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25 Simple Ways To Enjoy The Journey March 6, 2011

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Broccoli-Mocking-Stewie1. Choose your focus. If you choose angry, judgmental thoughts, you will make yourself miserable. Choose peaceful, happy thoughts and you will be peaceful and happy.

2. Realize that you are in control and can let go of any mental baggage that is not adding to your happiness.

3. Choose to have a great day, every day.

4. Start each morning by affirming that it will be a Marvelous Monday . . . Tiggerrific Tuesday . . . Wonderful Wednesday . . . Tremendous Thursday . . . Fabulous Friday . . . Super Saturday . . . Spectacular Sunday.

Eeyore-Sitting5. Get rid of anything in your life that is not adding to your happiness ~ especially your negative thoughts.

6. Let go of past hurts and frustrations. They only have the meaning that you choose to assign to them.

7. Let go of the ego, fear-based orientation that has made you miserable.

8. Choose happiness ~ right here, right now.

9. Chances are that nothing is getting in the way of your happiness . . . except your own ego-oriented thoughts.

10. Joy is never in things (or other people), it is in us!

11. Find something to be happy about. Positive thoughts neutralize negative thoughts and allow us to heal.

Donald-Duck-Baseball12. Prefer peace and happiness to being right.

13. Accept the “what is.” If there is no darkness, you cannot be the light.

14. Infuse your thoughts with gratitude. Remind yourself of all the wondrous and wonderful things in life.

15. Use affirmations to acknowledge the direction you are heading ~ “claim what isn’t, as if it were, until it becomes.” A few examples: Money comes easily and frequently into my life. I love where I live. Life flows easily. I am no longer stressed with imaginings. I have all the time that I need.

16. Make room for stuff that you LOVE . . . stuff that makes you feel GREAT.

17. If you have something lying around that brings you down every time you look at, because it is infused with sad, stale memories ~ give it away.

Tiggers-R-Us18. Share what you’ve learned. We are ALL here to be happy. As you find your own happiness increasing, teach others what you’ve learned so that they can grow in happiness as well.

19. Share your inner joy with the world.

20. Choose to be the “best you” that you can be.

21. Every day, make an effort to choose the high road and, eventually, if you are lucky, the low road will disappear from view.

Tigger-Pogo22. Let your Spirit Shine! Feel your inner radiance. Stop lurking in the shadows. Stop holding yourself back. Be the who you really are, the who you are meant to be.

23. Do everything with Joy. Cook dinner with Joy. Bathe the kids with Joy. Exercise with Joy. Eat with Joy. Write letters with Joy. Pay the bills with Joy.

24. Feed your spirit daily, and let your ego’s control fade away. Listen to classical music, or paint, or play an instrument, or sing, or dance ~ creative endeavors fuel the spirit.

Mickey-In-Hammock25. Meditate. As you go within, and listen to the still silent spaces, you are in the here and now. And you find eternity in every moment.

You are on a great journey. The journey is in the Here and Now. Keep coming back to it. Dance and sing and play. Pretend, imagine and create.

Have fun with your life. You are more powerful than you imagined.

No rules. Just write!

What about you?  What Simple Ways do you use to promote Inner Peace?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows March 6, 2011

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Encouraged by brilliant sunlight and fertile soil, we germinate.

We blossom and reach out, expanding our depth and our breadth, to explore the world around us.

Sheltered by shade, our fruit matures in shallow mid-day shadows.

* * * * *

Quote:  Probably the happiest period in life is in middle age, when the eager passions of youth are cooled, and the infirmities of age not yet begun; as we see that the shadows, which are at morning and evening so large, almost entirely disappear at midday.  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Prompt:  WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Shadows