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Discovery, Endeavor, and Atlantis February 7, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Travel & Leisure.

The Space Shuttle program is . . . going . . . going . . . soon to be gone. 

Weather permitting the last three launches are scheduled as follows:

Discovery ~ February 24

Endeavor ~ April 19

Atlantis ~ June 28

From Florida Travel and Life, Space Shuttle Launch Countdown:

When – barring weather or technical holdups – the space shuttle Discovery lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center on February 24, a glorious and occasionally heartbreaking 30-year chapter in Florida history will be nearing to a close.

If you haven’t seen a launch up close, consider viewing one of these last calls (listed above).

The start of the 133rd and final shuttle mission of the STS-133 will be seen for miles around, but NASA usually offers a very limited number of tickets for prime KSC viewing locations, including the NASA Causeway, a scant six miles from launch pad 39A.

Good luck and Godspeed.

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7 Reasons to Press “Unsubscribe” February 7, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor, Writing & Writers.

In What Blogs Do You Read & Why?, we discussed why we read the blogs we follow ~ friendship, subject matter, quality writing, humor, honesty, and different perspectives all got high marks.

On a related note, have you ever unsubscribed to a blog after following it for a while?  If so, why?

I have unsubscribed from a few blogs over the past year, usually for one of these 7 reasons:

1.  Lack of Connection ~ The blog has gotten too big.  There are so many comments that the blogger no longer interacts in a meaningful way with his or her readers.  Readers share wonderful insights that sit, largely ignored, while the blogger is off doing something else entirely.

These bloggers are no longer “tending the store.” 

2.  Lack of Reciprocity ~ Unless I feel that a blog is so unique that I can’t get the same information anywhere else in the blogosphere (or in print publication), I get tired of reading, commenting, and supporting bloggers who don’t return the  favor by visiting SLTW . . . at least once in a while.

It’s like having a “friend” who only wants to talk about “me, me, me.” 

3.  Too much Ego ~ Bloggers who are busy promoting themselves and touting their self-proclaimed expertise, rather than sharing pertinent information with readers,  don’t hold my interest for long.  When I see a blogger  preening, primping, and parading in front of the cyber mirror, admiring past awards they’ve received, I find it distracting . . . and distressing.  Ack!

I am not willing to be witness to out of control narcissism. 

4.  Manipulation ~ When I see bloggers over-react to minor set-backs, while recounting them in excruciating detail, in order to gain sympathy and support from passers-by, I head straight for the exit sign.

If I want to watch Drama Queens in action, I’ll turn on Reality TV. 

250px-New_Orleans_City_of_Old_Romance_and_New_Opportunity_Crop_p_23_Moneybags5.  Entrance Fees ~ When a blogger  tells me that they are going to improve my life, if I press the “donate” button to the right or hire them for one-on-one consultations, I exit stage left.

I view blogging as a way to “give back”  and share what we’ve learned out of generosity and compassion.

If advertisers want to pay you to display their ads, fine by me.  If you want to sell your books and e-books from your site, go for it.  But if you ask me to PAY you for the “privilege” of reading your words, I’ll pass.

It’s a question of who is benefitting whom.

6.  Subject matter ~ I enjoy reading fresh, interesting perspectives presented in an engaging format.  Words that entertain me or make me laugh or teach me something new hold my attention.  Bloggers who insist on speaking when they have nothing to say cause me to lose interest.  Fast.  {{Yawn.}}  Been there.  Done that.

Don’t blog because you want to say something.  Blog because you have something to say. 

7.  Writing Quality ~ When the quality of the writing is poor, with ample evidence that the blogger is not bothering to proofread their words before posting, I seldom stick around . . . unless I adore the blogger’s personality.

An isolated typo is not a problem, but incomplete sentences and thoughts that bounce around from topic to topic like a kangaroo or pogo stick on steroids  cause me to {{BOING ~ BOING ~ BOING}} to the next blog on my reading list.

Reading blogs that make me dizzy gets tiring.

How about you?  What, if anything, causes you to press “Unsubscribe” or stop commenting on a blog?

Quote:  There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a [blog] and a tired man who wants a [blog] to read. ~ G.K. Chesterton

No rules.  Just write!

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