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Photo Challenge: Spring March 19, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Art & Photography, Nature.
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And Sydney . . .




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Deception & Self-Deception March 19, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Mindfulness, Spirit & Ego.
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Ego is a master of deception and self-deception.

Ego creates illusions and persuades us that we are “under attack.”

Ego urges us to defend ourselves from imagined slights, no matter the cost.

When Ego gets defensive . . . we become offensive. 

Even when Ego’s posturing and puffing are outweighed by logic and reason, Ego stands its ground ~ insisting on its “rightness” and the “wrongness” of others.

Ego has to have “the last word.”

Instead of reading and treading carefully to evaluate ALL pertinent facts and information, Ego picks and chooses select tidbits to substantiate its skewed perception of and perspective on the world.

Ego wears blinders and selectively ignores facts which would encourage and persuade open-minded rational individuals to re-evaluate situations and hastily drawn conclusions.

Donald-Duck-MadEgo prefers to rely on irrelevant information and ad hominem attacks filled with smoke and mirrors, including fallacious insults that have nothing to do with the logical merits of the opponent’s arguments or assertions.

Ego ignores “common sense” to embrace nonsense.

Ego’s desire to be right at all costs alienates others.  When people see Ego coming, chest puffed out with know-it-all-ness, they pull down the blinds, turn off the lights, and lock the doors to keep Ego out.

Ego is not a people pleaser unless Ego wants something.  Then, Ego can be charming and obsequious ~ offering up compliments (and fake and phony apologies) designed to feed the egos of others and catch them off-guard.

Ego’s pretense mirrors that of the Big Bad Wolf wearing  grandma’s bedclothes and nightcap to fool Little Red Riding Hood.  But Ego, like the wolf, can’t hide its true nature:

Why grandma . . . what big teeth you have! “

Ego uses deception and illusion to fool others, and self-deception to fool us.

Ego stands its ground
Insisting “I’m right!” with might
Blinders block its view

When Ego wins, we lose.

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?  Do you think Ego adds to our happiness. . . or detracts from it?  Have you ever told your Ego to take a hike?

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