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Life is Short . . . Eat Dessert First January 29, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Happiness, Life Balance.

We rarely go out to eat these days.  And, if we do go out to eat, we almost never order dessert . . . too many calories, we’re too full, pressing time commitments, not healthy, etc.

Today, we decided to eat dessert first!

We went to Stonewood Grill mid-afternoon for dessert and coffee.

We ordered Chocolate Bread Pudding “cradled by a warm bourbon sauce then topped with Häagen-Dazs vanilla bean ice cream and a homemade chocolate crisp.”

But wait!  There’s more . . .

We also ordered chocolate fudge cake,  topped with vanilla bean ice cream, a fresh sliced strawberry, and a drizzle of chocolate.

We savored these two decadent desserts until, halfway done,  we decided to finish the ice cream and take the rest of the chocolate home.

Was it worth it?

Yes!  We enjoyed every delectable moment (and bite) of this rare-to-us  special occasion.  Life is good, but life is short.  Bad things happen . . .

Eat dessert first!

No rules.  Just write!

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1. duke1959 - January 29, 2011

Looks Great!

nrhatch - January 29, 2011

It was wonderful fun.

2. Paula Tohline Calhoun - January 29, 2011

Why on earth did you do this to me just after my Dr. has told me that because of the coming knee surgery I should lose another 15 pounds?? Thanks a heap, Nancy! Up to that point he told me not to, and now he has decided otherwise. My husband and friends cannot believe it. . .oh well.

But, you are right. Eat dessert frst. I actually do that on occasion – even when I was losing weight. I didn’t eat it first, I ate it only (as one meal!) It is, as you have said, absolutely worth every single glorious bite! God created chocolate, and I believe firmly that God meant for us to enjoy it! (Yeah, I know, in moderation, but sometimes I like to mention chocolate without the interference of the “M” word!)

nrhatch - January 29, 2011

I agree. Sometimes we just need to splurge by diving straight into a plate of chocolate.

Good luck shedding those pounds before the surgery. From your photos, it doesn’t really look like you have 15 pounds to lose.

3. Carol Ann Hoel - January 29, 2011

I love it! I’m going to do it! I can’t wait! My hubby just came in the room and asked me why I was smiling. Ha! Blessings to you, Nancy…

nrhatch - January 29, 2011

That’s awesome. You sound like a kid in a candy store. 😀
Go for it! And enjoy every bite.

BTW: I’m sitting here, grinning from ear to ear for you.

4. gospelwriter - January 29, 2011

Goodness! I don’t think I could eat all that, but I love the idea of eating dessert first (or only). Just sometimes… 🙂

nrhatch - January 29, 2011

We couldn’t eat it all either ~ we ended up bringing more than half of it home. But we couldn’t decide which of the two desserts to order, so we ordered one of each. 🙂

“Just sometimes” is the key. Thanks, Ruth.

5. jannatwrites - January 30, 2011

All of that chocolate looks SO good! I’m still stuffed from a family dinner at a restaurant, but if I had any of those plates in front of me, I would eat 🙂 (That would be reason #2 why I don’t order dessert – #1 is that they are too expensive!)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Calories don’t count if you just LOOK at them, do they??

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Not at all!

This really was a rare and delightful treat for us, but I think we may go out for dessert once a month. It was such a fun “date.”

6. Cindy - January 30, 2011

Oh yum, double yum!

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Our favorite? The bread pudding. Amazing confectionary concoction.

BFF didn’t think the bourbon sauce would appeal to him . . . he loved it.

7. Artswebshow - January 30, 2011

It’s important to treat yourself every once in a while.
Besides that dessert looks delicious

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

You’re right. The occasional splurge makes the daily grind more palatable.

8. Maggie - January 30, 2011

I’ve always wanted to go into a restaurant and have just dessert, for some of the same reasons you said – after a meal you’re too full and you kind of want to just get home. 🙂

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Keep it in mind to try sometime.

Everything was perfect ~ the restaurant decor, the jazz music, our waiter, the food. Simple pleasures are life treasures.

9. suzicate - January 30, 2011

An afternoon dessert and coffee sounds like a great idea. All that chocolate looks scrumptious! We went out with friends last night for sushi. We order a variety of rolls…all were good, problem is I can’t remember the names of them!

suzicate - January 30, 2011

Ha, I can’t remember the names of the sushi rolls not my friends names!!!

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Thanks for the clarification. Otherwise, we’d have thought . . . Suzi had too much Saki. 🙂

suzicate - January 30, 2011

Ha, Suzi usually gets saki, but had the godkids with us, so I refrained!

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

God parents should be good role models for their god kids. Good for you.

10. Sandra Lee - January 30, 2011

I loved this approach! I recently did the same with a Lilikoi Cheesecake and it was sublime. Thanks for the inspiration.

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Thanks, Sandra.

We can get so caught up with our “To Do” lists that we forget that life is an on-going journey to be savored ~ moment by moment and bite by bite. 😉

11. andalibmarks - January 30, 2011

Oh wow!! I’m going to go out and have some dessert RIGHT NOW!!!


nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Yay! Enjoy deliciousness whenever you can.

12. andalibmarks - January 30, 2011

Back again!!
I had some chocolate caramel ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake in the fridge. I say had because, I’m going to eat it right now!!

All I can say is ‘yum, yum’

Nancy, you give the most wonderful advice!!!


nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Thanks, Andi! With all your rock climbing and effervescence, I expect that you can handle a few more calories than I can these days.

But we all can add a bit of sweet delight to our days and nights.

13. viewfromtheside - January 30, 2011

eating a small dessert first is good. the sugar makes you quickly feel no longer hungry so you stop eating sooner.

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

I didn’t know that, but it makes sense. Thanks, Sidey.

Now, pass me a cookie, please. 😀

14. kateshrewsday - January 30, 2011

I guess it rings the changes!

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Change is inevitable. Dessert is optional . . . but worth it. 🙂

15. flyinggma - January 30, 2011

A friend of mine once told me if her Mom said “Keep your fork” it meant dessert was coming and worth staying at the dinner table when you were done with the meal.

She said some of her favorite family conversations were while they were waiting for the dessert to be brought to the table along with fresh coffee.

I’m with you on eating dessert first. We like to do as you did, order two different kinds and share. We often do that with appetizers as well. No meal, just appetizers and a beer.

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

We love to SHARE! And we often order off the appetizer menu, especially if the main menu is not vegetarian friendly.

Love the pause you describe after the meal while waiting for dessert to appear. There is something so pleasant about sitting around the table having dessert and coffee.

16. Booksphotographsandartwork - January 30, 2011

I just ate four giant chocolate chip muffins that I bought Friday. Wait, no I didn’t eat them right this minute. I should have said that I already ate them all! They were so good. I have a huge sweet tooth so you no my motto is eat dessert first! Especially if it involves chocolate.

nrhatch - January 30, 2011

Except for chocolate, most baked goods aren’t terribly tempting for me. But salty, crunchy snacks . . . watch out!

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