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Divine Inspiration in Unlikely Places January 4, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness.
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“When the student is ready . . . the teacher appears.”

That teacher can take any form . . . book, friend, quote, co-worker, and even the occasional wino on the street.

Yes.  That’s right.

Even those under the influence of alcohol (spirits!) may offer up valuable spiritual lessons:

The Wise Men Of Our Age  . . .  Just. Be Yourself. 

The Universe is magical and mystical and offers synchronicities to us when we are ready to receive them.

This morning I received just such a gift.

When I opened SLTW, I saw that Amy (Souldipper) had commented on a post I’d written back in February ~

Bending the Rules . . . And the Truth.

That fact, standing alone, is not noteworthy.

What astonished me is the serendipitous sequence of events leading up to the moment that I saw Amy’s comment ~ the first comment ever on that post:

* Last night, I was floundering around for a topic for today.

* Yesterday, I had mentioned to Sandra (Always Well Within) ~ on her post Expert Advice on Writing Faster Blog Posts ~ that, when a potential post is “fighting back,” I take that as a signal to put it on hold:

If it’s a post that’s “meant” to be written . . . it practically writes itself.

When I feel like I’m trying to wrestle my thoughts into submission, I leave it in draft form and move on to something else entirely ~ because the Universe is telling me to put that thought “on hold.”

Yes . . . I have a lot of drafts waiting to see the light of day.

* Last night, every post I considered tackling fought back, refusing to be written.  As the bewitching hour approached, I went back to the earliest posts on SLTW for inspiration, including Bending the Rules And the Truth.

* I considered whether to return to the topic of honesty (and dishonesty) for today’s post.  I evaluated the post, as written, to see if I should “trick it out” with graphics and link it to a new article.

* I contemplated reposting the piece this morning, with minor revisions, since it was “buried” back in the Archives without a single comment.

This morning, as soon as I saw which post Amy had “chosen” to comment on last night, I realized the article wasn’t buried at all.

In response to my unvoiced question about whether to repost older posts for readers who had joined SLTW in progress, the Universe, through Amy’s  comment, admonished:

Stop looking backwards over your shoulder at what you’ve already written.  Keep moving forward along the path.  If someone needs to see a post you wrote back in February, trust us ~ we’ll get their attention and direct them to it.

How divine!   And what a time saver . . .

Yesterday, in response to a question raised by Zoe, in The Wise Men Of Our Age, I said:

As to whether or not there are “wise people left in the circles in which we walk” . . . I guess it depends on the path we are traveling.

Sometimes we need to foster relationships with others . . . sometimes we need to focus our attention more fully on the wisdom waiting within.

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One of the Best Things About Florida . . . January 4, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Humor, Nature.
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We can build snowmen all year . . .

And not just snowmen.

Snow reptiles also make a frequent appearance . . .

As do occasional cartoon characters . . .

And creatures from the sea . . . like Hugh Manatee!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!  Or should I say . . . see ya later, Al E. Gator.

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