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Blogging: A Waggish Waste of Time? January 8, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Mindfulness, Writing & Writers.
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Is blogging a waggish waste of time?

Don’t ask ME . . .

Only YOU can answer that question.

As with any activity in life, mindful awareness of the WHY is THE KEY.

Once you understand WHY you blog, you’ll know whether you are using your limited time on the planet effectively:

(1) If you blog to WRITE more regularly, to be more disciplined about your writing, to get your creative juices flowing, to improve, strengthen and exercise your writing voice, or to dabble in different writing genres . . .


Once you’re done writing for the day, you can respond to comments, and read and comment on other blogs, as time permits.

(2) If you blog to SHARE your experiences or views of the world, to clarify your philosophy of life, to reveal your innermost hopes and dreams, or to educate others to social issues of import to you, blogging can be a FUN and effective way to do just that.

To maximum the benefit to you and your readers . . . WRITE from the heart, and LISTEN to what others have to say.

(3) If you blog to SHARE what you’ve learned on your  your forays through the blogosphere, be an effective conduit by posting links and quotes.

Sharing links to other blogs is not cheating if your goal as a blogger is to share information ~ and it’s a big time saver if someone has said what you want to say and you just want to point people in their direction.

Of course, just linking to other blogs is “cheating” IF you are blogging to improve YOUR writing voice ~ see point #1.

(4) If you blog to CONNECT with others, to expand your horizons, or to exchange ideas, have FUN!

Enjoy the journey . . . within whatever time parameters you choose or have available.

To maximize the experience for you and your readers, focus on engaging in  dialogues, rather than presenting monologues.  When we LISTEN, anything in life can be our guide.

(5) If you are blogging SOLELY because someone told you that all wannabe novelists MUST have a blog audience in order to get published, make sure you aren’t putting the cart before the horse.

* What if you NEVER finish that novel because you are too busy blogging?

* What if you finish it, but decide NOT to publish it?

* What if you decide to self-publish it ONLY for select friends and family?

If you’re enjoying the JOURNEY of blogging, reaching the ultimate DESTINATION of marketing your novel isn’t really an issue.

But if blogging is just another “MUST DO” on a crowded and cumbersome  list, especially if it detracts and distracts from your efforts to write “the Great American Novel,” consider reordering your priorities.

(6) If you are blogging to share your works in progress, including your “just conceived” novel ~ please see Premature Ejaculation.

(7) If you are blogging solely to get an Ego Boost, through feedback, statistics, or recognition from the masses ~ please see WTF: Watch That FeedbackPop Goes The Ego, and Let Go, EGO!

Of course, blogging can also be used to keep our Egos in check . . . 

We are the ONLY experts on our life.

No two bloggers have identical reasons for blogging ~ and our reasons may change from day to day.

Only we know whether the time we spend in cyber space is time well spent, or just another “Waggish Way to Waste Time.”

Regardless of our exact motivation(s) for blogging, we probably enjoy writing as a creative outlet, at least some of the time, or we would find some other way to share, create, explore, dream, discover, and spend time.

The goal behind all goals . . . happiness.  (Or so says the Dalai Lama. And I agree with him.)

That’s my goal for blogging . . . to enjoy the journey and see where it leads.

After all, if it’s not fun, why write?

No rules.  Just write.

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