I love Rita’s work. I would love to have any of her paintings on display on our walls. 😀

12. barb19 - April 3, 2011

These are stunning, the colours are so vibrant!

nrhatch - April 3, 2011

When you have a chance, click on the link below the bottom photo and check out Rita’s website.

All her work is equally stunning.

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14. oldancestor - April 4, 2011

That woke up my eyes. Thanks. Looking at a lot of black and white text all day…

I wonder if Rita is inspired by Gauguin, given the tropicl, decorative quality.

Thanks for sharing.

nrhatch - April 4, 2011

It’s nice eye candy, isn’t it?

She paints tropical settings by imaging where she’d love to live . . . with porch hammocks and colorful swaying palms.

15. linda - April 4, 2011

The names of the paintings sound like fun in a great place.

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