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A Glimpse Behind The Veil January 16, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness.
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Milk Fever alerted readers to some Mind Expanding Stuff yesterday. 

The article she referenced is worth a read through . . . although it will likely take at least two read throughs to stop gasping and start grasping the complex implications of the fascinating research by several unrelated scientists:

The Universe as a Hologram

The article, by Michael Talbot (1953-1992), outlines and summarizes research which supports my current thoughts on the Universal Internet ~ a web which connects each of us to all of us, allowing us to tap into the collective conscious, share telepathic information, read minds, develop intuitive knowingness, benefit from synchronicity, and become co-creators of the life of our dreams.

This is not the first time that I have read theories about the holographic nature of our Universe, but it is the first time I’ve seen the explanation  extended to our brains and how we store and retrieve memories:

 If the mind is actually part of a continuum, a labyrinth that is connected not only to every other mind that exists or has existed, but to every atom, organism, and region in the vastness of space and time itself, the fact that it is able to occasionally make forays into the labyrinth and have transpersonal experiences no longer seems so strange.

Talbot’s article and the research upon which it is based present a fascinating glimpse at possible explanations for the apparent miracles and mysteries which exist in this amazing Universe.

I just wish I’d stumbled into his two-decade old article two decades ago.  Where’s intuition when you need it?


One mind.  One muse.

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You Know You’ve . . . January 16, 2011

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Mickey-In-Hammock(1) You know you’ve . . .

Reached middle-age when you go to bed on Friday night earlier than you used to head out to the clubs, and you’re up Saturday morning about the time you used to get home.

“We should be dancin’ ~ yeah!”

(2) You know you’ve . . .

Stepped on toes when ruffled feathers fill the air.

Pillow fight, anyone?

(3) You know you’ve . . .

Grown in patience when you no longer take “de bait.”

Mickey-Surfer(4) You know you’ve . . .

Become more mindful when you see obstacles as opportunities, rather than as permanent impediments to happiness.

(5) You know you’ve . . .

Grown in acceptance when boulders become pebbles, easily tossed to the side of the path.

How about you?  What do you know now that you didn’t know then?

No rules.  Just write!

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