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Selection vs. Rejection ~> Dejection? March 24, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Writing & Writers.
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Every time we put ourselves “out there,” there’s a risk we won’t be selected.

Whether we’re running for office, applying for a job, entering a contest, submitting a manuscript for consideration, or even tossing out what we perceive to be an amusing anecdote or cerebral comment at a cocktail party, we may be rejected by our peers.

We often have little control over the natural selection/rejection process inherent in life ~ what we are offering may not be what they are looking for at that moment in time.

What we can control is our response to the process: 

* When we are selected, we can puff out our chests and scream, “I won! I won!  I won!” . . .  or we can take  “the selection”  in stride. 

* When we are not selected, and are left standing on the sidelines, we can collapse into a puddle of tears and sigh, “Why did I bother?” . . . or we can take “the rejection” in stride.    

Rejection, on reflection, need not lead to dejection.  Sometimes we lose when we win . . . and sometimes we win when we lose.

How we choose to relate to the issue IS the issue.

Back Stage Pass did not get selected as one of 20 semi-finalists in the Show Me Your Voice Contest.   I am not dejected by “the rejection.”  

Just the opposite . . . 

Instead of burning the midnight oil to make every word in the first twenty pages shine between now and Monday when the top 3 finalists are announced, I can relax and enjoy my weekend with BFF.    

Congratulations, Julie ~ Good Luck to you and the other 19 semi-finalists!

For those left standing on the sidelines, repeat after me:  I was in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time.

No rules.  Just write!