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Valentino’s on Valentine’s February 15, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor, Life Balance.

IMGP1216bIn 27 years of marriage, we’ve dined out once on Valentine’s Day.  Why only once?

Simple.  The experience did not bear repeating.

Blowing snow and frigid February temps made travel to and from our favorite Italian eatery (aptly named Valentino’s) a chore and a bother.

Maneuvering over and around three-foot high snow drifts in high heels and stockings is challenging, unpleasant, and apt to lead to frostbite.

Or a trip to the emergency room.

Or both.

We chose Valentino’s, a lovely Italian bistro, that Valentine’s Day because  we had enjoyed the food, the ambiance, the service, and each other’s company on each previous visit.

Not so on Valentine’s Day.

Tables jammed together and jam-packed with other love-struck couples challenged our efforts to chat with each other, converse with our waiter, or hear the  music playing in the background.

Instead of a menu filled with favorite fare, Valentino’s  presented a “special” Valentine’s Day menu ~ limited choices offered at inflated prices.

Harried waiters hurried and scurried about, slapping plates of luke warm food down on tables with less than usual grace.

After dinner, we ordered coffee and dessert and sat waiting for close to an hour for their arrival.

While we waited, we decided . . . Never Again.

After Valentino’s on Valentine’s that year, we’ve enjoyed quiet togetherness at home instead of competing for attention at crowded restaurants.

A few favorite stay-at-home Valentine’s Day dinners involved ordering an Antipasto Platter and fresh rolls from Bertucci’s to enjoy fireside.

Candles glowing . . . Wine flowing . . . Romance growing . . . That’s Amore!

No rules.  Just write!

loveHow about you?  

Have your efforts at romance ever gone up in flames rather than igniting passion?

Has a favorite restaurant ever jacked up prices while ratcheting down service on a special occasions?

Have you ever had a meal out that made you wish you’d stayed in?

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