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Your Table of Contents January 11, 2011

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In writing a resume, the key is to write enough that potential employers want to meet you and ask you a few questions . . . but not so much that they could answer those questions themselves.

Think of it as your Table of Contents.

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Contest: Clouds (via Cloudy Mirror) January 11, 2011

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Clouds (album)

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To celebrate its one year anniversary, Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror is sponsoring a contest.

The theme of the contest is “Clouds.” 

Submit an essay, story, photograph, poem, painting, video, or song ~ whatever medium you wish to use ~ about the clouds (if any) in your life this past year. 

Other than the theme, there are no rules!

It’s clouds’ illusions I recall.  I really don’t know clouds, at all. ~ Joni Mitchell 

Three winning submissions will receive a prize ~ a signed and framed print of your choice from among Paula’s original photographs.  A gallery of photos will be made available to the winners. 

For all the details, including how to submit your entry, visit ~ Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror~ A Year in the Life.

Quote:  Now the clouds have cleared, and I can see the sun.

No rules.  Just write! 

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary January 11, 2011

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Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, wrote a manual for life entitled Happier than God.  

Intrigued, I purchased a copy.  Here’s a brief overview:

The purpose of life is . . . happiness.

We are here to be happy. When we are happy, God is happy because WE are part of God.  God exists in each of us as Spirit. When we are happier, God is happier.

That is why we are here ~ to increase God’s happiness.

We have been given all the tools that we need ~ all the Joy, Peace, and Happiness we need is inside us.  We need to let it out, to unleash it on the world.  And it is so easy and simple to do.

God is Energy.  We are Energy.  We are ALL connected.  God is within each of us.  God is the Collective Conscious, the Universe, the Still Silent Voice within.  God is the Higher Power, the Inner Spirit, and every one of us can tap into that power whenever we want. 

And that is the purpose of life ~ to tap into God’s power and increase God’s happiness by increasing the World’s happiness.

We tap into that power by the thoughts we create moment by moment.

Our thoughts are energy ~ either positive or negative.  The thoughts that we think dictate how we feel from moment to moment.   When we choose to be happy, when we allow ourselves to feel good, we create and broadcast positive energy. 

Our happiness creates positive feelings and thoughts in others!

It is an upward spiral. And it is infinite.

We are Spiritual beings with an unlimited potential for happiness. And it is God’s greatest desire that we access that potential right here, right now!   

Why aren’t we happier? 

* We feel guilty about being “happy” when the world is full of suffering. We feel “selfish” for wanting more happiness, when others have so little.

* We feel unworthy and refuse to let our spirits shine.

* Our Ego gets in the way, by reminding us of past hurts and future fears.

When we change the way we view the world, we realize that we should only feel guilty if we are not as happy as we can possibly be in any given moment.

If we give ourselves permission to be happy, we will increase the positive energy and happiness in the world. 

And when the world is happier, full of positive energy, we will begin to solve the problems that “plague” us.

Big problems like Global Warming, Hunger, Poverty, and other Inequities.

Quote:  What if seekers need only ask:  How well do I love?

No rules.  Just write!

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