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7 Ways WordPress Rocks February 16, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor, Writing & Writers.
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170px-alice_par_john_tenniel_30Milestones (anniversaries, birthdays, goals) remind us to take a peek over our shoulders to see our footsteps in the sand . . . to gauge our progress and to ensure we’re headed in the right direction.

“It doesn’t really matter how fast you’re going if you’re heading in the wrong direction.” ~ Stephen Covey

Next week, Spirit Lights The Way celebrates one year in the blogosphere.


Time to take a retrospective glance at how the path has unfolded.

The first decision bloggers must make is the choice of host.  I joined WordPress last February not knowing much about available options.

Since then, I’ve visited bloggers writing on BlogSpot, LetterDash, and other sites.  Each time, I’ve found something that seemed off-putting ~ including the difficulty that visitors have just leaving a comment.

On some sites, every comment is viewed with such suspicion that bomb-sniffing dogs must examine your private parts before you can say, “I was here.”

It’s exhausting to type a comment, press submit, prove who you are, press submit, give more information, press submit, type in characters chosen for indecipherability, and press submit . . . again.

Who wants to write on a site where the bouncers at the door keep all but the most intrepid from supporting and applauding our efforts?  Not me!

After a year in the blogosphere, I’ve decided that WordPress Rocks!  Here are seven reasons why:

7.  Better Bouncers.  On WordPress, we decide who gets ID’d at the door and the level of security we want for comments.  We can moderate every comment before it’s posted, or just comments from new visitors.  We can ask WordPress to hold comments with one link . . . or a multitude of links.

6.  Get out!  The SPAM filter catches titillating ads for sexual enhancement products so that readers don’t get . . . um . . . sidetracked from reading and commenting on our posts.

5.  Just Do It!  The PostADay/PostAWeek Challenges encourage and motivate bloggers languishing on the sidelines to stretch their writing muscles on a daily/ weekly basis.

4.  Catch!  The Daily Press prompts tossed out by Scott Berkun help us  access our innate creativity by considering questions we often think about, even if we’ve never coalesced those thoughts into a meaningful mass.

3.  Say Cheese!  The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge reminds us to see the world anew, to keep our eyes open, and to share what we observe with others.

2.  Tag!  You’re It!  In addition to linking blogs via Tags, WordPress uses Freshly Pressed to highlight posts which will resonate with other bloggers.

Being Freshly Pressed is a wild and crazy roller coaster of a ride!

1.  You!  Thanks for visiting Spirit Lights The Way, sharing your thoughts, making me laugh, and inviting me around to your enticing blogs.  If I haven’t left a comment, it might be because you’re not on WordPress . . . yet!

Here’s to Flying With WordPress . . . while Spirit Lights The Way!

This just in . . . Showcase: 10 Themed Blogs That Rock (The Daily Post) ~ one more way that WordPress Rocks!

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